Silver Lake surveillance video shows why you should lock those car doors

SILVER LAKE — Police frequently mention that many thieves don’t have to break into cars – they simply open unlocked doors.  A surveillance video posted on the LAPD Rampart Division Facebook page shows two persons trying to open the doors of several vehicles on Descanso Drive as they walk down the street after 1 a.m.  It’s a practice the Rampart posting referred to as  “door checking.”

The pair eventually walk away out of the camera’s range without much luck. But, according to the Rampart Division posting, the “video evidence of why it’s important to make sure your doors are locked.”

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  1. This happens frequently in Eagle Rock. I did not latch my back door in my camper van and lost about $1000 in camping gear. Followed the trail of the thieves to the Vons parking lot on Fig. Apparently they go thirsty and drank my emergency waters leaving behind a trail of foil pouches. In this case its the junkies/homeless that live up by the park, not some punk kids looking for a ipod.

  2. The guys are using their bare hands to open the doors. Can’t the cops dust for fingerprints and see if these guys have records? They might have a stolen stash at one of their houses. Just saying a little police work would go a long way here…

    • My car was broken into in Silverlake, and they popped the hood and disconnected the battery as an extra F-you. There were clear hand and fingerprints on the hood from that and I pointed that out to the cops when they came. The cops basically said it’s too much trouble to break out the kit to dust for fingerprints for something like this, if you can believe that bullshit.

  3. Im speechless. My car window was broken into on Saturday night, just a block from Descanso on Sayre Ln. Cannot believe this surfaced just days later… Im guessing a good place to start looking is the halfway house on the corner thats filled with convicted felons.

  4. Can anyone figure out what it is that the guys are pulling out of the flower bed and running away with? It looks like a sign on a post?

  5. It may be time for a hipster-skater injunction to cover all of the bases because a gang injunction is useless when it comes to stopping the array of skaters, taggers, and hipsters seen prowling this street.

    • Seriously? Yeah, because it was a group of skaters that just stabbed a gang member in EP during Echo Park Rising right? And it’s hipsters tagging ExP along echo park avenue. Got it, thanks for clearing that up genius.

      • I didn’t see any gang members checking doors or plucking items from front yards and the wall above Riverside Drive between Fletcher and Glendale Blvd is covered with hipster doodle-tagging. Not to mention the array of stencils, stamps, and doodle-tags stretching all the way down Glendale Blvd. until 2nd Street. Please ALSO submit video evidence of your whiny gripe. Otherwise, this “genius” is accustomed to violent opposition from mediocre minds . . . carry on mediocrity.

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