Possible suicide victim found in Elysian Park [updated]

Coroner on the scene of a possible suicide | Jennifer Deines

Coroner on the scene of a possible suicide | Jennifer Deines

The body of a possible suicide victim was found this morning in Elysian Park, according to a spokesman for the L.A. County Department of Coroner. A van from the coroner’s office was seen collecting the body near a metal bench as morning commuters drove by on Stadium Way near the north end of the park. No other details were immediately available.

Update: The victim who hung himself was described as an approximately 50-year-old, white male, said Sgt. Joe Morrison with the Northeast Division. A preliminary investigation found no evidence of foul play, he said.

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  1. I passed by at about 7:15 a.m. headed to the freeway, did anyone else see something completely different than what is described above?? The coroners van had not arrived, when I drove by…

    • I saw a bag hanging from a tree… possible suicide?? Scary!!

    • I saw something different, too. It looked like a body was tied to a light pole. The coroner was there already and the yellow tarp was wrapped around the pole.

      • so crazy! thats exactly what i saw, but prior to the coroner arriving. weird thing is i didnt see any sign of rope and i cant imagine the first police to arrive messing with the scene… right? it really just looked like someone lashed to the post or tree, around the waist / chest. seems really weird, if it was indeed a suicide.

        • Im a friend of the victim and me and his other friends know he would not kill himself, could you please elaborate a little more, r u sure u saw what u saw?. Please reply or texted me at the email above.

          • Hello. The information came from the L.A. County Coroner and the LAPD Northeast Division. Police said there was no evidence of foul play. However, if you have information that indicates that someone else is responsible for your friend’s death, you should inform LAPD immediately.

    • I was hoping that what i thought I saw was not real – so disturbing. So unfortunate that it was in plain view.

    • When I passed at 8:15AM I saw what looks like the photo above. There were a few police cars with lights on parked alongside the area – I thought a white car was pulled over becasue there was a unit right in back of it – possibly it was the victim’s car?

    • I passed by at about 6:30 this morning. Three police cars and one Fire Dept paramedic truck were in the two right lanes, lights flashing. No other vehicle was there, just motorists slowing and then continuing on. The guy was clearly hanging by his neck, with head back, his feet not far above the ground. No one was within 30 feet of him when I drove by.

  2. Passed by at 6:35 am the body of a young person was still hanging from the tree. Firetrucks and police cars were at the scene. The sight of the body hanging has been bothering me the whole morning. What could possibly drive a person so young to take their own life? God have mercy on their soul. Poor thing.

  3. I drove past it at 6:25am. The police and fire department had just pulled up to the scene. The lifeless body was in clear view without a cover or tarp hanging from the tree near said bench. No other cars parked near the scene but police and fire. Not the way I wanted to start my Monday. Very disturbing.

  4. I drove by this morning at 7:25 and the body was hanging but covered in a yellow tarp. It was very disturbing. There is always help for people contemplating suicide.

  5. Really sorry to whoever saw this. Really can’t imagine coming upon something like this. I hope it doesn’t happen again. There are free programs offered by hospitals for witnesses and others who have experienced suicide scenes, if you need that, don’t hesitate and don’t wait, most hospital websites have info.

  6. Can anyone tell me anything about the clothes this person was wearing?
    Shorts vs pants
    T-shirt vs long sleeves
    COLORS of anything

    I have a dear friend that has been missing for 2-weeks from that area. A missing person report has been filed, but LAPD is often overwhelmed and information delayed.

    • I so sorry your friend is missing. Your best bet is to contact Sgt Joe Morrison from the LAPD Northeast division. He is the one who provided the update for the Eastsider.

  7. I saw the coroner van and a few police cars. It was body wrapped in yellow tarp hanging from tree in front of bench. Since he was not cut down I would guess theternal were absolutely no signs of life upon FD arrival. Looked like they had the bag / tarp on him and we’re about to remove.

  8. Dear God! That’s awful! I saw policemen and cars in the area below me when I was on my hike in the hills above but didn’t know what they were doing. I’m so sorry to hear of this tragic news. Life is precious…every day.

  9. I drove by around 7:45. The body was still hanging and NOT covered. I suspect I drove by right around the time they took the tarp off for the Coroner to do his/her work. I still can’t get the image out of my head. I only looked for a brief second but as I remember it, he was wearing khaki pants and a light blue shirt. I sincerely hope that it wasn’t you’re friend, Nicky. So tragic.

    P.S. We don’t believe for a minute that this was a suicide. So sorry your gone!

  11. I don’t understand, how is it possible nobody seen anything until the morning after. Your telling me not one person saw anything, No one seen him at the time he was preparing to hang himself? If so, no one questioned
    it? And if he did hang himself, that means his body was there hanging from the tree, and as close as he was to
    the road no one seen this???? How is it possible his feet remained bent after death, The body goes thru convulsions after you stop breathing., so how is it possible. You will be missed Joey. We love you, God sees

  12. I have known Joey for many yearz. Yet, Have not see Him for many yearz as well. Crazy Shit! I don’t know “If He did it and killed Him self?” (No tellin whatz really goin on in a persons head) or if someone took Him out? anywayz… R.I.P. Dude… -messed up way to go out :/

  13. I’ve known this man 40yrs. and seen him on aug.15, three days prior. He got accepted into delancey street foundation-LAST KNOWN PLACE HE WAS ALIVE- so, i did’nt expect to hear from him for at least a couple of years.. now to find his body so far away at elysian park and him not leaving a note or calling anybody and with a bad leg, just does not sit right with me…he signed a 2yr. contract with this place..I feel their is more questions that need to be answered because i know i lost a good friend through the good times and bad times i know he enjoyed life and as my friend it’s hard to take , so rest in peace old friend and much blessings korn,joey,jj, and many other names your friends knew u at.

  14. me an joey have been not just friends we been road dogs for many years . ive known joey for 30 years or more an for him to take his own life is doubtful . there has to be foul play in this. if anybody knows joey as well as i do dam well knows he would not hang himself. REST IN PEACE JOEY you will all ways be rememberd…

  15. Joey my friend. right now at the very moment I write this, myself, Slayer, Steven Chav….. and Mike Blank……. are sitting in my garage remembering you and wishing you were here. You know we are having a drink on you, for you. R.I.P. my friend. (TIME— 6:30 to 7:01. ……12 -7-2014).

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