Found in Echo Park: A small, very smart dog

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Found very smart little dog in Elysian Park on sargent saturday july 19.  Je is very smart, stays with you perfectly no leash needed. He loves people and obviously somebody loved him. He is unfixxed and unchipped and no collar. Our manager of our building has told us we cannot keep him here and we need to find a home for him asap. this is a great chance for someone who wants a completely trained dog who doesn’t bark at all. potty trained as well. I think he is a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix.  Please contact if you are the owner or if you are interested in adopting. great with kids also.

Contact: ryanconder@gmail.com

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  1. He was on Avon St. x Donaldson before you kindly picked him up. Just fyi in case you put up any flyers, that he came your way from NNE….

    • i was walking him with my 2 boys and 4 other boys yesterday tuesday the 22 at avon and donaldson up the stairs, over kite hill and back down avon terrace. did you see him on tuesday the 22 or saturday the 19th? we found him the 19th thanks. we have been walking him all over echo park trying to find his home and signs. i am sure if he is anywhere near his house he will run home he is so smart.

      thanks again for letting us know. we want him to find his home if he has one.

      • Hi Ryan — I did mean that I saw him on Avon the morning of Sat. the 19th — right where you were on the 22nd. Very smart- and friendly-looking dog. Thanks for taking the time to try and find the right home for this fella.

  2. Please don’t try and rehome him. The right thing to do is take him to the North Central LA City shelter on Lacy Street and then post he and his ID number everywhere. The FIRST place most owners look after they’ve looked in their immediate area is the shelter. The shelter will post his picture, usually within the same hour you take them in. Please, please, please, do this.

    If the person who found my boy had done this, he would have been by my side immediately. The idiots either kept him or gave him away. There is a special place in one of the rings of hell for them. I was at the shelter daily, checked their website hourly, put up over 200 posters, had a team of search dogs come in. He was never returned to me.

    Please, do the right thing.

    • DO NOT go to North Central

      Please DO NOT bring the dog into a shelter! You can continue looking for the owner through other means and if unsuccessful in finding them, rehome the dog. July is the most overcrowded time of year at the LA city shelters due to pets being spooked from fireworks and running away. The shelters have limited capacity, and for every dog brought in, that inevitably means another dog has to be put down to make room. You can bring the dog to a vet to see if he is microchipped and if that leads to a former owner. Also, posting on craigslist a found dog listing with a photo is helpful as long as you make sure whomever claims it can positively ID the dog before you give the dog to them (if they owned the dog at some point, they should have photos of themselves with the dog somewhere to prove it, and the dog should answer to its real name). As someone who has volunteered for years at several of the LA city shelters, I can tell you that that should be an absolute last resort to be avoided at all costs. Even the cutest newborn pups find their way to the euthanasia room at the shelters (I’ve had to save several dogs out of pocket on their “last day’ at the shelter), and the sad reality is that older or larger dogs are more likely to be put down than be adopted – even after just a short stint at the shelter. It’s great that you took him in from the Park, where he could’ve fallen prey to Coyotes. Looking for the owner while finding the dog a safe home to stay in the interim is the best option- and thanks for being so kind and taking the time to care for him in the meanwhile.

  3. No collar or tags?? No chip?? Not fixed?? No signs posted?? Seems unlikely this dog has a caring, grieving family looking for him at the shelter or anywhere else..

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