Police investigating Echo Park stabbing; victim dies [updated]

Bystanders gather near the stabbing scene on Sunset Boulevard

ECHO PARK — Police are searching for three suspects tonight in connection with the stabbing of a man on Sunset Boulevard as the street was busy with crowds attending the Echo Park Rising music festival.

The man was stabbed during an altercation with three suspects on Sunset Boulevard west of Laveta Terrace after 11 p.m., according to police and witnesses at the scene.

The man and his girlfriend were walking on the sidewalk when one of the three suspects who were headed in the opposite direction punched the victim in the jaw, according to a witness who recognized the couple as customers at the shop where he works. The victim then swung his skateboard at the three men before he was stabbed, falling to the ground as his girlfriend screamed. “He got shanked and fell to the floor,” said the witness, who did not want to be identified.

He later saw the three men flee north on Echo Park Avenue. He did not recognize the suspects and did not know if the couple was in the area for festival shows or events.

The condition of the victim, who was transported from the scene in an ambulance, was unknown. But the witness said he appeared to have been stabbed in the stomach area and also may have sustained a head injury.

Police were trying to keep the mostly young festival goers at bay as they sealed off the area with crime tape and closed a lane of traffic.

Update: The victim died from his injuries, police said on Saturday.

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  1. At approx:11:45(?) Just saw a really pale guy being put into an ambulance. Our first thought was an overdose. Witnesses told me he was suckerpunched for a skateboard. Instead of being knocked out, he began fighting back against three assailants.
    Rumors are that he was stabbed several times, and the attackers escaped via the rooftop next to the barragans parking lot.
    The attack happened on the street and sidewalk. There were a ton of witnesses due to the Echo Park Rising festival.

    • I hope the kid survives. Victim was probaly in his late 20’s (latino?) with his girlfriend helping him, he was unconscious. Dont have a description of the attackers.

      • Its sad but the guy did not make it. I spoke with the officers and they said it was a homicide.

      • He was only 22 years old, he was a friend from school, although i hadn’t seen him in a good while I definatley hung out with him enough to know he was a cool guy. Sorry he had to go like that man, R.I.P Carlos Arellano (Ekeh)!

  2. So they went north on echo park ave? Well the cops should know where to find these gang members who did this. Not hard to spot the trash on the block but i doubt the cops will even try. These people run wild out in the open and the gang injunction does not exist here. Just look at the stairs, the donut shop full of old drug dealing crackheads, and the rundown bldg with gang teens openingly drinking and smoking all night or the favela on scott. The people who did this will be back out at it again tomorrow. The only cops who patrol here are either directing dodger traffic or making the city money by writing traffic tix. No interest in doing anything about the crime graffiti loitering noise control illegal dumping and public intox.

    • Totally agree. The police are beyond ineffective on the gang scum in this area. I saw a guy tagging in broad daylight this week on ep ave. And yes we are speculating, but I can all but guarantee this was exp or cys trash.

      Get your gang unit together lapd, you’ve taken credit for the crime reduction due to the gentrification wave long enough. Time to actually work.

      • I’m a Los Angeles native and live in Echo Park. I have respect for the majority of the LAPD but have been very disappointed and angry with the lack of ability recently to contact both the 911 and non-emergency lines. I’m about a block from where the man was murdered on Alvarado and Santa Inez on June 3, and when I heard his screams I immediately dialed 911 and was placed on hold! Thankfully officers in a patrol car arrived quickly.

        Since then I’ve attempted to call non-emerg number several times, including when huge fireworks were being set off on my street, and when a strange man was in my back yard with what looked like a delivery package in his hands. I finally gave up on talking to anyone both times on police line after waiting 20 minutes. We’ve had mail thefts locally and I think the guy may have been involved. I had a good description and if I could have talked to police operator right away someone could have investigated and possibly stopped further crimes. So which is it? Not enough officers in our area or poor telephone triage? Or as others say, inadequate attention to gangs?

    • At some point the people aren’t going to take it anymore and demand that the cops actually do something about all this. New gang graffiti all the time, bratty wanna-be thug kids showing absolutely no care for neighbors or neighborhood. It’s almost like the cops are being pressured to specifically NOT police any of the thug/gang activity. But it can’t be gang bought corruption… it’s not like the gangs have any money. So what’s the deal police? We all pay our tax dollars for you to do the work but it always seems to end up back on our shoulders. This is all of our neighborhood and we won’t be threatened forever.

    • Echo Park Resident

      The graffiti and the crime has only increased since the so-called injunction. Gang kids hanging out on the vacant lots on Lake Shore and Berkeley drinking and smoking weed at 8am. I’ve called in graffiti in progress in the daylight and been told there’s nothing that can be done. LAPD, stop writing traffic tickets and start arresting the scum making this an unsafe place for children, the elderly and law abiding people.

      If they fled up EP Ave, I’d be happy to point out the gang house where they’re likely hiding. I’m sure we all know what house I’m talking out.

  3. Throw ya set in tha air !!
    Waive it around like ya just don’t care !! Este es mi barrio homie. Don’t
    Forget it .. Rifamos Por vida we still here homie we’ll always b here homez

    • So are the roaches El Globo . You must share the same blood. Worthless and scattering.

    • No puede ser tu barrio vato, if you do not own any property. Just because you sit an crap on area como un perro doesn’t make it yours! Get an education! Make something of your life!, so your children don’t have to grow up and wind up like you! There’s more to life that gang banging, tagging, and stupidity!

    • Pur eso están quvo están Pinche bolas de pendejos cgolos jots “es task mi bill ” Pinche s lowlifes

  4. @El Globo: are you admitting to committing a crime? I am assuming from your comments that you also are a gang member. a gang member who is proud to have stabbed someone after attacking them on the street for no reason.

  5. Mexican Wolverine

    I have it on good authority that El GLobo is white girl from Encino. Don’t get it twisted, the 4 guys left in exp are all way too fat to be skateboarding

  6. “El Lobo” is a morbidly obese white chick. She is also an avid fan of Belinda Carlisle. Be compassionate.

  7. RIP.

    Who keeps raising this never ending parade of losers?

    They’ve just ruined a lot of lives.

    Condolences to the family & friends of the victim.

    LAPD, get the bastards.

  8. LAPD needs to get out of their cars and walk patrol on Sunset during these big weekend events. I never see a foot patrol.

    • Or a mounted patrol. Much better view of the situation on horseback. Especially with the crowd. Sad way to start a great festival. My condolences.

  9. Another issue here….. Is that the people who witnessed the fight are too complacent. Someone whould have filmed or taken a pic. I didnt see a foght or anything….. All i saw was a guy lying in the street.

  10. Brian Martin Valdivia

    ~R.I.P. My Boy Carlos “Ekeh” Arellano~

    For the fuck**ng coward ass punk that stabbed my boy, you fuc**d up gacho. My boy didn’t deserve to go out like that especially by the hands of some lame ass punks. He would of put you foos down if you foos weren’t such bitc**s and handled your shit one on one como hacen los hombres. Y ahora se la van a tener que rifar con nos otros. If you think yourselves men, los invito a mi cuidad kuleros.
    Llegen le a Highland Park y enfrentensen conmigo.

    My condolesence to his family.

    Shout out to all the SPV block homies. This don’t end here.

    May our boy Ekeh rest in peace

    • Thanks for letting us know this was somehow gang related, or that it will now become so,

      • Carlos arellano was not a gang member that’s my friends brother its sad my homie is going through some shit let the dead just rest in peace too many people dead and cops don’t do nothing might as we’ll create a fucken militia or community leaders like they do in Africa so we can protect are self’s R.I.P Carlos even though I didn’t really like you I respect the dead and never said nothing about you I hope you your in a better place because we don’t know where we end up when we die

    • Brian, I know you’re angry, and I don’t blame you, but you’re not doing yourself or your departed friend any favor by writing threats to the attackers. If you know who perpetrated this act and truly intend to take revenge, then you shouldn’t be putting it in writing and announcing it to the world. I would advise you to give any information you have to the police so they can investigate the murder; there’s no use in destroying your life by taking revenge and bringing yourself down to their level.

  11. I was driving on sunset last night all pissed because of the traffic..I saw all the police tape and I was like WTF….little did I know I was soon to find out it was one of my friends…I hope who ever did this will get what they deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I hope the rott in jail

  13. My homie Carlos didn’t deserve this shit and he would have gladly laid all those punks on the floor if those pussies in echo park weren’t scared to fight like men. I’m with Brian and Alex our friend Carlos never in a gang just a good man trying to have a good time dude it’s bullshit .

  14. Are those thugs aware that skateboarding is not allowed in prison….by the time they get out if ever they will be too old.
    And by the way I think they qualify for the death penalty…no skateboarding there also.

  15. I’m sick and tired of this evil world just so everyone knows he’s sadly dead, the true story is they tried to steal his skateboard, why kill him for that, what kind o f world are we living in!! May God bless CA because his death was just horrible. Poor mom ugg they don’t even have money for the funeral they re poor 🙁

    • Can we do a GoFundMe for the funeral expenses?

    • We can use this help Carlos and his family donations to help for the funeral cost. It can help there family and we all here to support the family all his friends are willing to help. Since he was a great guy that just loved to make u laugh on a bum day.

    • They are not poor. Its obvious youd don’t know them enough. Don’t assume like all these other people who didnt know the family. I grew up with them and to see his life get taken away by some low life punk who is hard around his “homies” and with weapons is heartbreaking. He has left a good loving family who will fight for justice. Rest in Paradise Carlitos. For ever in our hearts. #Justiceforcarlos

  16. http://youcaring.com/
    This can help too just to give out ideas to help out his family. All his friends are here for support too. We all want to help and give as much help as possible. We miss u Carlos . Rip bro

    • Hey che we are not saying that he poor or the family but we just want ro help we all grew up witg Carlos from monte vista till when he moved out to burbank side. So we just want to help in any way possible Carlos was good guy and we just want to help.

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