Man wounded in Echo Park shooting [updated]

The victim was shot next to the Burger King where he was a regular customer.

By Hayley Fox and Jesus Sanchez

ECHO PARK — An argument between two transients ended in a shooting this morning, with one man suffering a gunshot in the leg, police said.

The shooting reported at 8:18 a.m. took place on Reservoir Street near a Glendale Boulevard Burger King, where workers and patrons heard a single gun shot followed by screaming.  The victim, who was a regular customer, was seen bleeding in the street near the restaurant drive-through window, according to employees. The man suffered a “non-life threatening injury” and is recovering in a  hospital, said LAPD Sgt. Frank Gonzalez.

“The shooting earlier today involved two local transients,” said Gonzalez via email. “They were involved in an argument this morning.”

The suspect was seen fleeing on foot northbound on Alvarado and remains at large.

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  1. That Burger King is sketchy as hell. There’s always a lot of homeless around there and all of the outside smells like urine. Glad nobody died, but I doubt they’ll catch who did this.

    • Not just the BK but the Vons as well. There are a number of violent/angry transients outside the Vons at any given time or day that scare the bejeezus out of me due to unhinged, unpredictable behavior.

  2. During radio (police) conversations, it was mentioned the shooter’s father resided in the area of Glendale/Berkley. A follow-up search was conducted in and around that location., with negative results.

  3. The bums love hanging out on resevoir. Why cant they go to west to the beach?? Nicer weather and more money from panhandling. I wonder which local gang supplies them their narcotics.

  4. The Echo Park Piss Stairs. Those walking tour hit that spot up for sure right? Nothing like the smell of malt liquor filtered through a vagrant and warmed by the sun.

    • “… the smell of malt liquor filtered through a vagrant and warmed by the sun.” Quite a creative, vivid turn of phrase there. Nice.

  5. It seems that echo park and even the northeastern edge of silverlake is now a hotspot for vagrancy…unlike the past, this seems different,, more drug fueled than before.

    • Are you referencing the hipster spots or the transients spots? I’m confused.
      And they’re probably scoring from the same people a lot of you are.

    • Could be the burned out crack house on Sunset and Coronado that is bringing this new breed into the neighborhood. I’m wondering why the cops are not doing anything about the place. People yelling from upstairs unit when you pass by but no lights are ever on. Makes me want to leave the neighborhood– seems to be getting worse while other parts of SL and EP are getting better. Crack is whack!

    • That specific spot has always been shady. Why do you think the indoor stairways were sealed? It just happens to be a hidden-in-plain-sight type of spot that attracts shady people but it’s actually not as violent as it used to be like the rest of the area. Btw, that “smell of malt liquor filtered through a vagrant and warmed by the sun” is vintage EP.

  6. Those stairs have smelled like that for 38 years (that I know of,) long before the transients took up residency there. A lot of these people came from downtown after its revitalization. There are some aggressive transients but also just some poor people that are down on their luck and need help. I’ve given them meals before, and they are so honestly thankful. Sometimes you just have to try and be a little nicer to people and that is what you will get in return.

  7. Echo Park is becoming the modern SKID ROW,

  8. you guys are messed up. ever wonder why there are so many more homeless people in EP? Garcetti, Mitch O’Farrell and Tom LaBonge. they are bending over backwards to ease development in Hollywood and Downtown; as those transitional neighborhoods become more gentrified, people get pushed in our direction.

    Some of the comments here are really callous and cruel. Kind of shocking to see such apathy to such a huge problem. People living on the sidewalk, eating out of dumpsters, and you guys make jokes about piss filtered through the smell of vagrants, make accusations about the drug use and violence of these people,.. You have no idea what they do. Instead of complaining about what an eyesore they are, how about volunteering at a local agency? Maybe try lobbying O’Farrell’s office to find more resources for them. Part of the problem when people get shoved over here, is that resources are scarce. Sure, there is PATH, but they rarely venture out of Hollywood.

    Try and be a part of the solution, not just some whiny little bitch complaining about how he is inconvenienced by some poor people who are essentially dying in the streets.

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