Glassell Park Pad Open This Sunday July 13 | 2 pm – 5 pm

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I believe beings from another planet have taken over this home and have transformed it from the inside out. They have been careful not to alert the neighbors of their presence, but I know they’re there.

The modern privacy enclosure with pebble garden was a dead giveaway. I bet you there is an heavenly white grotto-like living room complete with a fireplace in this home, so beautiful that Barbarella would feel comfortable warming her bones beside it, and I sense two generous bedrooms, one with an en suite bathroom, where these beings are recharging themselves in splendid comfort, all the while growing more intelligent, more powerful. Rumor is they dine in a magnificent yellow room on the second level of this home.

Evidence of their advanced technology is everywhere from the water heater with no tank, to the plumbing made of some other worldly metal (kop-ur) & an HVAC system that can be controlled remotely from your cellular telephone… Wait! I’m receiving a message: WELCOME HOME. Click here for more details.

Open House: Sunday July 13 | 2 pm – 5 pm


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