Morning Report: Body found in L.A. River; 5 Freeway shut down in East L.A.; Highland Park’s first Starbucks opens

Lights Go On At Sunset, Eagle Rock | Andriana Baker/Instagram

Lights Go On At Sunset, Eagle Rock | Andriana Baker/Instagram

News & Notes:

  • The body of a man was recovered from the L.A. River in Elysian Valley on Thursday morning, reports the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch and EagleRock311.  An email newsletter from the EVNW said the 21-year-old lived in Elysian Valley but the cause of death was unknown.
  • Highland Park’s first Starbucks opened on York Boulevard. “Meh” is the initial reaction from @HLP90042.
  • The 5 Freeway in East L.A. was shut down for nearly four hours on Friday afternoon as a possibly suicidal man stood on the ledge of a freeway overpass.  Stranded motorists began playing cards on the freeway, reports L.A. Now.

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  1. I defend the new Starbucks, and agree slightly with “meh” opinion.

    A couple quick reactions

    1. It’s not a “coffee house” – not a place to lounge and build social capital with your neighborhood. You do pretty much just get coffee and go. I guess Starbucks couldn’t/wouldn’t add a couple hundred square feet of interior lounge space?

    2. It’s better than Classic Burger or vacant storefront.

    3. It will help with the gentrification process of Highland Park/Garvanza and catch the eye of hipsters.

    4. Like the highly critical @HLP90042 says above, Amara is better, but Amara is never open, and I wouldn’t expect them to be either if they’re only going to shell out coffee.

    5. How about the rumors I heard of Cafe de Leche opening a second location at the now old blue abandoned car garage shop next to Amara on Avenue 64?

    6. Charlie’s in South Pasadena is a good alternative.

    7. Will I head back to the new Starbucks? Yeah, most likely.

    • Regarding number 5… Unfortunately, that ain’t happening. The owner of the garage property wants to keep it an auto garage business. Sad too since the Cafe de Leche people went around door to door with a petition to have them join the neighborhood. I live two houses away from this otherwise crappy garage. We are bummed.

  2. I am very disappointed with the me HP Starbucks. It’s just a place to drive through. I was excited about it, but after seeing it, I will not be buying coffee from them. It doesn’t have a sense of community like other Starbucks do. They underestimated our neighborhood.

  3. I like Amara, but their hours are lacking. Why can’t we get a place with regular business hours?!?!

  4. People, it’s just coffee. It’s not like they built a corporate megaplex eyesore. Be happy that they chose the adaptive reuse route and didn’t take a larger footprint.

  5. It’s like they studied an area crime report from 1997 and designed the space with that in mind. No counter, just a window like in a check cashing business to protect the potentially endangered barista. No indoor seating and the only available seating is outside positioned in an area with direct intense sunlight and no shade so to keep people from congregating there too long. A drive-thru just to slow traffic and smog up the utilitarian seating area. The re-design of the building is bland and uninviting. At least Classic Burger had a stylized aesthetic while this Starbucks, green logo and all, looks like a pot dispensary.

    • Exactly! What a shame they didn’t do more research on the current state of our community. I guess they are targeting folks driving through!

  6. When Magic Johnson opened his Starbucks in mostly African-American areas of LA, he worked with Starbucks to ensure that the Starbucks in those areas were just the same as the Starbucks in other neighborhoods. So, if you go to a Starbucks in South LA, it would be the same as the Starbucks in a white neighborhood. Maybe HP needed a NBA superstar to speak on their behalf?

  7. Starbucks actually treats their workers pretty good. And that’s everything.

    • They just don’t treat their community that well. The HLP Starbucks just set gentrification back about 20 years.

  8. Settle down, everyone. It’s an ugly Starbucks. Big deal. They have ugly Starbucks in Santa Monica too. It’s not “setting gentrification back 20 years.” The opening of a Starbucks in HLP has about as much to do with gentrification as a Panda Express. What we need is GOOD coffee — a Blue Bottle or a Stumptown. They’re no more expensive than Starbucks, but they care about their customers, their coffee growers and their community.

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