Spiderman vs LAPD at Echo Park Lotus Festival [updated]

Photo by Krissy Barker

Photo by Krissy Barker

ECHO PARK — A person dressed like Spiderman attracted the attention of police at this weekend’s Lotus Festival at Echo Park Lake.   The costumed character and police officers were also pictured on the LAPD’s Rampart Division Facebook page but it’s not clear why Spiderman was being questioned or detained.

* Update: The Rampart Division, on its Twitter feed, said “event organizers advised that the subject was there w/o authorization and w/o permit. He was warned and released.”

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  1. Authorization or permit for WHAT? Not to wear a Spiderman suit I hope.

  2. Somebody probably saw him charging folks for pictures or something and LAPD was notified.

  3. Bro from Vista must have been off duty.

  4. When there’s such a large crowd of people gathering in one place, I think it might concern the police that someone is dressed up in a costume that renders him anonymous. It would be very easy for a terrorist to dress up in a costume, work his way to the middle of the crowd, and blow himself up. I know it’s a bit far-fetched, but, ah, those terrorists – what a tangled web they weave.

    • Yea we always hear about terrorists that are dressed up as super heroes blowing themselves up at parks.

      • Or that guy dressed as the Joker killing all those people in the movie theater.

        Oh wait, that actually happened.

      • Well, how many times had you heard about shoe bombers before Richard Reid – or about planes flying into buildings before Sept. 11? Please don’t tell me that you work in homeland security.

        • So a far fetched possibility requires hyper vigilance and/or over reaction?

          ^this type of thinking is what is ruining this country.

        • People LIke james are the reason America is retarded.

          • What an articulate, well-written, thoughtful comment. 🙂 I especially liked how you incorrectly capitalized – and misspelled – the simple word “like” and then failed to capitalize my name – and then called a whole country “retarded.” I rarely use the acronym “LOL,” but I can honestly say I’m currently “Lol’ing.” (Of course, the margarita I drank at 7:30 P.M. could be contributing to my giddy mood.)

  5. yhea I wanna know to. without a permit to do what?

  6. Those were just the fashion police… everybody knows you’re not supposed to wear super hero costumes before Labor Day.

  7. I am Batman !

  8. No Bike Riding on Path at Echo Park Lake. Unless you are the LAPD.

  9. I spoke to the officers at this scene. The event organizers, along with attendees, brought the fellow to the officers’ attention due to aggressive panhandling. Also, some attendees were concerned that he was speaking with children while wearing an outfit that disguised him. He was not handcuffed or arrested, and was warned against the panhandling. It was also suggested that he not appear too familiar with children, while in his costume. He later left.

    (213) 484-3670

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