Morning Report: Art workshop tackles Boyle Heights gentrification; Cal State L.A. wants less stressed students; Silver Lake woman peddles feminism on a “Bookcycle”

Won's Market at Sunrise, Elysian Valley | Tony Richardson/Instagram

Won’s Market at Sunrise, Elysian Valley | Tony Richardson/Instagram

news and notes

  • A Boyle Heights art workshop about the impact of gentrification included the creation of an altar at Mariachi Plaza “devoted to victims of displacement.”  Boyle Heights Beat
  • Cal State L.A. will add two  health care professionals and expand counseling space to help students reduce stress and anxiety at the El Sereno campus. Cal State L.A.
  • A Silver Lake woman is part of a duo that have created a feminist library on wheels. L.A. Times
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  1. “Victims of displacement”?

    • I don’t remember many Hispanic activists crying over the displacement of African Americans from South LA by Hispanics. Funny how “displacement” works – it’s only a problem when it’s happening to “your people.”

      • Apples to Oranges: African Americans did not get kicked out of their homes, most families from South Central moved east for more affordable homes. There were no injunctions to force families out of there homes. So you cannot compare the two.

        • gang injunctions?

        • Many African Americans moved to the Inland Empire because of racial tensions between latino and black gangs — primary gang related. It’s old news.

          Did you you hear about the fire bombing by latino gangs against black families in Boyle Heights.

          Don’t make excuses…

          • And How Many Latino families have been fire bombed by African American Gangs? Shit went both ways, not just one way. Most the my Black Friends who moved, left because of house pricing not Gang Violence. Most of my Friends would move back to LA if homes were more affordable. But I Guess Eon, you just like to shit on Latinos, oh wait Sorry, only the poor Latinos.

          • Joe G

            Very cute little an·ec·dote. The reality and facts say otherwise …

            Many black families moved to the Inland Empire because it was safer and more inviting. South LA is very affordable. They just didn’t want to deal with the Mexicants.

            Black gangs fire bombing latino families? Really?

          • Joe G

            Per capita, latinos are the poorest. Why didn’t they move to Inland Empire if was all about the cost of housing?

        • And no one is getting “kicked out” of their homes in Boyle Heights either.

          That’s not how displacement/gentrifying works.

          Displacement happened in S. LA when hispanic immigrants undercut blacks for scarce jobs. They also used racial prejudice in employing blacks to their own benefit as well.

          Displacement is happening in Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights etc. because there is a housing shortage in LA and poor hispanics are being priced out.

          In both cases disparities in economic conditions between newcomers and original residents drive the movement of people.

          Is it unjust? Well, to the people who are displaced it probably feels that way.

          The fact is hispanics have done a lot of displacing over the past 30 or 40 years. Looks like they’re getting a little taste of what it’s like.

          • You don’t want to go there Northerner. You must have forgotten about history: You only have to go back to the 50’s when many of our family members were forced out of Chavez Ravine and Bunker Hill. But hey you can change history to fit your own needs.

          • Amigo. I mean Joe G.

            Emininet domain has affect people of all colors. It’s only an issue when affects Mexicants.

          • @JoeG : we’re not talking about 50 years ago, we’re talking about Boyle Heights … today. No-one is being forced out because of gang injunctions or because of racial reasons.

            People are leaving today for the same reasons your “black friends” left years ago : RENTAL prices are rising too high for THEIR income. People who have the means to pay these higher prices are taking their place. Homeowners, Latino and otherwise, are seeing their homeprices increase. This benefits the Latino homeowners.

            Yes, some Latinos are actually benefitting from gentrification.

            Don’t get all bent if you’re a renter. I’m a white dude and got priced out of a beach community years ago as my rent virtually doubled in the matter of two years. It happens. When it does, you have to make choices. Some people are choosing to relocate to a cheaper area.

          • True Freedom,

            Instead of bitching, you learned to navigate the system.

            You probably got priced out because some foreign money from Canada, China, Hong Kong, and Europe.

            What people have fail to realize is that real estate is global — we are talking about billions of dollars being recycled back into real estate.. It not about white Americans pricing out Mexicants.

          • @Eon : yeah, we effectively got priced out of San Marino because of the influx of Chinese money. We weren’t willing to pay $1000 /sqft for a small house, so we moved to a more affordable (relatively speaking) neighborhood. Rising housing prices are effecting alot more than poor Latinos in Boyle Heights. You just don’t have the same “i’m a victim” rallies going on in these other communities.

  2. the “victim mentality” is alive and well.

    Osirio said, they need to find ” Latinos who access and money and can invest in a way that is culturally safe and culturally protected

    Guillermo Pena said this is “the new chapter of the Conquest of the West,”

    Diversity is a bitch, huh?

    • Middle class and upper class latinos are very similar to Anglo, Asian, and Black families. They like to live in liveable neighborhoods. Latinos who have the means ditch the ‘barrio’ for Silver Lake, West Hollywood, and Newport Beach. If they want middle and well to do latino families returning to Boyle Heights, it needs to gentrify. Sweet, sweet, irony….

    • Diversity was only a Bitch when persons of color started to move into White neighborhoods.

  3. the “victim mentality” is alive and well.

    Osirio said, they need to find ” Latinos who access and money and can invest in a way that is culturally safe and culturally protected

    Guillermo Pena said this is “the new chapter of the Conquest of the West,”

    Diversity is a beeYatch, huh?

    • What they are saying is that they want only poor, latino, whites, asians, and blacks living in Boyle Heights. No Harvard educated latino would live Boyle Heights given the current live conditions. It’s not a race issue but a class issue.

      If they want well to do latinos returning to the ‘barrior’ it needs to gentrify. Latinos with means do not enjoy community art, sofas, or mattresses.

      • Fyi, I am a well educated latin@ and have decided to stay in the same neighborhood I grew up in. Not all people want to leave, many people want to stay and empower their neighbors.

  4. Thinly veiled racism/bigotry. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. Sick of the Eastsider continuing to promote this bullshit. If it were people of Northern European descent talking this way there would be outrage. Stop it Eastsider!

  5. What’s with the comments section being overrun by race baiting trolls? This isn’t Gawker, take your negativity back to the OC Register’s comments section, Eon Long.

  6. The race aspect of gentrification seems a bit overstated to me… I think the zoning is LA’s larger problem.

    A city of our size could and should be building TONS of infill development if we want to stabilize the cost of housing in a sustainable fashion. Line every major boulevard with 4 story, mixed use apartment buildings, ditch the suburban minimum parking requirements, etc. and rents will stabilize.

  7. The only people “displaced” from Boyle Heights were the Tongva and those unfortunate Mexican-American US citizens “repatriated” during the Depression.

    Xenophobia is xenophobia, no matter who you are.

  8. The white people on this site love to talk shit about Mexicans and Latinos.

    What you’re essentially bitching about is an ART based COMMUNITY event that discusses gentrification. Residents (lots of youth) were asked the question. “What does home mean to you?”

    These residents had a discussion on the topic. Displacement included. Look up the proposed development of Wyvernwood to see what displacement means to some of these residents. It is real, it’s happening today and it’s happened for a long time.

    You’re going to continue to hate on these people for trying to preserve their community and hold onto a piece of a neighborhood and city that they’ve been a big part of since its beginning? There are victims of displacement and victims of other social injustices as well. Your white privilege may have you forgetting about the previous years of racist laws and practices that have affected communities like these all over the country. But by all means, enjoy that taco that poor Mexican cooked up for you and don’t worry that him and his family will be kicked out of their apartment because a developer wants to cash in on the location.

    • I’ve heard this term “white privilege” thrown around a lot. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. Is it delivered by the post office? Maybe mine got lost?

      Lady, I think you need to understand that the only way to have more CONTROL over your future is to make good decisions about it. If you are being “displaced”, it’s not because you are brown and I am white.

      • dang, man, I can’t believe you haven’t gotten yours yet. Send me your info, and I’ll give you the secret password and let you know when our next meeting is. We meet once a month to dole out goodies, and plan how we’ll keep everyone else down. Our meeting place is great. We all have big Lazy Boys and we pass out cigars. We drink some fine cognac as we all chuckle.

        • You know true freedom, if i were not white I would think this was all a conspiracy to keep me from my God given right to privilege! But I know it’s probably just that damn government run post office. :/

          I’ll see you at the meeting! Remind me who we are focusing on keeping down this time? I know we’ve been giving the Latinos a run for their money. Perhaps we can focus on the African Americans again. Or perhaps we can invite Proper dos to the meeting (we’ll tell em it’s a Latin communist party meeting) and all have a good hardy laugh at his wacky ideals!

          • White privilege does not mean you’re going to get a check in the mail every month.

            White privilege means your family never had to endure racist laws that built this country. It means that your family, you, and your kids’ resumes will be looked at more and you’ll be given a better shot at getting that interview because your name isn’t too “ethnic.” It means that your family never had laws telling you what parts of the city you could live in.

            White privilege means that when you grew up you saw people that looked like you on TV and in the movies that weren’t always the bad guy or the stereotype. And billboards and magazines as well. Your kids saw this as they were growing up too.

            I could go on and on but hopefully you get some of this picture I’m painting. Yes, you had to work hard for everything you have, good for you. So did I. But all the things mentioned above were still in play whether you see them or not.

          • How dare you even say that sentiment is still alive today! That is the biggest f-ing cop-out ever! It’s nothing but a woe-is-me attitude. Please. The US’s 2nd biggest city had a Latino mayor (what a disaster that was but none the less…) we currently have a black president-among countless other senior ranking officials and politicians of minority descent. There are nothing but social programs available to help the under served and minorities. Heck, you don’t even have to be a citizen of this country to get FREE health care (pick up the LA times today to get that clue).
            Everyone is tired of hearing the excuses on why Blacks and Latinos can’t get it together.

            You cite laws of a discriminatory nature. Guess who were included in those exclusionary laws at the same time periods… Asians. Mainly Chinese ans Japanese. Do you see those cultures struggling or making excuses? I sure don’t. So what is your explanation for that? WHY do these cultures not suffer the same problems? I’d say that it proves your point to be wrong. Absolutely wrong. Japanese, Chinese, Mexicans/Latinos, and Blacks are ALL exposed to this biased environment *you say* exists. Why the vast difference in success rates? Hmmmm. Stop blaming. Stop making excuses. Look in the mirror.

            It is insulting for you to say I have benefited from this imaginary privilege.

            One more question. Based on the population projections, Latinos will be a majority in this country very soon. What will be the excuse then?

      • @white echo parker

        If you seriously can’t grasp the concept of white privilege, educate yourself.

        • I am educated enough to know that at this stage it is merely an excuse that unsuccessful people like to use to make themselves feel better.

    • Okay, so I’m white and have always lived on an income well below poverty level. I raised two kids with no health insurance, no food stamps and no welfare. Where’s the “white privilege” ? I’ve been waiting to become a minority in this country so I can also have the privilege to get those things!

      p.s. none-the-less, I bought and paid for a house.

  9. I am a white guy who lives in City Terrace which is right next to Boyle Heights. I bought a house here when the real estate market crashed in 2009. The gentrification of Boyle Heights and the rest of East Los Angeles is happening because the lack of affordable housing in the rest of the city. East Los Angeles is one of the last places in the city where housing is still barely affordable but it will not stay that way for long. I have seen rents on the street where I live double in the last 5 years. My house has gone up 50% in value since I bought it in 2009. Displacement is going to happen for the poor because of the close proximity of East LA to downtown. People want to be closer to the city because that is where the jobs are. As downtown LA becomes more and more expensive people are going to start crossing 1st and 4th bridges in search of housing.

    • Thank you City Terrace. It is simple and logical. This has nothing to do with race or “white privilege”! It is simple economics. We are in the same boat as you. We used to live in a tiny apartment, we saved up to buy a place (luckily no one accepted our low-ball offers in the housing boom) and when the market crashed we purchased. And NOOO we didn’t have trust funds and NOOO mommy and daddy didn’t help us …at all.
      Now if a developer wants my place, he is going to have to pay me a boat load of money for me to move but ultimately it’s my decision. THEY CAN”T MAKE YOU LEAVE IF YOU OWN YOUR PROPERTY!!
      If you string together a few right decisions in life you can get ahead. Don’t have children before you can afford to, live below your means, save money; control your future. AND STOP BLAMING EVERY ONE ELSE FOR YOUR POOR PLANNING AND BAD DECISIONS!

  10. You are so wrong @EastsideToday! Are you not aware that virtually every white immigrant group that came through Ellis Island was restricted as to where they lived and worked. Irish, Jews and Italians faced exclusion and discrimination and were forced to do the dirty work for the Protestants in classes above them. Then the 1st wave of immigrants discriminated against the 2nd wave. This is basic American social and political history. You diminish the experiences of all those who suffered in addition to those who are still suffering. Learn some historical perspective before you make a statement like this: “It means that your family, you, and your kids’ resumes will be looked at more and you’ll be given a better shot at getting that interview because your name isn’t too “ethnic.” It means that your family never had laws telling you what parts of the city you could live in.”

  11. White privilege still exists. No one is saying it’s an excuse. You’re jumping to that conclusion on your own, white echo parker. People of color that are successful also say it exists, because it does.

    This is getting off topic though. The people on this site love to talk shit about Mexicans and Latinos. The link here was driving to a story about a community’s concerns in regards to being displaced.

    • You mean like the Jewish residents of Boyle Heights before it was a Latino neighborhood? Fact of the matter is most Boyle Heights residents have failed to integrate themselves economically into the fabric of society. They’ve failed by choice. They never imagined there would be an interest in Boyle Heights property. So now they will get muscled out of the way cause they were too lazy to climb the ladder. I’m Mexican by the way(Zacatecano by birth), so you can’t pull the race card on me.

    • Afraid to answer the question @Eastsisetoday? Why have the Asian populations not suffered from the same exclusionary laws you say hurt blacks and latinos? Why are the Asian populations very successful while blacks and Latinos still struggle? Please enlighten me.

  12. I don’t know the answer to the question of why Latinos and blacks are disproportionately struggling more than whites and Asians. It’s a complicated issue and I’m not pretending to know the answer to that.

    Those laws did hurt all ethnicities while they were still intact. That was one of the points I listed, not my entire statement. I think a significant portion of the Latino population is under the poverty level because a big portion are recent immigrants/first generation. It doesn’t take a lot of money to get here and escape your violent home country. People move here for work. They’re working class and a lot of them can barely afford rent.

    The point that white privilege still exists is valid.

    From what I’ve, read Jews moved out of Boyle Heights for a variety of reasons:
    When they population turned more “ethinc” i.e. more Latinos, other whites around the city allowed Jewish people into their little club of whiteness and they were no longer confined to live east of the river.
    Jewish people wanted to buy homes in BH but banks did not like to give loans for homes in areas they deemed unsafe or a bad investment, again, i.e. too many brown people. So they moved west.

    They were not displaced by Latino development companies coming in and buying up properties.

    • @ Eastsidetoday…It’s not as complicated as you think it may be. The simplest answer is family and education. Now, I’ll give you Latinos care deeply about their families. That blood bond runs hot and that’s a great thing. Education? Well, for some reason that isn’t high on the emphasis for most. The Achilles heel for the Latino families to which I’m in direct contact is: the tendency and accepted practice of having children at a very young age and having more children you can afford to support. When I say “support” I don’t mean just financially. A child needs attention and support from both parents to be raised properly and that is a near impossible task no matter how great your work ethic, when you have 4 or more children, at a young age, when you likely haven’t developed skills/education/trade to earn a living wage. I know the big family thing is very cultural. It comes from a place where big families were encouraged (more hands for the family farm for example) and the Catholic church prohibits birth control. But we live in very different times and the culture of this great people needs to adjust accordingly. I hope they do soon because they will be the majority in this country very soon.

      • Great points, but I don’t think it’s that simple. Education is the first part of this equation for sure. But it’s poor people that tend to have less education and more children than they can afford, regardless of race.

        There are many, many Latinos that have their shit together. Many families that own their own businesses and still manage to thrive with lots of kids (think 5+). I don’t know how the numbers break down, but the education level and median income of Latinos seems to be rising. And as more Latinos are being born in the U.S. and less are coming from immigration, I think this number will continue to grow.

        • It’s easy to cherry pick examples that fit the point you are trying to paint. The point is that this is a systemic problem throughout the culture that as a whole should be addressed. Is it possible to be successful after having 5 children before the age of 27? Sure. Is it likely? No. that is the point. That is because you are still developing in your 20’s. Developing education, skills, trades, network of friends, heck even the human brain doesn’t finish developing into well into your mid-twenties. Throw some kids into that mix early on and it becomes way more complicated. That’s all. You’re right when you say that transcends race. It just happens to be Latinos lagging behind on accepting that message to be valid.

          • facts are a bitch

            @blue iris http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/21/latino-white-uc-admissions_n_5187943.html Based on this data I think there are MANY Latinos that don’t need your condascending remarks that they need to recognize the importance of reaching for a higher education.

          • I think that article is wonderful. Condescending? Hardly. I want EVERYONE to succeed! A rising tide floats all boats! Who wouldn’t want that? Fewer people living in poverty, more kids being educated, people making enough money to pay taxes and invest! Sounds like a utopia to me!

            If you read my comment as condescending, perhaps you need to read it again. Don’t you think you have a BETTER shot at success without 5 kids before 27? Again I’m not asking if it’s possible. I’m asking and trying to relay the point that it is MORE LIKELY THAN NOT to be so without those kiddies.

            I would expect more Latinos to enroll in the CA secondary. As was pointed out, they are approaching majority esp. in LA. So maybe we shouldn’t ring the victory bell just yet.

          • Numbers aren’t so rosy when you look at “full time students” , students in four year colleges, or graduation rates. Numbers are getting better, which is encouraging.

  13. RE: White Privilege,

    Listen to Louis C.K. He knows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg48ZZ2wYfM

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