My Favorite Workout: The Bouncy House

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Armine Akopyan (center) after finishing the Bouncy House challenge

By Armine Akopyan

My favorite AAY! cardio workout so far has been the “Bouncy House Obstacle Course.” I remember being a kid thinking bouncy houses were the life of any party and I looked forward to any event that had one. When I heard our next AAY! workout would include a bouncy house, I was beyond thrilled.
The other members and I pushed each other through a rigorous obstacle course and our last stop: the bouncy house!

Jumping in it was so much fun, but I had forgotten how difficult it was! My legs couldn’t find their balance, and yet I was racing to get through that course to beat my fellow athletes. After pushing myself to crawl through the maze, I pushed through the popup pillars, climbed up that steep hill, and finally down the thrilling slide – only to start it all over again.

Before I started working out at AAY!, if there was anything I hated doing it was running. When I ran, my heart raced so fast it felt like it was going to rip out of my chest. I literally had to use my arms to lift my legs. And breathing, well since when does breathing have a rhythm? Isn’t that supposed to happen naturally?

But, somewhere within that arduous, amusing course I forgot I was running, I forgot to count my breaths and I began to run faster than I ever had – and I loved it!

With the help of the fun & challenging workouts at AAY!, I now find myself thinking running isn’t so bad after all, and I never thought that was possible.

Stay tuned for another entry from Armine and other AAY! members in the weeks ahead as they share their summer workout experiences.

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