Storefront Report: New pizza parlor opens on York

Highland Park, pizza

Lining up for a piece of pie | Photo by Meghan Helsel

HIGHLAND PARK —  Town Pizza opened up this week in the former Italiano’s restaurant at the corner of York Boulevard and Avenue 51.  Portions of the Italiano’s building were being painted red this weekend as the new pizza place prepared for the soft opening. No word yet on who owns the new place but its pizza by the slice offerings include pork sausage with organic red sauce and mozzarella. Take out was available but the large dining room remained closed, according to a person who stopped by on Wednesday.

The corner space, located in the middle of a cluster of new restaurants, bars and shops along York Boulevard, has been empty for several months since  Italiano’s closed the location  after 15 years. Italiano’s on Figueroa Street remains open.

A new look for the former Italiano’s Photo by Katrina Alexy

divder bar grey

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  1. And its great pizza!

  2. Christian Moreno

    Chicken mole pizza is delicious and the folks who work there are awesome!

  3. Gentrification is the best

    • @maracas……TOTALLY!!!

    • if they had hired back all the former employees of italiano’s it would have been tight.
      I agree. Gentrification is spreading and adding another starbucks from one end of York to the other. Like how many starbuck do you need on York blvd?

  4. (For your convenience, an all-purpose Eastsider L.A. post:)

    This is terrible/great.

    I loved/hated Italiano’s.

    It was a real neighborhood asset/eyesore, and the food was awesome/inedible.

    I can’t wait to spit on/patronize the new place.


  5. I’m eating it right now, and I have to admit….I kind of liked italianos better. Just needed an update.

  6. Actually…Italiano’s hasn’t been there for 15 years. Does anyone remember the Iranian kebab place that was there before perhaps in 2001 or 2002? It was actually really delightful, and the owner was very kind.

  7. Love the addition to the neighborhood nice to see these storefronts getting a new life and facelift. Its a good balance here in the hood of old established joints and these new joints . Nice to see the continuous development of our lovely neighborhood. I’ve been here 12 years now and am enjoying this positive growth.

  8. HighlandPark is turning into the new Melrose!?

    I live off of York blvd/Ave 50

    due to my weird work schedule , I haven’t walked around my neighborhood in a while…but the other day I was walking down York blvd. and….I was sad to see how much gentrification has taken over our neighborhood…then it reeeeeally got to me when I saw my favorite pizza spot Italiano’s Pizza that use be on York changed into a hipster pizza spot… sad…all the mom and pop shops are gone and now we have nothing but GENTRIFICATION…and what sucks the most is how these hipsters look at you and treat you like you don’t belong here when this is your HOOD…I have a lot of respect for Boyle Heights because they are actually stepping up and fighting against this bullshit gentrification…

    it was really sad when I heard my boyfriend say…York is the new Melrose.

    NO…I had nothing against hipsters until they started to fuck with my neighborhood…my home…echo park& silver lake have been taken over by hipsters for the longest…sucks to see it happening to highland park…Boyle Heights stay strong I really wish highland park would be as strong but from the looks of it…

    these hipster people are “YARN BOMBING” stupid shit like stop signs and bus stops

    hipsters why not make a homeless person a blanket instead of your stupid crochet “graffiti street art”!!!

    this is nothing compared to how the Europeans came over and raped the land but it’s a cruel reminder that these folks still have NO respect for the people…the original born, raised and grow Highland Park Community.

    FUCK GENTRIFICATION and those that stand for it.

    Resect the People

    Respect the neighborhood

    Respect the Community

    Viva Boyle Heights

    Viva Highland Park

    Viva La Raza

    • @jenny

      Italiano’s was not pushed out by gentrification.
      The couple that owned it got divorced and decided to close that location.

      I’m looking forward to trying some new pie!

    • Hi Jenny I don’t see it the way you do and frankly I have not gotten those strange vibes and looks from these so called hipsters. I’ve been here 12 years now and my wife and I are enjoying the mix of old and new. We have two young boys and sometimes stop by some of these spots and heave never felt unwanted or out of place. I don’t see York as the next Melrose as your boyfriend suggested and I can say I am enjoying this and my property value reflects it. Maybe I’m being selfish but I would rather see these vacant spots be utilized and hot boarded up. These are not Chain stores but rather clever and savvy inverters contributing to our hood. Maybe I’m being naive but I am not jaded by the growth nor the mix the decay and neglect this neighborhood has sustained for several years. Please don’t get me wrong I am not just blindly jumping on the band wagon with these changes but rather see this that what was happening before especially as a home owner and a parent

  9. You are an idiot

    • You obviously are a renter. Poor you, otherwise you would understand that gentrification raises property values and helps a neighborhood reduce crime.
      When you finally buy your first home, you’ll understand.

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