40,000 Hello Kitty travel mugs apparently took a wrong turn in Echo Park

Truck with Hello Kitty merchandise being towed away | Scott Barber

Truck with Hello Kitty merchandise being towed away | Scott Barber

ECHO PARK — The Dodgers were scheduled to hand out 40,000 Hello Kitty travel mugs at last Thursday’s game but the truck delivering the merchandise broke down, prompting the team to hand out vouchers redeemable for a mug at the stadium store, the L.A. Times reported. But, according to some Echo Park residents, the Hello Kitty-hauling truck did not break down – it got stuck on a narrow Echo Park street a few blocks from the stadium.

On the morning of the Hello Kitty giveaway, a large truck came to a halt on Duane Avenue near Park Drive, where the curving, hillside road is barely wide enough for one vehicle to pass. Scott Barber said the truck, which he photographed, was stuck in front of his home for most of the day.

“I was told it was full of Hello Kitty merchandise by a representative of the Dodgers who arrived to deal with the situation,” said Barber. “The truck was stuck from about 9:00 a.m until at least 7 when I left my house.”

Echo Park resident Andrew Garsten noted that the street’s asphalt pavement remained damaged for several days after the truck was towed away.  Is there a Hello Kitty asphalt repair kit the Dodgers can give away?

Photo by Scott Barber

Photo by Scott Barber

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  1. Yep. More proof the apple map app is for shite!

  2. lol what? how does this article do that?

  3. Richard Battaglia

    Hello Kitty meets Park Drive

  4. Yep, the truck was stuck on that narrow little street going up towards Park Dr. NOT where Dodger stadium is located. Probably the poor schmuck driving the truck got turned around by his GPS which notoriously gives people the wrong directions up in our hilly little world.

    Of course common sense would have told him that it was unlikely that the entrance to Dodger stadium is at the top of a tiny little narrow road…

  5. “The asphalt pavement remained damaged for several days after…”

    Deal with your damaged pavement, .people are starving in the world .

    Now i’ve heard everything.

  6. All this talk of apps gone wild; why not pull over and refer to a Thomas Guide?

  7. They don’t call it “Park” Drive for nothing…

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