Morning Report: Flea says Sunset Junction project will be “downfall” of Silver Lake; Highland Park Senior Center improvements meet with angry response

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News & Notes:

  • Seniors expressed their anger over a $240,000 improvement project at the Highland Park Senior Center that they say would do little to repair the interior of the facility. “Why do we want fitness equipment if the toilets don’t work?,” said one person who attended a recent meeting.  EGP News.

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  1. That wall in front of Cafe Stella was the beginning of the downfall of Silver Lake, IMHO.

  2. Flea, you ought to take your fight to the state’s housing laws, which actually encourage developers to overbuild if they provide a meager amount of affordable units. Developers are allowed by law to increase the number of units, exceed height limits (taller buildings), reduce setbacks (narrower sidewalks). To me, the deleterious effects of these concessions outweigh the purported benefits of affordable units.

  3. This is just a deceitful land grab from Garret Kantner. This is not about saving the Music Conservatory.Shame on Garrett for using the kids.

  4. Maybe the school can take over the Intelligentsia and Café Stella spaces? What about the 99cent store site? Has parking.

    The school was moving to Los Feliz in 2013. What happened?

  5. OMG, 5 story buildings on a major street in the middle of the city… the sky is falling!!!

  6. Using that site for the music school would be a HUGE plus for Sunset Junction. Using it for the developer’s current plan — yes, that would completely undermine Sunset Junction, overshadow it, ruin the neighborhood atmosphere, and loom over everything else around.

    Silver Lake became the nation’s hot spot — not because it could be developed into something hugely bigger and completely different and about nothing but money, money, money and high rollers. Silver Lake became the hot spot because of all the things that are now being trampled upon, run out of town, steamrolled over and demolished and dramatically overbuilt in its place.

    Silver Lake became popular because of the wonderful lifestyle that was here., not because of endless high priced trendy restaurants and bars that are overrun every other monied community in the country. Silver Lake became popular because of its difference, not its sameness. Now it is being dramatically overbuilt and all about money. The money focus means all the diversity that made Silver Lake probably the most diverse community in the nation is being run out for high priced, trendy-like-everywhere-else homogenization.

    Those who support all the massive redevelopment that has set upon us and the skyrocketing residential and commercial rents and housing prices — especially thanks to these dramatically too tall and oversized small lot subdivisions — clearly did not come here because they liked what was here. As such, they should have gone and still should go somewhere else that actually suits their interests — there’s plenty of that crap elsewhere.

  7. Highland Park Senior Center -I applaud those seniors for voicing their opinion on where those funds designated for the center should be applied to. SHAME ON STARBUCK’S AND OUR ELECTED CITY OFFICIALS! Pretty sneaky wanting to bamboozle our seniors!

    We need to cherish and love our seniors more – give them flushing toilet. Give them a nice place to gather and spend their time. Give them their exercise equipment they are asking for. Remember we’re all get older with limited resources. This will be us in several years. You’re going to spend time there what would you want if your where going there to receive a reduced lunch, play dominos or cards, receive therapeutic exercises? Socializing! Engaging yourselves with other and then the urge to use the restrooms. REALLY! Let’s treat our seniors better don’t try to bamboozle them!

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