Construction Watch: Expansion in the works for Elysian Heights coffeehouse [updated]

ELYSIAN HEIGHTS — Residents have taken notice as the  gray-stucco box that is Fix Coffee is now hidden behind the metal framing of a new, wedge-shape building being constructed on the corner lot.  The new structure  facing Echo Park Avenue is  part of the transformation of the neighborhood coffee house into a full-fledged restaurant.

The city granted permits this year to construct a one-story “kitchen building,” new bathroom and a solid steel roof canopy, according to online city records. In 2011, the Planning Department approved Fix’s controversial application to serve beer and wine and host acoustic entertainment in the middle of a primarily residential area.

*Update: Fix owner Marc Galluci provided more details about the project:

The existing patio will remain, but the outside courtyard area is getting a facelift and a slight location change. The courtyard aesthetic will basically be a ‘lounge-y’ area with a focus on green space.  With this, we are committed to creating comfortable outside areas to enjoy and a great atmosphere for artists, coffee lovers, writers, families or anyone who wants to enjoy our incredible Elysian Heights community.

As always we will continue to be very aware of our surrounding residents and preserve the neighborhood aesthetic. We hope to be opening to all, near the end of this year
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  1. good for them and best of luck…

  2. So, now that they have drinkers zeroing in on the middle of a residential area, they are expanding into a bigger operation than was contemplated when they were granted an entertainment permit, catering to even more people, and until late at night, and drinking of course. A lot more people milling about the bedroom part of the neighborhood.

    • Be careful, you don’t want to break any fingers clutching those pearls so tightly.

    • The expansion was always part of their upgrade. They were very open about it. From my understanding, they have to expand the cafe and build out a full kitchen in order to legally serve alcohol.

      I am very excited about this and absolutely love Fix. People upset about this have way too much time on their hands.

    • Don’t worry about Fix. Spend your energy trying to stop taggers and gang bangers.

      When an area becomes activated with people, crime goes down. I like less crime. Just because people want to enjoy a glass of wine or two, it doesn’t mean there is a frat house moving next to you.

      Active Echo Park with life and energy. Crime will go down.

      Fix is adding value to your block.

  3. Looking forward to an expanded Fix!

  4. reminds of when we had places on Echo Park ave …there was a Neighborhood cafe down near morton and Echo Park ave ,,,,a Barber shop…Pharmacy..Doctors Office 2 different TV repair shop…3 Mom and Pop markets.. 3 gas stations and the Go Cart was invented on Echo Park Ave all these between Scott and Ewing..the Fix was the site of one and Texaco at Avalon and Morton

  5. And for those worried about noise….. what could be louder than the DASH busses? Those things are comically loud. they are louder than all the cement trucks going by. They are louder than the helicopters. Louder than all those cars that had their catalytic converters stolen. No noise that FIX can make, can rival those damn busses. Want to do something about noise in the hood? LOBBY TO GET NEW DASH BUSSES!


    Just kidding. Can’t wait to see – and try – the finished product.

  7. I live a couple of blocks from Fix and can’t wait to have a restaurant a few short steps from my house. Neighborhoods become safer when there are eyes on the street, and I hardly think Fix will attract marauding mobs of intoxicated hoodlums! Looking forward to the changes!

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