Atwater Village truck owner warns of tailgate thieves

The tailgate was stolen off this pick up parked on an Atwater street | Courtesy Eastsider Reader

The tailgate was stolen off this pick up parked on an Atwater street | Courtesy Eastsider Reader

ATWATER VILLAGE —   Police have warned car and truck owners to be aware of a spike in catalytic converter thefts. But thieves are also interested in other auto parts, including tailgates. That’s what an Atwater truck owner named Paul discovered after the tailgate of his black Ford pickup was stolen this week while parked in front of his home on Brunswick Avenue. When he reported the crime to police, he was told  that tailgate as well as catalytic converters thefts were on the rise.

Why would anyone want to steal a tailgate? Paul explains:

The tailgates are $3,500 brand new (Mine had the built in camera and steps) so they have a good resale value for thieves and unscrupulous body shops. The tailgates only take about 30 seconds to remove and mine was taken in a well lit area.

If you want to hold on to your tailgate, park with your truck tail against a wall or garage or buy a tailgate lock that costs around $20, Paul said. Truck owners, he said, have “to take care and be


  1. Think of stolen auto parts as reparations.

    • How have hipster-vandals and thieves been harmed that they would be eligible for “reparations”? Makes no g*ddamn sense(?!).

      • I certainly don’t agree with it but there are those who justify or excuse theft and violence as “understandable” considering the wrongs they suffered, in this case, by those who have colonized their old family neighborhoods and own new vehicles when they can’t afford parts for their old trucks, cars, bikes, perambulators, etc.

        • “there are those who..”
          yes, those people are losers. They have faulty logic and moral codes that they follow only when convenient.

        • Maybe in EP. This is Atwater Village, hardly an “old family neighborhood” which has been “colonized.”

          • The area between Fletcher and Los Feliz is indeed an old family neighborhood/suburb and N. Atwater is a legitimate barrio. “Atwater Village” may have been founded in the past decade but Atwater was settled decades ago by the more affluent but certainly not wealthy. I know of plenty of immigrant parents who purchased homes in Atwater back in the 60s when Club Tee Gee was a real dive bar.

    • I’d guess these are the same people feel justified staying on welfare and crapping out 8 kids. It’s a classy bunch!

  2. This site is very racist and has ait of hate…love reading the stories East Side LA but can you please do something about this? These comments sound so ridiculous

    • Why are these opinions ridiculous when it’s yours that is the minority here? Lets have a fair debate then with more opinions posted but so far it appears that people are fed up with a demographic that has proven time and time again to propagate theft and general social problems.
      Encourage more of your like minded friends to post here if you feel that the balance is not to your liking, the fact your opinion stands alone may say a lot about readers opinions.

      • Great comment!

      • Please clarify exactly what demographic you’re referring too? If you dare without equivocating or relying on cowardly euphemisms to express your informed(?) opinion. Gracias.

        • Hispanics.

          • I thought so. When my “hispanic” immigrant parents first moved to NELA in the 50s, their humble home was immediately burglarized by the local white roughnecks. I know because they later became my older brother’s friends. In the 70s, my cousin was assaulted and killed his white assailant. He was subsequently absolved of any crime since it was in self-defense. I can recall my father once commenting after a group of local kids left our home that he “never met dirtier people than poor white people”. Even back then I knew it was the wrong thing to say. Especially since most of these white kids had at least one alcoholic parent or came from broken homes and spent a lot of their time at our homes where they could count on a meal or snack. These experiences have resulted in my inability to blame race or ethnicity for what are clearly poverty and class-related problems. I wish the same wisdom for some of you when you finally grow up and learn the folly and ignorance of the racist cop-out.

  3. “…people are fed up with a demographic that has proven time and time again to propagate theft and general social problems.”

    Which demographic would that be? Are you saying Mexicans and other latinos propagate theft and general social problems? Go back to Ohio with that backward ass way of thinking. We hate thieves as much as anyone else.

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