Storefront Report: Chipotle coming to Eagle Rock

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EAGLE ROCK —   Chipotle, the Mexican fast-food chain, is preparing to open a new location in an Eagle Rock shopping center. The chain has applied for building permits to remodel a space in the building that once housed a Quiznos and Cold Stone Creamery .  The approximately 1,900-square-foot restaurant with 38 seats would join several other chain businesses, including a Starbucks and Jamba Juice, that already do business at the shopping center at the southwest corner of Eagle Rock and Colorado Boulevards.


  1. Who in the world will go there?

    • Chipotle is a large chain with a good track record, and I imagine they’ve done their homework before settling on this neighborhood. Eagle Rock has about 34,000 residents and there are a couple thousand Occidental College students just down the street. I doubt they’ll have much trouble attracting a following.

    • really, but really

      Clearly millions of people go there. Chipotle is the fastest growing chain restaurant in the world. The entire quick serve industry is modeling their success.

      It boggles my mind how people can assume that their personal likes/dislikes have any connection to overall popularity.

    • I know, I was really hoping for a mixed martial arts/massage parlour/bank.

    • High school and Occidental students for sure. I suspect it should have a decent lunch and weekend crowd also.

    • I will! Students from the nearby Occidental College for sure.

      The high school is even closer.
      Come on!

  2. You just made my wife’s day.

  3. This is a great location! Its right off of the freeway and on top of that its prime location for the local high school and Occidental!

  4. I suppose it’s appealing if you really love salt, and prefer to ingest your entire recommended intake of sodium in one meal.

    • Damn, their food really does have a grip of salt. My regular barbacoa burrito order has over 3000 mg, while the FDA recommends no more than 2,300 a day.

      Then again, if you don’t have high blood pressure, salt fears are a bit overblown nutritionally.

      • Unfortunately this seems to be the way of all chain restaurants.

        They like to cut corners and skimp out on using fresh ingredients, so if something’s marketed as “low-fat” or “healthy”, you better believe they’re making up for that lack of flavor elsewhere (salt and sugar, from what my taste buds tell me.)

        And I recall reading somewhere that salt, sugar and fat are said to have a drug-like effect on the brain, so perhaps there’s some more sinister branding efforts going on (or maybe I’m too cynical, hehe.)

        That said, who knows what’s really in the food at most mom and pop taquerias? If I’m in the neighborhood and in the mood for a Mission style Burrito, I prefer El Atacor… but that’s certainly not healthy either!

  5. I don’t get Chipotle. Their food doesn’t even taste good. You can easily go down the street and get good Mexican food that costs less and tastes better.

  6. I agree with Angeleno. Chipotle isn’t even real authentic Mexican IMO. You go a couple blocks into Glendale to Azteca’s on Verdugo and get yourself a real burrito with all the fixin’s. I miss Ernie’s already

    • You do realize that burritos aren’t really Mexican food and an innovation from north of the border?

      Yes, of course you did.

  7. Taco Bell, Del Taco, El Cholo aren’t successful because of any claim to authenticity. In fact, there are very few places that actually live up to claims of making “authentic” Mexican food. Even several with “autentico” are your standard “comida corrida” on a hot plate. IMO, taco trucks is about the closest you can get to what you remember coming out of your mother’s kitchen. Although, Colima’s on Cesar Chavez near Olvera Street is/was pretty authentic. Any place with posole and albondigas on the same menu is either very confident or very Mexican. Btw, burrito’s aren’t Mexican either and are as American as flour tortillas.

  8. I guess I’m behind the times a bit. I was looking for the Indian skinless chicken place at Larchmont & Beverley or Melrose last year & now it’s a Chipotle. I had lunch & wasn’t very impressed but if people like it, that’s fine. Is that chicken chain out of business? I liked it.

  9. Oh, man. A Chipotle? You mean, I can finally stop eating at Cacao? I can pass up the greatest Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles to buy generic fast food burrito bowls? I can’t wait!

  10. Glad to hear something is going in there to replace Cold Stone and Quizno’s. I just hope the property manager does a good job eliminating any crawling pests before Chipotle moves in. I don’t know if the problem was generated by Quizno’s or if it’s just a fact of life with food businesses in a commercial area but I stopped visiting Quizno’s when I saw a roach crawling around the soda machine at the dispenser. Yuck.

    Love Cacao but will also appreciate Chipotle along with my Taco Bell cravings.

  11. As an Oxy student, I couldn’t be happier to not have to drive through Glendale traffic to get my beloved half barbacoa half steak burrito anymore 😀 We unfortunately can’t afford CaCao to satisfy our cravings (4 dollars for a miniature taco… come on…).


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