Morning Report: Why the Latino gentrification of Boyle Heights is okay; Gloria Molina’s reasons for entering Council District 14 election

Estrada Courts, Boyle Heights | Martha Benedict/Eastsider Flickr Pool

News & Notes:

  • Eastside Luv bar owner says he’s okay with Boyle Heights gentrification – if it’s by Latinos. L.A. Magazine
  • Complaints about poor city services and crumbling infrastructure prompted termed-out County Supervisor Gloria Molina to run against Jose Huizar in  the Council District 14 election.  L.A. Weekly.
  • What’s so funny about losing your Prada glasses in Silver Lake? Curbed L.A.

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  1. Re: Latino gentrification is okay. If someone said the same thing about keeping white culture intact in Sherman Oaks, that would be racist, right? Why is this any different? Stop acting like any area in LA belongs to any particular group!

  2. If any white business owner in *any* neighborhood said they “hope this area remains predominantly owned by whites” they would be boycotted, plastered over the national press, and run out of town faster than you can blink.

  3. Boyle heights used to be an area with a lot of Jewish and Japanese people. It has become a predominantly Latino neighborhood. I understand his desire to keep the local culture intact, but to imply that it is wrong for new people and new races to move in is racist.

  4. I was just talking to my neighbor yesterday here in Highland Park who is in is 90’s. He was born and raised in Boyle Heights. His dad came to Boyle Heights as a teenager from Italy. He was talking about growing up near the LA River. I just want to say that many, many ethnic groups have lived in that area. I encourage all to visit the Breed Street Shul Gallery. It is important that we embrace history, respect all ethnic groups, and understand change is a dynamic part of any urban center.

  5. @Guillermo Uribe (owner of Eastside Luv bar) – that type of mentality belongs back in the 50’s (and it really didn’t belong there, either).

    Time to evolve bud. Stop dragging your knuckles on the ground and stand upright. Thx.

  6. Sorry Gulliermo, I will now never enter a business owned by a seperatist such as yourself. But I assume I’m not really welcome anyway. The evolution of downtown is going to rapidly change your little polarized universe, buddy. Better show a little Luv and learn how to embrace other cultures before it’s too late.

    • Dude can’t compete so he hides behind his brown pride. Luckily, enough educated latinos will see through his ugly brown paradigm. Can’t hang with white and asian run establishments my brown friend?

      • The sad thing is, I actually like his idea of gentefication. Why shouldn’t Latinos with money invest in heavily Latino communities? Of course they should. Open businesses, clean up the streets, chase away the gangs. Just not to the exclusion of white, Asian or blacks who want to become stake holders as well. It’s too bad that the good part of his message is lost because of his racist overtones.

        • I love people who work hard and want to make the world a better place. However, his brown pride crap has to end.

        • Rockineagle, that already happens, but for him and his ilk, if you’ve broadened your cultural horizons beyond the narrow ones associated with your ethnicity (or worse, the overly-broad ones associated with language), you won’t count. I’m Latino but he would likely not recognize me as such and I would have no interest in defining myself so rigidly. In the end, I think he is mostly concerned with preserving his social status and relatively low rent.

  7. Re. Gloria Molina: As an Eagle Rock resident, I’ve been more than happy with the positions Jose Huizar has taken on matters of importance to this district, including his opposition to the Scholl Canyon Dump expansion, supporting bike lanes and new lighted crosswalks along Colorado Blvd.,financing the planting and maintenance of 272 new trees, installing new trash cans along the boulevard, favoring a new off-leash dog park , and many similar “unglamorous” but significant improvements. His staff work collaboratively with the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council and have been smart and responsive to the concerns of local residents. He may not be a saint, but he’s up for re-election, not canonization, and I see no reason to exchange his good track record of governance for Molina, who has no connection with the neighborhood.

  8. What’s up with the swastika on that mural in the photo?

    • swastikas have been used around the world for thousands of years prior to the nazi’s getting a hold of it.

      Also, the one in this mural is curved, and bent the opposite direction of the one the nazi’s used as their symbol.

      Japanese maps still show left handed swastika’s to denote the location of temples.

      • Yes, I know all that.

        I’m asking what’s up with the swastika in THIS photo?

        Does it have something to do with the “gentification” article, or what is it just a random choice of photo?

        • Vick,
          I think you are giving the author way to much credit to think they had subliminal intentions. You must be new to the eastsider.

  9. Guillermo Uribe is sure acting like a pocho asshole. If a business owner of northern European descent spoke this way there would be calls for his head. Ridiculous.

    Gentri/gentefication is happening because after the Italian/white/jewish/japanese etc. folks left these beautiful of Los Angeles went to hell in a hand basket.

  10. Seriously, Guillermo? There were Jewish and Japanese people there before you. There will be people from different backgrounds there after you. LA is constantly changing city. Your attitude will only end up hurting you and your business.

  11. I wonder if there is room in Boyle Heights for a fomer, fortysomething, resident (1970-1977), Bachelor’s Degree in Speech & Communications, single, looking to possibly leave the city of San Francisco??

  12. I think it would be fascinating to see how Guillermo Uribe – and others with a similar mindset – would deal with an influx of African-American residents into Boyle Heights and East L.A. Clearly Uribe and his ilk aren’t happy to see any non-Latinos move into the area, but I can’t imagine him making such blatantly racist statements if the folks moving in weren’t white. Unfortunately, such an attitude has precedent; Latino gangs in communities from Highland Park to Azusa have a long history of attacks on non-Latinos, mainly African-Americans, who dare to move into a predominantly-Latino area. Uribe’s attitude disgusts me, and I strongly advise others who feel the same way to boycott his business.

  13. Guillermo Uribe-I think the word “gentefication” and it’s implication is brilliant! I’ve been telling people about this word/concept/idea for about a year now. I think your intention is honest, political, and right-on. YET, I think the myopic vision of any neighborhood solely belonging to one ethnic or racial group is just plan wrong. Neighborhoods constantly evolve and grow according to whomever wants to move to that neighborhood. It’s called a city…a metropolis. The Greek root of metro means “mother city” and that is really an awesome definition!

    Keep the vision alive, open, and inclusive of ALL.

  14. when rich folk move into a neighborhood they go against the culture of the community. businesses come into the neighborhood that cater to richer new residents and older businesses which have been needed by local long term residents get pushed out. as long term residents get pushed out the sense of community does as well, which is very sad being that we live a very distant and isolated style of living now which makes a strong community more valuable then ever. when you talk to people from these neighborhoods that have been gentrified and are in the process, they almost all seem to bear hatred for white folk (white culture not the race itself) for very understandable reasons.

    • what are the “understandable reasons” why these people “bear hatred” for “white culture”?

      I think anytime there’s a significant turn-over of people (of any race), there tends to be a disruption in the sense of community. It’s incumbent upon all residents (old and new) to try and foster and re-build a sense of community.

      • I’ll answer that. They come in and totally change the feel of a neighborhood to a way that THEY like. Strip out the grit and flava. Having parked cars on lawns, dog poop in the streets makes a place feel like home. Like a community. They remove our communal couches and mattresses. Having litter about makes a place feel lived in, not the sterile neighborhoods they create. The graffiti scrawls makes us feel proud that someone loves the neighborhood enough to base their illicit drug trade business here. That’s a pride, right there, that gets stripped away. They make the neighborhood too quiet. Hell, I can’t even sleep without the sounds of unattended crying babies or the drunken sounds of fat guys kickin back Tecates after midnite on a Tuesday. They won’t admit it, but that grit and flava is what makes our neighborhood attractive. They think planting plants and painting their house makes it attractive. No plants and all concrete is what we like. They change that. They strip our culture.

  15. Hey Eastside Luv Guy…

    White People were in Boyle Heights before Mexicans just like White People were into The Smiths before Mexicans.


  16. All the commenters on here sure are angry at the headline. How many of you actually read the short article? Latinos need to own large pieces of their own neighborhoods. That’s how history is preserved.

    Ryan, white people were in Boyle Heights at the same time as the Japanese and Mexicans. Learn some history.

    TF, understandable reasons = colonialism. This is just the latest form.

    • Is it colonialism when Latinos move into a neighborhood, open businesses that cater to them, and make longstanding residents uncomfortable? Or is it only when white people do it? Why is Boyle Heights “their own” neighborhood?

    • How about more latinos need to take education seriously so they can own more property?

      It’s not his ‘hood.’

  17. Ryan , let me correct you . Mexicans were here before whites , Indian’s where before any one else . Yes I am a Indian , A Mayan Indian

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