Pop-Up Shop for Busy Angelenos

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Bneato Bar Pop-up on September 27th and 28th @ Communal

If you’ve ever gotten up in the middle of the night and tripped over something in the dark, had an eye twitch from an email notification, or needed an extension filing your taxes, you might want to take a look at Bneato Bar.

imageBneato Bar is a team of professional organizers – led by long-time Eastside resident Beth Zeigler – who are launching a Pop-Up Shop that’s the first of its kind. The pop-up on September 27th and 28th  is aimed to bridge the gap between at-home personal organizers (who traditionally come at a premium price) and big box organizing stores. They’ll be offering personalized decluttering services for stuff, paper and email in a ‘Genius Bar’ format. In keeping with the philosophy of less is more, the three signature services are meant to be a gateway to a decluttered life.

Zeigler on bringing the pop-up shop to L.A.: “I’ve been a professional organizer for the better half of a decade and ever since I started, I’ve envisioned having a retail space where anyone can afford decluttering services. The Bneato Bar mission is ‘to give folks more time, more space and more joy by offering decluttering services, curated products and awesome workshops in a one-stop shop,’ so we’re also excited to partner with Poppin to carry a curated line of their products at our pop-up customers can purchase as well.”

Each pop-up service is $40, but Eastsider LA readers can schedule an appointment for free if they fill out their customer survey here.

Bneato Bar Pop-up Shop Services:

Each decluttering service is under an hour, one-on-one, personalized experience with a Bneato Bar Pro. There are three services to choose from:

  • House Proud: Customers bring in photos of their space, the Bneato Bar Pros give recommendations, space decluttering techniques and a written action plan that are specific to the customer’s the space.
  • Kinda Paperless: Customers bring in a banker’s box worth of paper to get into shape, the Bneato Bar Pros give guidance and simple steps for a paperless lifestyle.
  • Naked Inbox: Customers bring their laptop and charger, the Bneato Bar Pros give an email inbox walkthrough, take a sampling of emails and create a new way to process them.

Visiting the Bneato Bar Pop-up

September 27th and 28th @ Communal

688 South Santa Fe Avenue

Los Angeles Arts District, 90021

Hours are Saturday & Sunday 9a – 6p

Customers are encouraged to reserve a time for a decluttering service via http://bneatobar.simplybook.me/sheduler/manage. They will do their best to accommodate walk-ins.

Pop-Up Shop Giveaway

Bneato Bar has also partnered with Poppin and Clutter to giveaway $1000 worth of prizes leading up to the Pop-up Shop at the end of this month. Visit their Instagram page @BneatoBar to learn more and enter.

About Bneato Bar

SHEFF_BNEATO_BAR_0148_FBeth Zeigler started Bneato, a home organizing service for busy Angelenos, in 2006. Seeing the need for more affordable, community driven decluttering, Beth now brings her services to the people with Bneato Bar—decluttering services in a retail setting that anyone can afford.

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