Ready to fork over some money to save the Cindy’s Coffee Shop sign?


Courtesy Cindy’s Coffee Shop

EAGLE ROCK — After Monique King and Paul Rosenbluh purchased Cindy’s Coffee Shop  earlier this year, the couple updated the menu but decided to keep and preserve as  much of the Mid-Century features of the Colorado Boulevard restaurant, including the Naugahyde booths, countertops and wallpaper. One of the most challenging  and costly items on the new owners’ To-Do list is fixing the towering Cindy’s sign that rises above the parking lot. But with repair estimates topping $16,000, King and Rosenbluh have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the restoration of the classic roadside sign.

The fundraiser would pay for repairs to the 1948 sign’s rusted metal, structural reinforcement, replacement parts and a new neon “OPEN” sign.

A representative for King and Rosenbluh, who own Firefly Bistro in South Pasadena, said the Cindy’s sign will continue to deteriorate and might have to eventually be removed if the fundraiser fails.

“Because these signs are now technically illegal in LA (you can’t put up a new one) there are very specific regulations on how much can be restored,” said Rachel Kane. “If the signs falls too far into disrepair, it can never legally be repaired, as the city won’t allow it to be. It’s on the edge.”

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  1. If they get rid of that gigantic eyesore of a billboard I’m in!

    • For those who grew up in Eagle Rock, the repair of this sign would allow us to preserve a little bit of history on Colorado Blvd.

      A small pledge gives us the opportunity to get together, have a nice breakfast and to lend a helping hand to the new owners.

  2. Preserving a classic sign, design element, and neighborhood icon is one thing. Asking the community to foot the bill for the entire endeavor is another. It’s an advertisement for a business, not a library.

  3. That classic sign will be beautiful and elegant once it is refurbished and shined up. Definitely a keeper.

  4. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it distasteful for a private business owner to solicit funds on Kickstarter to refurbish his/her own property?

  5. I think that if the owners want to repair their sign then they should pay for it themselves! With the massive amount of filming done there, these owners are making bank! Trust me, my home has been used a couple times over the years for shoots and they are making a pretty penny! Not to mention the extremely high prices they now charge for breakfast! I prefer to donate to organizations that truly need my help.

  6. It is nice to read that I’m not the only one who thinks it is tacky for a business to ask for charitable contributions. Where did this strange begging trend come from? They own the sign, they should fix the damn thing themselves. And yes, with all the filming that is done at that location they should well be able to direct some money toward the sign.

  7. The TV show Aquarius, starring David Duchovny, was filming there yesterday, and today the sign is more bashed-in than usual. Why not ask for a hefty donation from every production that films there? You’d have enough to fix the sign within 6 months. To answer my own question: The $ from filming goes to the property owner, not Cindy’s (I assume they rent). The property owner owns the sign, and the billboard behind it, and cares more about the revenue from the billboard. So it sort of makes sense that Cindy’s is asking for help.

  8. It is a strange world that I just don’t understand. According to their kickstarter page they have already suckered enough people to have raised $3,250.

  9. I definitely believe in corporate welfare. Soliciting money for something that will only profit the business owners and their investors, makes perfect sense to me.

    And BTW, what is $16K to these people anyway? its one week’s profits I am sure.

    • Jeff, restaurants have tight profit margins. This is why you see so many of them come and go. Supply costs are high, rent is high, the various insurances you need are astronomical…. It’s tough to make it at all. I wouldn’t assume that diner is making anybody rich.

      • But in this case is being a restaurant even their primary source of income? It is used so often for filming I wouldn’t be surprised if they make more money as a location. Sometimes they even build sets in the parking lot as if it is a mini studio lot. I’m not making any judgement on them using their place for filming at all. I just think it is weird that they are asking for handouts to fix their own sign and that people are actually contributing!

  10. They’ve got enough money to buy multiple restaurants. They can fix their own damn sign. Don’t put the “saving” on the residents for your diner advertisement. Fix what you committed to preserve.

  11. Yeah, $8.50 for an egg sandwich is steep by anyone’s standards! All the meals are very high-priced. They should be making a lot of profit there.

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