One killed in Silver Lake area shooting

One person was killed this morning after they were shot outside a Del Taco restaurant on Sunset Boulevard near Fountain Avenue, reports CBS2.   The 11 a.m. shooting prompted the lock down of nearby Thomas Starr King Middle School.

ABC7 said the 30-year-old victim, who died after being transported to a hospital, suffered a gunshot wound in the chest. The shooter remains at large.

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  1. CharlieEchoFoxtrot

    smh…another shooting near a school…just the fact there’s another shooting in the area. we are going backward people.

  2. This is outrageous.

    When is the city council going to take shootings as seriously as they take community gardening?

  3. I hope this isnt the start of something…….who says we dont need a gang injuction??

    • gangbangers, sympathizers, enablers, and apologists.

    • Where in the story does it say it was gang related?

      If anything, there should have been a gang injunction decades ago when the murder rate was high, not now when it’s low.

      • if you read the ABC7 report, you’ll see it there. the official “apparent gang-related shooting” tag is included in the first sentence of the story.

      • Let’s not kid ourselves…..of course it was gang related. Maybe the injuction was needed 10 yrs ago, but unless you’ve got a time machine, what’s the point of bringing that up?

  4. Alright, another low life scum is killed this week. Let us hope the gang members keep retaliating until they finally kill each other off for good. Gangs will be extinct in a few years if they keep up this pace— let us hope it continues until they are all dead.

    • Unfortunately, gang shootings consistently demonstrate in increase in gang participation in a community.
      The only demonstrated way to eliminate Gangs is to gentrify them out of the neighborhood.

      Silverlake Neighborhood Watch – “fighting crime one house flip at a time”

    • “Gangs will be extinct in a few years if they keep up this pace . . .”(?!?). Gangs are an all-American tradition dating back to the 1800s and a primary export to neighboring countries. Along with the consequences of hipster addiction and gun trafficking. In fact, IF you were as smart as you were Sadd, you would be pushing for more suppression of these “rights” that directly fuel the existence of gangs and have in fact shifted their focus from turf-related violence to profit-making bu$iness. Unfortunately, you’re probably too stoned or drunk to get off your Sadd ass and do more than rant and complain.

  5. I used to live right by here, on Talmadge St. You could see the Del Taco from my kitchen window. The area was incredibly safe and quiet — I think the worst thing to ever happen, besides some nasty car accidents in that intersection, would be vandalism from drunk folks walking home from Akbar on rowdy nights. In the three, almost four years I lived in the area, you never heard as much as a gunshot.

    Hopefully this is an isolated incident.

  6. Nowhere does it say he was a gang member….

      A man was shot and killed in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake area on Thursday in an apparent gang-related shooting. The gunman has not been located.

      Authorities responded to the 4300 block of Sunset Boulevard, near Fountain Avenue, just before 11 a.m. A 30-year-old man was found with a gunshot wound to his chest.

      – You are correct that the victim may not have been a gang member. Assuming that he is not, the crime would be even more tragic. No one should have any sympathy for criminal organizations and any event such as this one only proves that our community should stand together and provide no tolerance for groups who would prey on our home.

  7. uptheblock is right.

  8. This was a carry over from the culmination activities at King Middle School. The Film magnet graduated today, and some parents got into a fight on campus and it continued to Del Taco. It was an Armenian-Latino incident.

    • It’s so tragic. Think of the lives ruined by this, on both sides of the gun. Two kids, for whom this was a day to remember with joy are now saddled with with the death or incarceration of a father or brother or uncle. How do they recover from this? So much misery and pain and loss. I weep for the middle school kids.

    • Actually, Christopher, the culmination was a very peaceful event with no altercations of any kind on campus. The victim was the brother of a girl who culminated, but that seems to be the only King connection. We need to be careful before making public statements that we have our facts straight, and are not spreading rumors. Also, I’m not sure it does anyone any good to reduce the tragedy to a “Latino-Armenian incident”. Someone died, it’s sad.

      • Latino vs Armenian/Russian conflicts have been occurring in the public schools for decades, often resulting in violence. Ask anyone who has worked or had kids in schools where these ethnic groups attend in numbers. many incidents in Grant HS, North Hollywood. Latinos usually are mentioned, the others ignored by the press.

        • It’s a tragedy no matter what the background of those involved. It’s a tragedy for the families involved,, for the neighborhood, for the city, for all of us. The victim was a 19 year old boy. A kid.

          • I’m sorry, but it’s not a tragedy for all of us. A certain percentage of hotheaded young men – of all races – end up injured or killed, and while I sympathize with their friends and families, it’s inaccurate to say that it’s a tragedy for the neighborhood, city, or for all of us. Enough hyperbole. If this young man’s death serves to dissuade other young men from joining gangs or getting into fights, then something positive will have come from it.

  9. Anyway you slice it….a fight at graduation, “lets end it at taco bell’…GHETTO low life

    • Facts, please jer, there was no fight at culmination. The victim was the brother of a girl who had culminated earlier that day.

  10. you wana last be the first to blast !!! que no whitey !!

  11. The people who continuously come to this site bitching and moaning about gang injunctions most likely have very little involvement in the community or have not lived here long enough to really know the unique complexity of the neighborhood. Otherwise they would know that the LAPD is well aware of the gang activity in and around that area. The cops know what’s up and do their job even if you dont see it. Anyone who grew up here knows that area is claimed by La Mirada (not saying they’re involved). You should just be thankful that our gang crime isn’t as bad as further down South or on the real Eastside. Lastly, for those pushing for total gentrification of Echo Park and Silverlake, keep in mind that these gangs who also call the neighborhood home will hold on as long as possible, which will mean them doing all they can to scare off the people trying to systematically push them out. That means higher crime rates in everything from tagging to murder. You would be naive to think they would leave silently. I’m not a gang sympathizer, however I try to be realistic about these sort of issues.

    • “The area is claimed by La Mirada”

      Sorry felons, but I am gong to claim the neighborhood for the families who live here.

      I hope that every other family joins with me to say that no criminal organization has any rights on our community or any place in our community.

      There is no excuse for sympathy for these criminals. They offer no value to the community. Their parasitic actions have nothing to do with holding onto our neighborhood. Their actions are the efforts to prey upon others for their income or rather than to do anything constructive.

      Your argument supposes that the gentrification of neighborhoods should actually increase crime rather than decrease it. There is no evidence to support that theory. Gentrified neighborhoods have demonstrated lower crime rates and higher quality of life than the communities that preceded them.

      We shouldn’t be thankful that our crime rate is lower than another area. We should all be determined and active to lower crime around our homes and throughout the city.

  12. Reality Check: gang violence has nothing to do with trying to stifle gentrification any more than it did 10 or 20 years ago. Meanwhile, the vast majority of tagging in our neighborhoods is of the doodle-tagging variety, which extends to homes and private property. Uncommon and discouraged among traditional gangs. After all, you might be vandalizing the property of somebody’s relative or family-friend, which could seriously backfire depending on the clout of the offended individual. Gang tagging is ritualistic and territorial. Hipster doodle-tagging is indiscriminate and self-indulgent and approaching the worst levels of gang tagging that once saturated the alleys, streets, and boulevards of our communities. Where’s the outrage?!?

    • CharlieEchoFoxtrot

      Hipster doodle-tagging? brotha are you high? We dont see “meat is murder” or “animal liberation” being tagged on our walls….we see territorial doodling. however you want to put it, tagging, graffiti is exactly what it is…TAGGING and GRAFFITI! In the words of my brothers at ESPN….”C’mon MAN!”

      • What about the tagging at the spot where Taco Zone parks in Echo Parking? Someone wrote “Murder Zone” on the sidewalk next to where they park, sounds like some hipster doodling to me.

    • “Hipster-doodle tagging”.

      You are really reaching with that one.

      • Most tags in the Silver Lake Echo Park area are *not* gang related, and some are indeed “hipster-doodle tagging”. Proper Dos is spot on. It’s not hard to tell if you just take the time to read what is written on the walls.

        • Steve, the only buttheads that consistently tag up mine and my neighbors property consist of 3 letters not worth mentioning.

          The day I find some skinny dude with a beard, dressed like a lumberjack spray painting Morrissey lyrics on my drive way, I’ll be sure to alert the LA Times.

    • All I see up EP ave is ‘EXP’ (and occasionally CYS) in some lame ass scrawl written on people’s homes and stores. not ‘hipster doodles’ . I know these gang member are your friends and possibly family, but be honest.

      • That’s all you want to notice. Otherwise, Glendale Blvd. is saturated with indiscriminate hipster stenciling and doodle-tagging. Also, take a look at the huge retaining wall above and immediately west of “Home”. It’s completely covered with a variety of doodle-tags obviously scaled to be seen from the 5 Frwy. Also, several homes on our block were doodle-tagged last New Year’s Eve/Day. I only wish I could’ve caught these trespassers in the act.

      • Btw, let’s “be honest”, If there were a truly significant gang presence in this area, doodle-taggers would not be tolerated. Obviously, there are no longer enough gang members to adequately prevent these vandals from violating their turf but rest assured. It IS seen as a violation of their turf. There’s a reason these taggers remain transient and semi-anonymous. At least until they’ve established enough “street-cred” to be discovered. At which point they become celebrated “street artists”(?). Must be nice when celebrity and artistic redemption is built right in to the vandal-lifestyle of some select taggers.

  13. 3 violent crimes!? ITS A WAR ZONE!!!!

    Look, no violent crime is the goal. Whatever small number of crimes it is its still tragic and should not continue. But some people exaggerate like no other about how dangerous this are and Echo Park is.

    When I was growing up off of Bates Ave and Gateway it was pretty much as chill as it is now; and I lived there from 1996-2008.

  14. Lawrence of Silver Lake

    Just a little back story regarding the gang injunction and the newly elected Silver Lake Neighborhood counsel, especially the Executive Committee members who personnel invited and welcomed the very vocal opponents of the injunction to the Governing Board meeting last summer. Things got really unstable fast and the meeting was adjourned.
    Now with the support of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Counsels elected board, gangs are welcome in our community…………….

    • Victim in Yesterday’s Silver Lake Shooting Identified
      By Allison B. Cohen

      SILVER LAKE – Authorities today identified the victim killed yesterday shortly after attending his sister’s graduation ceremony at Thomas Starr King Middle School.

      Christopher Hernandez, 19, died at USC Medical Center, according to the coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter. Hernandez had been shot multiple times, according to police. Officials had earlier described the victim as being 29.

      Police confirmed this afternoon, the suspect is and the victim was an active gang member.

      Check back at Los Feliz Ledger for more details as they become available.

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