Silver Lake dogs will finally have it made in the shade

Workers begin preparing shade structures in the dog park.

Workers begin preparing shade structures in the dog park.

Example of shade structures

SILVER LAKE — The sunbaked  Silver Lake Dog Park  has been closed for much of the day as work began on installing some long-awaited canopies that will provided much needed shade for the animals and their owners.

Jen Byrne, who has been working on the project for several years, said the popular park will be closed intermittently over the next two weeks as the metal and canvas structures are installed and changes are made to the large dog park to make it accessible to the disabled. She encouraged dog owners to use other off-leash dog parks in the area during the closures.

Here’s a schedule of the planned dog park closures:

  • Monday 8/25 : 6 am to about 4 pm
  • Tuesday 8/26 : 6 am to about 4 pm
  • Wednesday 8/27: 6 am to about 4 pm
  • Thursday 8/28 all day (until the next morning)
  • Tuesday 9/2: 6 am to about 4 pm
  • Wednesday 9/3: 6 am to about 4 pm
  • Thursday 9/4: 6 am to about 4 pm



  1. Do people still remember when the SL dog park was closed for months so they could lay down fresh sod? Priceless.

    These structures seem more practical and less wishful thinking.

  2. Thank the flying spaghetti monster they will be leashed!

  3. FYI, it’s not on the schedule but the park may be closed for work today as well — I just called to check and the woman answering said she drove by about 30 minutes ago and the trucks were all there.

  4. Couldn’t they also plant something fragrant that will climb along the outer fence and cut down on the stink a bit (and look nicer too)?

  5. The grass in the SL dog park was all beaten up and turned to dirt. The city closed it off and planted sod. Months passed with it closed. Finally it re opened, and within a year it looked just like it did before. Many in the neighborhood predicted all of this.

    The park off Orange Grove in Pasadena is not nearly as packed as the SL park, and even its grass is pretty ragged.

    • The Pasadena dog park is packed in the mornings, after work, and on the weekends. I have been to both at various times of the day and haven’t noticed that significant a difference in use. The Pasadena park just rehabbed the turf and it is looking pretty good. Now they have other maintenance issues like running lawnmowers over dog toys leaving dangerous plastic shards for the dogs to eat but that is a whole other issue. The biggest problem at SL is the owners barely train their dogs if at all and don’t pay any attention to their dogs while gabbing with their dog park friends.

      • I don’t use SL dog park anymore. Not a healthy place for some reason. My dogs have been fine since we stopped going there.

      • The City of Pasadena has more funds to be able to properly maintain that dog park.
        It also helps that that park in Pasadena and the one in the Sepulveda Basin is F.L.A.T.

  6. What a waste of taxpayer money. I’m sure these will just be destroyed by the dogs in a matter of time anyway. Half of the reservoir already reeks of dog feces. It’s nearly impossible to enjoy the area anymore. Even the relative sanctuary of the meadow can be ruined by the stench of dog urine and feces (and their unkept owners) on a windy day. I really hope this fails.

  7. Please try Hermon Dog Park during closure days. 5568 Via Marisol, Los Angeles, CA 90042. Drive to the end of the park, walk through the tunnel and you’re there! Big and Small side! We are also having a Pet Education Seminar on August 31st from 5-7 pm with a talk by veterinarian Dr. Lisa Hsuan of Eagle Rock. We welcome you and your dog(s)! Chairs provided by CD-14

  8. On a side note, there is a red haired guy with two large dogs that has no understanding what his one aggressive dog does to the vibe of the park. I have been there on many occasions where his dog has attacked and its not pretty. I met a guy a few weekends ago, while our dogs were greeting each other, and he was furious as to what that guys dog did to his. He was extremely shaken up. Its happened to mine more times than I can count. Lately he hasn’t been around, Im hoping that he was told to stop going, as without his dog at the park it’s actually a great place for your dog to be.

  9. UPDATE:

    Monday 8/25 : 6 am to about 4 pm
    Tuesday 8/26 : 6 am to about 4 pm
    Wednesday 8/27: 6 am to about 4 pm
    Thursday 8/28 all day (until the next morning)
    Friday 8/29 hours TBD
    Tuesday 9/2: 6 am to about 4 pm
    Wednesday 9/3: 6 am to about 4 pm
    Thursday 9/4: 6 am to about 4 pm

  10. It would be great to get an updated closure schedule for the dog park, since they’re still working on it today. The shade structures, however, have now gotten their shade cloth installed, and they’re HUGE and look better than I imagined they would. FYI, there are two reasons why sod failed at the SL dog park: 1) the park is steeply graded, and there’s a huge problem with runoff and the sod not being able to retain water, and; 2) the city plants something and then pretty much forgets it – they haven’t maintained the small trees they planted a couple of years back very well, nor did they ever water the sod enough for it to survive. But then in this mega-drought, sod is a bad way to go. The morning crowd at the park is great – responsible owners, for the most part, many of whom have known each other for years. The afternoon and early evening brings a real grab-bag of owners, many of whom take no responsibility for their animals. All it takes is a couple of bad owners in a group, and the whole vibe gets thrown off.

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