“I Love To Feel Strong”

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3-Group Dumbbells800

Armine working her triceps with other AAY! members | Photo courtesy AAY!

Armine Akopyanx

Armine HoopsMy muscles were shaking. I didn’t know if I could do even one more squat. Finally, we reached the last repetition, but then came those dreaded words, “Hold it. Go lower. Now pulse.” Who knew a little five-pound medicine ball would make the workout that much tougher?

But no matter how challenging the strength days are, they’re the workouts I most look forward to. Building muscle & getting lean can be difficult and repetitive, but not at AAY!  The trainers are so creative and they incorporate so many different types of equipment (kettle bells, dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls) that I never feel bored and I always feel that I’m making progress, breaking a sweat and elevating my heart rate.

With each workout, I feel stronger and more powerful, which gives me the motivation to push even harder and longer the next time. Sometimes every inch of my body aches, but the strength I feel afterwards, is so good I can’t wait to go back for more.

There really is something alluring and impressive about pumping iron. For me, it takes the focus away from what my body looks like and instead helps me focus on how my body feels. And right now, I’m loving feeling so strong!

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