Police investigating Echo Park stabbing death [updated]

A skateboard taped to a lampost was part of a sidewalk memorial taking shape on Sunset boulevard

A skateboard taped to a lamppost was part of a sidewalk memorial taking shape on Sunset boulevard

ECHO PARK — The man who was stabbed  during a Friday night argument with  three suspects on Sunset Boulevard has died from his wounds, police said today.

Police this morning were looking for surveillance videos and conducting probation checks on the homes of known gang members as they conducted their investigation into the murder of the 22-year-old Latino male, said Northeast Division Capt. Jeffrey Bert.   While gang detectives are assisting in the investigation, it’s not clear whether the stabbing, which took place as the area was  busy with crowds attending the Echo Park Rising music festival, is gang related, Bert said.

The victim  and a woman described as his girlfriend were walking on Sunset near Laveta Terrace at about 11:30 pm when when one of the three suspects who were headed in the opposite direction punched the victim in the jaw, according to a witness who recognized the couple as customers at the shop where he works. The victim then swung his skateboard at the three men before he was stabbed, falling to the ground as his girlfriend screamed.

Bert said there will be additional police patrols tonight as well as LAPD vehicles equipped with license plate readers as the investigation continues.

Updated at 4:12 pm:   L.A. Now and other news reports say the suspects may have been trying to take away the victim’s skateboard during the assault.  His name has not been officially released by authorities but some reader comments and a sidewalk shrine set up today mention “Carlos”  or “Carlos Arellano.”

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The memorial and some reader comments said the victim’s first name was Carlos but neither the LAPD or L.A. County Coroner have publicly identified him.


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  1. Shit…. He didnt look good man. He was super pale. My heart is sinking….. I looked him right in the face. His girlfriend was behind him holding and caressing his head. So fucked up. He was lying in the street, and ambulance was there 30 seconds after we walked by and picked him up. We thought he overdosed…..

    • This was my bestfriend i cant belive they took hia life just li. And i want to clear somethinf out about what cops said that the stabbing may have been gang related . He was not gang related he just oved music fearivals andbor anything with music so if the police read this “HE WAS NOT GANG RELATED.”

  2. When will this unnecessary violence and drama and stupidity end?

  3. The problem with L.A. festivals is someone always gets shanked or shot by a bunch of pussies with weapons.

  4. I never understood why these wanna be gangsters can’t fight mano a mano no weapons. And pick on their own punk ass fake gangster friends. Ignorant and high on drugs.

  5. Any description of the perpetrators?

  6. Why does it matter if he was Mexican or not?

  7. We all know echo parkk ain’t sh*t instead of stabbing innocent ppl u punk backyard gangsters should get active on ur enemies damn u guys r really echo pussies

  8. Very, very sad. Sad and disgusting. I’m guessing that the police will locate the attackers before too long, since it seems there were a lot of witnesses to the murder. If it can be proven that the attackers were trying to take the young man’s skateboard, I hope they are charged with special-circumstances murder. This deserves as much press as the recent murder/attempted robbery of the USC graduate student from China.

    • shouldn’t be too long before they get these guys. there are surveillance cameras all over down there. i like the skateboard memorial; really highlights how lame this incident was.

  9. People it’s up to you. I have followed criminals who have done bad and was there to point then out to police. If you witness a crime like this do what you can to help the police find then. They may be scary but they are far more afraid of being caught then they are aredoing crimeand you may be next. Totally senseless!!

  10. He’s my best friends brother 🙁 this is so sad!!! Rip Carlos you will be missed dearly!!!!

    Fuck this low life gang bangers!!!!!
    FUCK you I hope you rot!!!!!!

  11. Any info/description of suspects?

  12. Apparently it was over a skateboard, I have friends who have been robbed of their boards by other skateboarders or a group of skateboarders, even have had knifes pulled on them. I am not incriminating anyone by any means but before the incident a few blocks ahead of where it occoured I saw a group of skateboards frantically riding down sunset screaming and riding on the street not the sidewalk and a couple of them were on foot with no board. Again I am not incriminating anyone. If you just think about it though who is more likely to steal a board a gang member? Or a skateboarder?

    • I remember a few years ago there was a gang-like group in the area named the “Drunk Bums.” I didn’t know much about them, but I used to see their graffiti around, and the one student whom others said was a member was a scruffy-looking, long-haired kid, So it seems entirely possible that a skateboarder could have tried to rob this young man rather than a “traditional” gang member. Regardless, I’m sure the police have witness statements and descriptions, and my guess is they’ll have suspects in custody by this Wednesday.


  14. rest easy carlitos. You’ll be missed bro! You’re in a better place now….

  15. Neighborhood just sucks. I would never walk around here after dark. I just don’t feel safe.

    Maybe someday it will be.

  16. sleepy, spooky and lil casper, we know it was you. gonna roll up on you

  17. Drunk bums is a crew that dont condone to this type of violence and really rather fight with their hands. All you stupid ass gangsters doing dumb shit to make a name for yourselves is retarded. Real Gs get money and buy a hundred skateboards fucking idiots. The fight is againt the police not your own raza pendejos. FTW

    • Unfortunately, as long as you’re fighting against the police, you shouldn’t expect gang members to stop doing what they do best – terrorizing their community. Why not join the struggle to make police more accountable, change the way they’re trained, and strengthen their relationship with the community? Nature abhors a vacuum, and if the police withdraw from an area or stop actively patrolling it, criminals fill the void.

  18. A man lost his life over a $50 skateboard? Am I being punked here? WTF??? There has to be more to this story

    • Plenty of folks have lost their lives over less… it certainly could just be attempted theft of a skateboard, the victim fought back and took a swing, and the thieves responded with a knife. The end.

      • Ryan bro no disrespect but you comment is not appreciated. Bro do ur own thing just back off. And those who did this I hope we catch up with you first.

  19. Am I the only one that thinks that the music festival should have been canceled after this murder took place? A man lost his life but let’s just party anyway? Echo Park is a nice neighborhood now, but these street fairs bring all the idiot gang banger back to their old stomping grounds. I really hope that this festival goes the way of the Sunset Junction Street Fair.

  20. I’ve thought about this long and hard…..and I want to write this.

    I didn’t see what happened.

    I arrived as Carlos (I know now) was being put in the ambulance. He was really white, and peaceful….actually had a bit of a smile on his face. His girlfriend held his head close, hugging him, caressing his hair. I thought he was on drugs (I think cuz of the happy look on his face)….little did I know this was the end for him.

    I put my board up there. It was the only thing I could think to do…. I did it 30 minutes after I found out.
    I regret not thinking more about what I wrote, or possibly ….writing something more profound, but you know… Fuck it. It’s what I did, trying to get some sense of closure.

    His face is emblazoned in my mind. I’ve been a bit obsessed for the past few days.

    I grew up in LA. I’ve seen dead people before, I’ve had guns pulled on me. When stuff like this goes down, it’s a good reminder…… that every day is important. Hug your loved ones now.

    I haven’t cried about Carlos…. I didn’t know him. But pretty fucking close a few times!
    It’s super fucked up.

    I wanted his family to know that total strangers support them, and don’t agree with this whether he’s a latino, a local, or not….

    From what I’m seeing…..He wasn’t in a gang. BUT everyone’s assuming it was a Cholo VS Hipster thing. It wasn’t. It was kids from the Neighborhood killing another local kid. Such a horrible thing…

    I’m seeing a lot of hipster hate on here. I hate them too. I’m part of the gentrification, BIG TIME. I’ve played all the clubs, supported the bands…..but I’ve lived in this area since 1995. and I was born in the VAlley…. I feel a kinship with LA natives of all colors.

    Remember the Riots? The earthquake?
    We came together. People have forgotten. I’m pals with my latino neighbor, my thai/chinese neighbor, my pitbull neighbor, the crazy crack lady. I’m the yuppy scum, I know. but fuck it….. Seriously, we are all trying to keep this shit real. It freaks me out that this is what it’s come to. So senseless.

    His parents worked for 22 years to get him to this point, slaving away, making lunches.

    He was stabbed horribly…..but he died in the arms of someone who really loved him.

    RIP Carlos.

    • Anonymous: Thank you for your comment, the soulful response, and placing your board up at the scene. I can relate to just about every word you wrote, having been here since ’95 myself, and definitely one of the “gentrifiers” in a sense if you want to look at it that way. I too, am friendly with everyone regardless of background or creed or genetic markers. And I too am beyond saddened by this senseless turn of events, and share in heartbreak what Carlos’ loved ones must be feeling right now.

      That’s all. Thank you for coming forward and offering a small piece of sanity and reason and heart to this tragic, senseless, and now seemingly vitriolic circumstance. I hope you find some peace and healing from the experience and are able to go forward safely. And I say this to his girlfriend as well – I am so sorry you had this awful experience and hope that you too find healing, love, and hope once more.

      RIP Carlos.

      • Thanks epgirl. We live in the big city…..so there’s a certain toughness that obviously needs to be present. But this is totally senseless.

        I just wanted his family to know……….. I think, he went in peace to a good place.

        AND, This was not a turf war for gangs, or for hipsters, or white against, or latinos against anyone…. In fact it was most likely skater on skater, youth on youth, latino on latino, neighbor vs neighbor crime.

        I hope his family moves on, and I hope his crew paints a lot of walls in his honor.

        RIP Carlos

    • Erin from Ave 57

      Anon: Thank you for your kindness. Your skateboard message has been viewed in other states and countries by now, and I hope it will help people stop and think before doing something stupid. I myself am still in shock…I moved out of the area, several months ago, but I received a text on Saturday, “Ekeh’s dead”, and all I could think was no no no, it must be someone else, he’s too young, he’s not a gang member…why…how…now I’ll never get my Fear & Loathing DVD back from him (LOL). Seriously, I only have good memories of him and I am privileged to have spent some time with him during his brief life here on Earth. He was always thoughtful of his family, he was an artist, he loved music, and he was interested in becoming a chef.
      My only solace is that he was not alone when he died, and that he was at a music festival. My heart goes out to the family and his girlfriend. I am so sorry for your loss.

  21. The day after this murder my friend found Carlos/Ekeh’s instagram account. Looked like the last post he made was about mushroom caps we was selling; the image was posted earlier on the day he was murdered. It’s probably a coincidence he ended up being killed that night but it definitely had me thinking that this could have been over more than just his skateboard.

    Senseless violence no matter the cause.

  22. I was there; he didn’t swing it at the 3; it was just the 1 guy (the other 2 were further down the sidewalk at that point). As far as I could see it wasn’t so much over the skateboard as over the guy standing up to someone trying to push him around. (And before you say; yes I’ve given a report to the police.)

  23. Has anyone else noticed that a number of people have lost their lives along this stretch of Sunset over the past couple of years?

  24. My thoughts and prayers for the entire family in this very difficult time…………… Its been a while since i seen you last, But just know that regardless of that you will be missed since you were after all my late son’s Danny ‘Chilo’ Lopez Buddy or as they say “partner in crime” that i always consider you as one of my own. R.I.P Mijo say hello to my Chilo up there for me

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