Echo Park woman warns neighbors of mail theft

ECHO PARK — A woman who lives in the 2100 block of Lemoyne Street said there have been several recent instances of mail theft and some other crimes that neighbors should be aware about:

In the last week a bicycle was stolen from my backyard and my mail was also stolen from the mailbox. The mail was returned to me along with a CSA box taken from a neighbors house up the road. The man who found and returned the mail lives about half a mile away from me. My neighbors have also had their mail stolen and some have had their mailboxes vandalized with fireworks. They report seeing a suspicious juvenile around 11 or 12 years old lurking around the neighborhood. I reported the stolen bike and mail issues to the LAPD. They wrote up a report for the bike but were unable to do anything about the mail problems.

The resident, who has lived in Echo Park for more than 15 years, is not aware of this type of crime happening before on her street, “It’s very concerning as it seems to be happening in the middle of the day.”


  1. sounds like a kid left alone all day at home with nothing to do and unsupervised. this is a federal offense, stealing mail and vandalizing mail boxes

  2. Sorry, that’s my fault, I just delivered the mail to the wrong address! You know, it’s a little known fact that mailmen deliver mail to the wrong address only 9.76% of the time.

    You’re mailman,
    Cliff Clavin

  3. If you steal my mail, please do the responsible thing and pay the bills contained within.

  4. On a related note, if any friendly woman is looking for a male to steal, let me know. My summer has been kinda uneventful.

  5. I live on Avalon. I too had my mail stolen. These high class criminals have to brought to justice! Fro real though, my mail was stolen, and wtf?

  6. Landa st mail was hit too 2 days ago and still receive my bills by mail mr. AtomZ

  7. As the Eastsider LA reported earlier this year, mail is being stolen regularly from Avon, Morton and Park Drive. Piles of opened mail are frequently found on Park Drive. I waved down an LAPD car on Park Drive a few weeks ago and told them about the thefts. They had not heard about them and said they would keep an eye out. If more people shared their reports of theft with the Post Office, LAPD and public forums such as this blog it might help catch this individual who will face federal charges for tampering with USPS mail.

  8. Eric Brightwell

    Nearly everyone in my building has had checks and packages (and in one case, a bike) stolen on a weekly basis for about 8 or 9 months. We’ve contacted the LAPD, the post office and our landlord. We’re on Rowena in Silver Lake.

  9. I’d like to thank the mouth breathing honor students for bending the ever loving shit out of my mail box so they could check out the J Crew catalogue that was in there. It was very kind of them to then put it in my trash can so as not to create a mess.

  10. I had a Poster tube stolen from my front doorstep this week. The tube was found later on the foot bridge between Temple and the Belmont/Bellvue neighborhood.

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