One man dead in Echo Park shooting [updated]

ECHO PARK —  Police are investigating an early morning shooting near Alvarado and Santa Ynez streets that left one man dead in Echo Park. The victim was transported to a hospital where he died from his injuries, said Sgt. Richard Gonzales with the Rampart Division. Officers were called to the scene at about 2:15 a.m. No further information was available.

@MarkWalker reported hearing about six gun shots.

Update on June 3: The victim has been identified as John Alvarado.

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  1. I was right over there when it happened and Alvarado was shut down until at least 6am. Did not expect any murders on that block though, I walk down there pretty often.

  2. It was 2:45. I live on the block, heard the shots and looked at the clock to note what time it happened. Cops where there in minutes but it was definitely not 2:15.

  3. I live about 200 yards from where this happened. I heard 5 shots then someone (I assume the victim and a girl) screaming in agony. It was terribly disturbing.

    Is there anything more cowardly than a drive by shooting? This cowardices the product of Echo Parks beloved gangs? If you are a gang member aren’t you completely ashamed of this cowardly act?

    If you are going to kill someone wouldn’t you want to at least do it with honor?

    Nah, bunch of sniveling fatherless mamma’s boys afraid to grow up.

  4. I’ve been living in that block all my life , at least 4 people have died on Santa ynez , 2 of Wich were gang related . It’s such a shame seeing this community go back to its old ways . I knew the guy may he rest in peace

    • I wonder if it was that lame fool from santa ynez

      • and you missed your loss cause he was not a lame person you do not even know him keep your mouth shut because remember got bigger than you and your no one to judge anybody

  5. Unfortunately we got to hear all the gun shots and it was terrifying, this is never going to end now its only going to get worst but the guy that was shot was always on the streets up to no good the ambulance took forever to arrive im pretty sure he died on the scene there was a huge puddle of blood which is still there its hard to explain to my kids why there was gun shots and cops in the middle of the night especially when its gang related time to relocate

    • Is it the guy that hangs around on the block of Santa ynez west of Alvarado?

      • He might have been up to no good but he was a good man regardless of him being gang related. At heart he was a good man. May be rest in peace I always had love for him

  6. I’d known of this young man since he was a kid….he played on the block with the other kids…many of them still residents. He was polite to grown-ups and tangled with his peers. It was mostly about respect. He was one of the unfortunate casualties of the daily struggle of survival of the fittest. It could be anyone. When it is someone you know….it is always TRAGIC…..rest in peace kid.

    • Anthony Okafor

      not really since it doesn’t happen to “anyone”. It’s almost always someone runnin’ the streets

    • Yeah, not any one….. Maybe any gangmember…..

      • Some of you must feel so safe up in your judgemental ivory towers knowing that the only people ever at risk for dying from gun violence are gangmembers. It might have some new trendy cafes and precious boutiques but those of us who have lived in this neighborhood for generations are aware that poverty and bad choices still exist everywhere. No need to demonize those that aren’t paying 2000 a month for the privilege of living there. Keep clutching your pearls until you move on to the next ‘cool’ neighbourhood.

        • Your comment seems to imply that people who criticize gang members are wealthy, ivory-tower “outsiders” or recent transplants to Echo Park. In my experience, the folks who harbor the most animosity toward gang members are often long-term residents who have lived among gangs for years and are tired of being victimized by them. I do think it’s in poor taste to make anti-gang statements on a story about someone’s death; it’s a bit insensitive, and I don’t think such comments help turn kids away from gangs.

          • I’m one of those long-term residents and categorically reject your convenient description of our community and your disingenuous affinity for how we feel about our young people making the wrong choices in lieu of equally compelling and positive alternatives. You transplants never fail to expose yourselves with your cynical and revisionist profile of our community. FYI, you risk losing more than face if you share that crappy rationale for why we shouldn’t mourn the death of one of our own. Murder is murder and a lost life is a lost life. Stop trying to spin it as if your foreign and self-indulgent lifestyles is the correct alternative. We’re consolded by the knowledge that once the fad of EP and Silverlake fades and disappears so will the likes of You and Good Riddance.

          • Proper, You will be waiting a very long time sweetie. I hope you are a very very young man.

          • Proper Dos, were you addressing my comment? If so, I don’t think you read it very carefully, You seem to be misreading what I wrote and reading a lot into it. In addition, I don’t appreciate your veiled threats (“FYI, you risk losing more than face if you share that crappy rationale …”). I didn’t ever say or imply that people shouldn’t mourn someone’s death, and shame on you for implying otherwise in your comment. Read my comment a bit more carefully and stop shooting from the hip.

        • James, I was directing my comments towards the people who are saying that he was a victim of violence ONLY because he was a gang member (any thinking person knows that violence can strike any of us) and that somehow that makes his death “less than”. People on the internet think it makes them seem cool and tough to be dismissive and unsympathetic. Some of these comments are thinly veiled xenophobia and classicism. I disagree that long term residence harbour the most animosity towards gang members. In most cases, my family included, they have grown up alongside them or watched them grow up. So although old time residents don’t agree with or condone the lifestyle, they see the person/family beyond the lifestyle and have no need to disparage them.

          I do agree with you that it is in poor taste to make anti-gang statements on a thread about someone’s death. This young man was out with his little brown chihuahua on Saturday while I was loading some laundry into my car and said Hello and good afternoon. This death should open up a bigger conversation about LOCAL school funding, jobs, community outreach etc, not be an avenue for those with more advantages/opportunity to sit back and point at the less fortunate and perpetuate us vs. them bullshit.

  7. Can you update please? Possibly with the name of the deceased? Does anyone know anything

  8. Ummm, gangster gets shot…. He’s dead…. Any questions? Oh, and if your a gang member that pretty much describes you as not a good man, duh!

    • f.y.i buddy he was not a gang member okay I like how people have their opinions without even knowing anything put yourself in our situation is this was your family member you would be pissed because people don’t even know why it happened or the situation

  9. his first name was john …. he was always nice to me too. no one deserves that kind of death, we don’t know the reasons why he did what he did, there’s always a bigger picture and societal context for the existence of gangs, not any one person’s fault.

    • yeah, the societal context is that some segments of society accept gangs, or at least make excuses for them. Another societal context is that there’s a lack of parenting and a lack of instilling morals and values about right and wrong.

      • excuse me you’re saying that there is lack of parenting you do not even know who his mom is if you want to know our family you would be surprised how many as you get older people make your own decisions so get your facts straight before you start opening your mouth without even knowing anything

        • take a deep breath, bella. I was responding to Arshia’s comment: “[there’s a] societal context for the existence of gangs”

      • True Freedom, your sheltered housewife stereotypes would be comical if the context wasn’t so tragic. Otherwise, as IF young people raised in households with plenty of parenting, family values, and instilled with a strict sense of right and wrong are immune to bad influences and poor choices? I’m talking about thieves, drunkards, junkies, degenerate gamblers, alcoholics, and the other sorts of deviants you’re probably more familiar with. You remind me of Daryl Gates ranting about drug-abusers deserving execution only to have his own son busted for illegal drugs. I imagine that every post of yours is a glimpse into your solid glass house.

        • Good parenting is no guarantee of a good outcome, just as bad parenting is not a guarantee of a bad outcome… because people are autonomous beings. However, I doubt you would argue that good parenting increases the odds of a good outcome and lack of parenting (and even worse, bad parenting) increases the odds of a bad outcome.

          And, you can continue to think that my life has been sheltered … and while what that even means is a matter of opinion, I can tell you that I’ve lived in very poor areas to quite rich areas, grew up partially in quite rough areas (though no one was p*ssy enough to carry a weapon), and partially in nicer areas. I’ve lived in very urban areas and rural areas, so I’m guessing I have a less sheltered and more diverse upbringing than you think.. and probably even more so than yourself

    • No one is responsible for their own actions? Really, Arshia?

      • It’s a spectrum, I think. Yes, people are partially responsible but there is always a bigger story and a back story. Who knows why he was doing what he was doing. All I know is that I disagree with what I’ve heard people say on my block: that he deserved that death. I don’t think anyone deserves an end like that.

        • I certainly agree with you to an extent, I just don’t think it’s fair to absolve anyone of personal responsibility. Even someone with a bad upbringing knows society has certain rules and regulations to ensure peaceful neighborhoods.

          The rush to judge this guy is a little sad, though, For all we know, maybe he was trying to clean up his act.

  10. I heard his screams while he was dying and it was one of the most horrifying thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Beverly D'Angeleno

      Such a tragedy. No glory in a gangster’s death. The sad truth is that gang members die just like everybody else–terrified and alone–only, more frequently and younger.

  11. CharlieEchoFoxtrot

    We can not let this neighborhood go back to the “old days”. Look out for each other. Know your neighbors. Don’t let anyone intimidate you. Keep Echo Park beautiful…

    • hahha the old days .. homie this is the wild wild west out heer . whitey want to live out here with my raza get used to it..
      don’t get caught slippin Dogood ..

      • So that’s how your raza does it? Sorry, most cultures (of ALL colors) are evolving past that crap.

        Evolve too, or continue to be left further and further behind.

      • Aldo Thee Apache

        @EL LOBO

        HeY HOmieZ Dus TEH CUMPUTERS at thes LIBRraries nOT have SPelCHECKS? KEep IT Realz son!

        Thank god your ilk is being offed by the slow drive-by of gentrification.

  12. He was a troubled kid ..He was always kind to me saying hello whenever he passed me by…Sometimes people make bad choices in life but no one deserves to die like this…

  13. to any of you who did not know john,and have negative things to say about him FUCK YOU

  14. my cousin did not deserve to die like that nor does anybody else who are you to judge him or his lifestyle we all make mistakes in life no one is perfect if you have never sined in your life then throw the first rock.have some respect for our family that at this moment we are grievingeveryone I don’t care who you are makes mistakes in life we are not build perfect neither were you better than him no one knows why he was out that night but his family people saying he was up to no good you don’t even know what he was doing that night so if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all we the family do not want to hear negative comments or your negative opinions and I can get some healthy is his kids get on here and see what you guys have to say without even knowing him so stop judging no one can judge him but God

  15. Can you tell us why this happened Bella ??Its real sad and Johnny was overall a kind man …

  16. born in echo park

    This is bullshit! Everyone including the foreignors need to respect this person and just know that one day we will all die! So show respect to the man by not saying Shit! Keep tjat trap shut !

  17. I’m failing to see why I should respect a scum bag gang member?

  18. He was a person a soul and no one has the right to take any life away just because ..He was someones son,father and friend….I dont know what he did to deserve to be executed on the streets but the person that did this has to live with it for the rest of his life ….God is good but don’t like ugly..

  19. He is still a PERSON

    First, a little context: I didn’t know John Alvarado. I don’t know whether he was a gang member, committed crimes, or what. I sadly acknowledge that I fall into the category of people “gentrifying” Echo Park – I am white, and a relatively recent addition to Echo Park – been here for about 5 years. I don’t like the role that folks like me play, but when I moved here it was because I found an apartment I could afford. (Coincidentally, I’m probably going to be priced out of here soon, too.)

    To folks who say “good riddance, another useless gang banger”: For goodness sake, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.

    Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that John was in a gang, here in Echo Park. Crime in EP is far lower than it has been in recent memory. Violent crime is rare enough that when it happens, it is notable – that is not something you can say in other areas of LA.

    So let’s assume he was in a gang here in EP. What did he do to deserve DEATH? Tag your fence? Steal your radio from your car? Sell some drugs? Yes, these are illegal activities, and *IF* he engaged in them, he broke the law. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t still a human being, with a family, and people he cares about and who care about him. It means he screwed up.

    People claim that gangs in Echo Park “terrorize” the neighborhood and make everyone live in fear. But the rates of crime indicate otherwise. Yes, there are occasional incidents where something happens – but that happens everywhere. Except, when they happen in low income communities and communities of color, everyone assumes each incident is a result of a gang epidemic.

    A few scattered incidents over the span of a few years does NOT mean that anyone who could potentially be interpreted as a gang member has forfeited their right to live and to be seen as a human being. It turns out, we actually DON’T have legalized summary execution here in the US, even for people who tag fences.

    • As a professed renter I see you don’t have the same built-up frustrations as my fellow property owners who have to get the old paint bucket and roller out every other day and sometimes twice on Saturday spending 30-45 minutes each time cleaning up after someone’s deliberate and blatant disrespectful actions of tagging when we’d much rather be with our families. I’m sure it’s also hard for you to appreciate having to pay $800+ per month in property taxes alone and realize that some of that money has to be earmarked to clean up after those who are so disrespectful to their neighbors and neighborhood in the form of graffiti clean-up on public property and illegal dumping. So while this guy is “still a person”, the perception is that he and this incident involving him represents an animosity that many in this neighborhood feel towards the few that try to take it down with their selfishness.

    • It has actually been proven that gang members are a lower than human. They aren’t really persons. They are kind of like dirty versions of the 7 Dwarves, which is why they have names like “Sleepy”, “Grumpy”, and “Joker”.

      • Seriously, a man died but it appears related to his poor choices. It’s sad. Sadder is more will continue to die. The same type will cowardly steal from the poor . The same people they call their “raza”. Deface their property and make their inhabitant a gutter hole. Where did they learn that hmmm? Of course anyone can argue it all begins in the home. Most people who have a family with real family values (walk the walk not talk the talk ) will agree. You are a product of your environment and it starts in the home. Maybe mommy and daddy raza original echo park resident (BS THE IRISH AND RICH WHITE PEOPLE BUILT ECHO PARK) know teach to have love and compassion for all and respect. Not running around unsupervised screaming everywhere as a child and maybe get a beating for acting badly. MM HMM a slap here and there. Having babies is more than a gift from DIOS pendejos!! STart being a role model for the 10 children you are going to have. And get clear about who built echo park. If it looked like little shacks like you see in your “tierra Mexico” then maybe , maybe you could convince me you were original here (see chavez ravine shacks). OH p.s throwing trash in the street where does that resemble. No other place USA that I have been. So maybe you should get the heck out of here and go back to where you brought that 3rd world crap from. Vivja la raza. pfft

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