Morning Report: Jury says Dodgers must pay $14 million over Bryan Stow beating; L.A. River visitor center opens in Elysian Valley; St. Bernard lost in Atwater

Valley Knudsen House, Heritage Square | Martha Benedict

Valley Knudsen Garden Residence, Heritage Square | Martha Benedict/Eastsider Flickr Pool

News & Notes:

  • A Dodgers attorney said the team will consider its options after a jury found the Dodgers partly responsible for the beating of Bryan Stow in the stadium parking lot, reports the L.A. Times. The Dodgers would pay $13.9 million based on the jury’s verdict.
  • LAPD Chief Beck tells the L.A. Times that he’s “very concerned” about a 12 % rise in aggravated assaults during the first half of the year.  Crime overall, however, fell during the six-month period.
  • Elysian Valley welcomes the Frog Spot, the first visitors center and cafe to operate along the L.A. River, reports Curbed L.A.
  • A 1928 Silver Lake Spanish-Colonial home designed by architect Frankie Faulkner, one of the relatively few female architects working in L.A. during the 1920s, goes up for sale at $1.1 million, reports Curbed L.A.

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  1. They should have gave him zero he started all of the drama . Becareful what you say you, someone might knock u out

    • ah, Mario, nice neanderthal thought process. It seems some segments of the human race, unfortunately, are being left behind by evolution.

      Are you really so insecure, that someone could say something to you, such you feel the need to defend your “manhood” by physically injuring them to the point they can be maimed for the rest of their life… or even dead? Even, something as trivial as making comments about a sports team? Seriously? Please don’t reproduce, so people with these genes are extinguished from the human race asap.

  2. Fact: Stow was drunk at the time of the beating. If he was pulled over for drink, he would have been charged with a DUI.

    Fact: You Tube video shows Stow, talking trash to other Dodger fans during the game. Only a moron would think he stopped talking trash after the game, especially considering how much he had to drink.

    While he didn’t deserve the beating, sometimes if you do talk trash, somebody will get tired of hearing it and will tell you to shut up.

    • “Telling” someone to shut up is one thing. Beating someone nearly to death, giving them permanent brain damage requiring around the clock care for the rest of his shortened life is quite different.

      Try to walk upright sir, your knuckles are dragging on the ground.

    • With that logic I guess you’d say that if a girl goes out dressed up provocatively, she would “deserve” to be raped. I’m glad I don’t live in “David’s” bizzaro world.

    • He should sue his friends who were with him that night, none of them did a thing to help him when he was getting beat. Some Friends he has……

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