Police apprehend suspected car thief in Echo Park [updated]

Police helicopter hovers over Echo Park | Thien Ho

Police helicopter hovers over Echo Park | Thien Ho

ECHO PARK —  Police caught a suspected car thief tonight after briefly sealing off streets near Sunset Boulevard and Douglas Street.  A helicopter hovered overhead as residents reported hearing numerous police sirens. An officer at the LAPD Northeast Division station said the suspect has been caught by about 11 p.m. but had no further details.

* Update: One resident reports the police pursuit of the stolen vehicle ended near MacBeth and Quintero streets.


  1. Book ’em, Danno!!

  2. echotangocharliefoxtrot

    well done.

  3. Cops chased a Toyota sedan with Washington plates up Quintero. It crashed into an SUV at the end of the street. Looked like 4 people in the car. 2 men 2 women. The women were dolled up for a date. One of the men cut through some yards and hid. Here’s video of the cops getting him off a shed roof. Sorry it’s shaky:


    At least 7 police cruisers/ SUV’s on the street, plus helicopter. Later a couple ambulances as well.

  4. Speaking of car thieves (and apropos of nothing else), this is the song that I remember listening to – over and over – after my ’68 Camaro was stolen in the late 1980’s. A few days after the theft of my beloved ride, I decided to buy 1/4 pound of magic mushrooms so I could resell them to begin saving money to buy another car. Over the course of the next two weeks, I ended up eating most of them – and listening to this song, over and over, curled up on my waterbed in a shroom-induced haze, my right ear glued to the cassette deck, wondering who was driving my car and if they were adding oil to the engine every 500 miles. RIP to fellow ex-Silver Lake resident Adam Yauch.


  5. Thanks, Eastsider, for keeping us up on local news! Last night after seeing this story I looked at about seven “News” websites and found absolutely no mention of this incident. Haven’t checked tonight yet. BTW, Delicioustacos, thanks for posting here and Utube. Was it just weird helicopter lighting or was the guy on the roof nude? And…haven’t heard phrase “all dolled up” for years…love it! Is it finding it’s way back to common usuage?

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