Southwest Museum in the spotlight for its 100th anniversary

Photo by Martha Benedict

Museum in the spotlighttps://www.theeastsiderla.com/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=categoryht | Photo by Martha Benedict

MOUNT WASHINGTON —   The Southwest Museum celebrated its 100th anniversary on Saturday with a day-long series of programs and displays. But the celebration continued into the evening with an unofficial event after an anonymous individual arranged to have the museum’s iconic tower  bathed in a searchlight.

The future of the Mount Washington institution remains uncertain as its owner, the Autry National Center, has resisted efforts to reopen the museum on a full-time basis (it is open only on Saturday) as a full-fledged museum.  EGP News had a summary of the issue in story this week.

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  1. How beautiful the Southwest Museum looks bathed in the light. WIsh I could have seen it. Did not know this was part of the 100th Anniversary celebration.

    • Let’s do this again. Maybe on a Saturday Art Walk Night. Maybe a nighttime gathering to view the SWM in Sycamore Park with music. Fun.

  2. And this is as it should be.

  3. The SW MUSEUM was lit with light until the Autry took over. The Autry management immediately started its campaign to make people forget the Southwest by turning off the lights. Meanwhile, the Autry building in Griifith Park is lit up like a billboard at night.

    • The problem for the Autry Ralph is that both the local community and the rest of Los Angeles won’t forget.

      • Well the community better stand up to Autry’s flacks, and not just forget.

        I went to the “celebration” of the Southwest’ Centennial. The Autry served sweetened punch, sugar coated pastries, and the “program” was a group of Autry lackeys trying to “re-write” the history of the Southwest Museum. Autry’s own study documented its economic feasibility — especially with the new rail station at the front door — and they shouted into their microphones: “Pay no attention to the man pulling those levers behind the curtain! I am the great and all knowing Autry. If I say this museum was never a success, you better believe me!” I’m afraid the sugar coating wasn’t just on Autry’s pastries.

        • Carol- I guess everyone has their “truth”. The Autry selects the negative things to say to reinforce its claim that the Southwest’s site is not suitable for a museum. I realize they never mention the presence of a rail station named for the Southwest Museum at the front door that leads to hundreds of thousands of school children and tourist hotels along the City’s rail lines. I guess they are entitled to their “truth”, and those who look at other facts may see a different story are entitled to their “truth”.

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