One dead in Lincoln Heights shooting

LINCOLN HEIGHTS — A 47-year-old man was killed during a Wednesday afternoon shooting that may have been gang related, police said.  The victim, described as a male Latino, was pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting near Avenue 19 and Albion streets, said Detective Meghan Aguilar with LAPD Media Relations.  The shooting was reported at about 2 p.m. No further information was available about the victim or the suspect or suspects, who remain at large.

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  1. 47 years old and in a gang? GROW UP.

    • Know the facts before you speak out of your a$$. You did not know the victim, I did. He was a father of 3 and very close to his long time, loving wife. He lived about 20 miles from where he was killed by cowards in cold blood. Wrong place at the wrong time. RIP. You have some nerve posting such a disrespectful comment “Sadd.”

    • FYI u idiot he was not gang banging!! The ppl that shot him were gang related…..don’t speak ignorance unless u know what you are talking about, he was a friend of my family!!

    • “SADD” is a pathetic individual who revels in the death and struggles of our community. He’s a certifiable bigot who regularly contaminates these threads with his ignorance and prejudice. If only he took his own advice, grew the F(!) up, and finally snapped out his acute case of arrested development. Orrr perhaps he could be the next to stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time. At which point, his ignorant ilk will pass judgement on him.

      • Oh please pope Pius proper-nothing. You are nothing but a hypocrite troll. You are the first one to talk about things from a racial perspective when it’s convenient for you. You are the one in need of judgement.

  2. This was my cousin!! Have some respect and get your facts straight before you open your SADD mouth n assume things!!! Idk why you haven’t been banned for all the stupid crap you say!! You seem to be real brave over the internet! RIP cousin, you’ll forever be missed.

  3. To be fair, all the article says is that the shooting was speculated to be gang related and the age of the victim. It’s not abnormal for a person to form an opinion based on the facts (or lack there of) given to them. Although SADD’s comment was callous and in poor taste, at first read the inference of the article doesn’t imply that this was a case of mistaken identity.

    Condolences to his loved ones.

    • Give me a break Riff! Would you be so “fair” to “Sadd” if one of your relatives or friends was brutally killed? You’re just as sad as “Sadd” if you lie and say yes. A man was taken from his family and friends and no one has the right to say anything negative about the victim, especially hiding behind a computer, using fake names.
      And you Riff, are the one implying that this WASN’T a case of mistaken identity.

      • Step back a moment, Daniel and re read my previous comment. I hardly implied an ounce of what you’re inferring. I was merely pointing out the article itself is misleading in it’s lack of clarity outside of the statement that it was possibly gang related and the victim was middle aged. I also pointed out that SADD’s comment was both callous and distasteful, no matter what the circumstance.

        Losing a loved one is a terrible tragedy and wish it upon no one. I will give you the benefit of the doubt as you are obviously grief stricken and rightly so. I meant no offense but if you’d like folks to avoid such misconceptions, you should take issue with the article that does little to explain itself.

        • Riff. Back up what you say. You were defending “Sadd” not just being ” fair” to him. I will give YOU the benefit of the doubt that you meant no offense. I will not get into it with you over the internet. That is cowardly and I don’t know you……just your type. Have fun replying to yourself.

  4. This kind of vitriol is exactly what’s wrong with us and this kind of misplaced anger is what probably got this poor man killed in the first place. My heart really goes out to his friends and family and beseech them not to begin vendettas and perpetrate the violence.

    Please Stop attacking each other and calling each other names, and instead focus on how to actually make our neighborhood a safer and less gang infested place!

    I for one, will light a candle for this man I never knew.

  5. Just another case of Cholos Killing Cholos, adding to the Statistics. This guy was a Gangster, maybe he wasn’t active but he did have ties, There’s no need to deny that, its just funny how all of a sudden when they get killed all the friends and family members say he wasn’t a gangster, You talk like a duck, you walk like a duck, you are a duck. Stop acting like the victims. This type of nonsense violence give our neighborhoods a bad wrap. Who likes to live scared? Who likes to get harassed? Before you start making up excuses for Cholos, think a about the problems they cause to society its self. lower property value, and crime goes up. In my opinion that’s more of a burden than One less Cholo (Old or Young) in the streets.

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