Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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By Gabriela Nuñezx

This post is a love letter to my fellow AAY! members and friends at All About You! Fitness & Nutrition:

After three years of regularly attending AAY! I am thrilled with the results in my stamina, strength, and ability to keep fitting into my jeans. But, that’s not what keeps me coming back—it’s the people.

Nar and Elaine, the founders of AAY! , have created a fitness and nutrition program that has become a lifestyle for many of us and has fostered a unique community of friendship and support.

I gladly wake up early and maneuver through morning traffic because I know I will get an excellent workout in a safe and friendly environment. Members, both men and women, don’t compete. We support one another. In fact, the camaraderie at AAY! has led to beautiful friendships that extend beyond the gym. We’ve created bonds based on a healthy lifestyle, fueled by the endorphins that follow a good sweat.

It’s unlike any other fitness experience I’ve had. All the trainers & staff have a sincere interest in each AAY! member, and despite four full classes every morning, they know our names and consistently call them out to encourage us through challenging exercises. They express care and concern for their members as humans. They check in on me when life gets hard, they congratulate me when I share exciting news. And, it’s not just me, they treat EVERYBODY that way!

As the song says, “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.” AAY! is that place.

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