Another Silver Lake water main break; will Hillhurst be put on a road diet?; sugar skull making in Highland Park

Mushroom Mural & Sidewalk, Silver Lake | Paul Lacques

Mushroom Mural & Sidewalk, Silver Lake | Paul Lacques

MOrning Report

  • A water main broke – again – on Castle Street in Silver Lake.  It’s been about third rupture on the street, one resident said.  CBS2
  • The city is considering installing bike lanes on Hillhurst Avenue as part of a road diet to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Los Feliz Ledger
  • Kids learned the art of the sugar skull at Highland Park’s Arroyo Seco library.  EGP News
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  1. When will this city learn that nobody is going to ride a bike here in LA! It’s a unique city with fast moving cars all over town and it’s too dangerous. It’s not NYC, SF, Portland, etc so just deal with it and treat it as such. Turning one street into a road diet here and there is ludicrous. If anything, add more lanes to roads. We’re going to look back in a couple years and laugh at how insane these sporatic road diets are on Rowena, etc. Face it. Once the streetcar went away, it’s a driving town until the subway system gets seriously implemented all over LA.


    • El Jefe. Just because you sit at home eating hot cheetoes , drinking mountain dew, watching the price is right and driving everywhere you need to go , does not mean everyone else does.
      I ride my bike everywhere , you should try it sometime.

  2. Trying to stay calm about this.

  3. El Jefe, I ride my bike everywhere (in conjunction with the solid, if not very far-reaching, subway system). Yes, it is a bit crazy and dangerous out there – thats what we are trying to change. Because, other than the notion that ‘well, thats just the way it is in L.A.’, there is no reason that this shouldn’t be a bike friendly town. I totally agree that the sporadic road diets are laughable at best, more dangerous than not having any at worst. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying to make it work. This town would be so much better off with more bikes and less cars.

  4. Just read a comment from Garcetti, on another site, he sees another one million residents in LA. This isn’t 1 million bikes, 1 million walkers or 1 million transit riders.
    Road diets are creating gridlock and making a drive equivalent to a horseback ride.
    ONE HOUR to go across town to Santa Monica last night, I’m beginning to think, I need to take my bed roll.

    • Or just take your bike.

    • @ekirby : one million new residents is the problem, not so much the bike lanes. As you point out, the vast majority of these new residents will own and use cars. This will lead to further congestion and parking issues. It will also make it much more difficult to put other roads on diets to enable other modes of transport.

      Imagine if all of the long term unemployed, and those being subsidized to live where they can’t afford.. simply moved somewhere else. We would not have a housing shortage and prices would drop significantly.

      Instead, we’ll cram more sardines in the box and watch our traffic congestion reach full on gridlock

    • Who the hell goes to the Westside anyway ?
      You deserve to wait an hour in traffic.
      The Westside is a cluster you know what .
      It has always been a pain in the butt to get to that side of town ,thats why i get everything i need in Downtown , Echo Park Silver lake Pasadena Glendale…etc…
      So one road diet on Rowena or Hyperion or whatever caused gridlock on your way to Santa Monica? lol !
      How bout 405 -a- geddon or whatever that was .
      Here is a great solution , Move back to the Westside and you wont have to sit so long in traffic to get there .
      C’est la vie !

  5. How about better street lighting and/or fixing any broke street light to make roads safer for everybody? Hell, how about more police enforcement? Great way for the city to make money by writing tickets for speeders, red light violators, and those who do not stop at crosswalk for pedestrians!

  6. Who’s the councilmember for Hillhurst, LaBonge? This is gonna be a tough, but crucial test of the city’s commitment to the bike plan… will leadership stick to their guns, or fold like a cheap suit the way Cedillo did?

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