Echo Park Walgreens temporarily shut down [updated]

Walgreens shut down | Photo by Eastsider reader

Walgreens shut down | Photo by Eastsider reader

ECHO PARK — Shoppers who visited the Walgreens store on Sunset Boulevard early  Tuesday night found the chain drug store closed and a sign taped to the window saying it would be shut down for 48-hours.  It’s not clear what prompted the shut down but customers are being directed to a store on Sixth Street.

* Update: There’s now another sign on the door, posted by the L.A. County Health Department, that says the store has been closed because of a “vermin infestation.”

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  1. My pal said it was a vermin infestation. He was trying to pick up a prescription, but was turned away by some health dept official.

  2. Gnarley! Are the little critters hangin’ in Lassen’s as well? Ghosts of the Pioneer

  3. The rats came from the next door, during the construction, hundreds of rats and or mice, were living in that location. once they stared cleaning the area up, the went into walgreens

  4. Aldo Thee Apache

    Must be leftovers from Pioneer…

  5. I just saw a mouse this evening, scurrying alongside the building as I walked back home from Echo Park Lake.

  6. Cool story Hansel @samarkand

  7. Carsmakepeoplestupid

    Oh great! Does this mean that they will knock the store down and get rid of that ugly front-facing parking lot? It really destroys the character of that stretch of the Echo Park “downtown” and besides they’re are parking lots immediately behind the buildings across the street.

    • Downtown Echo Park’s design character? The is none. One of the uglier of typical shopping streets. Storefronts serve a purpose regardless of aesthetics but the nature of the development of commercial Los Angeles & most of the “wild west” was to let people do what the wanted. Consequently, we have the tasteless crap that is here. Sunset Bl. is ugly but serves it’s purpose. On the other hand, there’s little to preserve in the commercial areas. let the developers have at it but let’s have some integrated inoffensive design.

  8. i think it’s obvious what happened here: vermin gentrification. all these new rats moving in, ruining the historic character of the neighborhood!

  9. Before they closed down, Allumette was serving vermin testicles in a buerre blanc sauce with ginger creme fraiche. Three testicles for $25, no wonder they went out of business! I assume the vermin came from there.

  10. It was shut down just because the line was longer than normal and it was going to take 48 hours to get through everybody.

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