Vote Tracker: City Council approves hiking minimum wage at big hotels


The L.A. City Council today voted in favor of boosting the minimum hourly wage of workers at big hotels to $15.37 in a big victory for organized labor. Since the vote was not unanimous, the proposal will come back to the council for a final vote. Here’s how Eastside council members voted on the matter:

Gil Cedillo – Council District 1
Represents: Angeleno Heights, Cypress Park, Echo Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Mount Washington
Tom LaBonge – Council District 4
Represents: Los Feliz & Silver Lake
Mitch O’Farrell – Council District 13
Represents: Atwater Village, Echo Park, East Hollywood, Elysian Heights, Elysian Valley Historic Filipinotown, Silver Lake
José Huizar – Council District 14
Represents: Boyle Heights, Eagle Rock, El Sereno, Hermon, Highland Park, Montecito Heights, Monterey Hills

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  1. Oh well hotel workers. Get ready for some pink slips! This is dumb. Artificial wage inflation will lead to fewer jobs and more innovation.

    • *automation not innovation*

    • Wrong, wage hikes like this have been proven again and again to be a boon to local economies…even job numbers…those working two jobs may finally be able to get by on one and the other job is available for another worker. Even with all the exemptions negotiated, this is a good small step toward fiscal responsibility, lessening the cost of food stamps and other public support for poor people. Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena—all these neighboring cities are about ready to follow suit. A living wage ordinance is a part of a realistic plan for a stronger economy.

      • @ElysianHts. You are absolutely correct !! Detroit is a great example of your statement. Unions are always looking out for the working man and society at large. This is progress for Los Angeles !

        • Perhaps deeply-red Kansas’ “real, live experiment” of conservative tax-cutting and union-busting policies is more to your liking? Otherwise, Cali is no Kansas (or Wisconsin), which is why the smartest and brightest leave conservative sinkholes like Kansas for Cali NOT the other way around. Kansas has become the most glaring example of conservative caN’T-Do ingenuity.

          • The smartest and brightest , well they can afford and tolerate California. It doesn’t mean they like California’s political climate.

            If you would like to depict a Red State example Utah is fine by mean.

            Just wish I could actually enjoy a martini there……

          • People who can afford don’t tolerate. That is completely counter-intuitive. People who can afford to live in an environment of creative and entrepreneurial freedom transplant to Cali because it suits their desire to prosper and live among people that agree with them, i.e., the political climate. Btw, you must be a moderate Republican(?) to choose Utah (1 of the 3 members of Congress who represent it is a Democrat) over Kansas, which is (dis)functionally a Tea Party state with all of the intolerable outcomes of their delusional political agenda. In fact, I confidently predict that not a single currently successful business or industry will shut down because of this wage hike. Nor will a single L.A. multi-millionaire/billionaire transplant to Kansas or Utah. Not-A-One.

          • “entrepreneurial freedom”

            You have to be joking!! California is notoriously rated as one of the worst states for entrepreneurs.

            I agree, no millionaires are leaving for Kansas or Utah, but they may be leaving for international destinations.
            I also agree no business is leaving due to this specific wage hike but other non-hotel related businesses are leaving California for a variety of other reason with regards to petty governmental intermingling.

            Hell even the Porn industry is threatening to leave that’s pretty bad.

            Tolerance, yes, those who can afford do tolerate, reality is that regardless of the political or economic environment, the California culture and weather trumps most dissatisfaction.

            Yes, like minded, absolutely correct, just wish we could all get on the same page and speed along the exodus to the outlying communities of riverside, rancho, the high desert, etc. due to the high rise in cost of living.

            Moderate republican sure, my ideal neighbors would be a gay couple and a Mormon couple on either sides of my house 😉

            Don’t get me started on my current neighbors……. Grrrrr

      • Elysian Hts., excellent post! Those opposed to wage hikes have repeatedly been proven utterly wrong with their doomsday prophecies, which have only materialized in city’s/states refusing to consider a living wage for their own residents. As usual, Cali is leading the way with progressive ideas and measures to solve problems not provoke endless pissing-wars, e.g., the U.S. Congress.

  2. Why is this limited to “big” hotels? Smaller hotels may actually be more profitable and able to afford paying higher wages.

  3. Such a scam for the money grabbing union thugs.. If a that same Hotel unionizes, they are exempt from the minimum wage. This small fact is totally unreported.

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