Sweat-Drenched Workouts With A HUG

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Gabriela Nuñez gets strong with a side lunge at All About You! BootCamp

Gabriela Nuñez

Three years ago, after going through some rough times and lots of stress, I found myself eating a consistent diet of French fries and draught beer until my clothes stopped fitting. I knew I was making myself sick and needed to find a solution.

Tipped off by scores of glowing reviews online, I took advantage of the introductory month at All About You! BootCamp (AAY!). The word ‘bootcamp’ triggered an initial fear of militant instructors yelling at me for being out of shape. Instead the founders, the trainers and the entire staff provided sweat-drenching workouts with a hug and an endless amount of positivity and support.

I’m now stronger, faster and more fit than I ever was in my 20s. AAY! trained me to run my first 5K race and my first triathlon sprint. My regular AAY! workouts have also given me the stamina to take on even greater distances.

In the past year, I’ve run two half marathons, the full LA Marathon, and am currently training for more triathlons. Despite all the changes in my life since that first workout, my love for AAY workouts and the community it fosters remains the same.

Stay tuned for another entry from Gabriela and other AAY! members in the weeks ahead as they share their summer workout experiences.

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Gabriela Nuñez working out All About You! BootCamp

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