Car owner warns of a Silver Lake tire slasher [updated]

Photo by Kevin

Tire in need of repair | Photo by Kevin

AAA replacing damaged tires | Niki Smart

SILVER LAKE —  The owners of several vehicles parked along  Golden Gate Avenue near Effie Street have had their tires slashed on recent evenings. That info comes from a  man named Kevin, whose own tires were slashed on Wednesday.  Kevin, who said he filed a police report,  provided details about what’s been going on:

The slashed tires are all along the curb side (not the street side), suggesting the perpetrator is on foot … There were three other vehicles with visibly flat tires on the block this morning around 9:45 a.m. when I discovered my car [had been vandalized].  A neighbor also told me that his tires were slashed the night before but he had them fixed already.

Kevin said this type of vandalism has not happened before in the five years he has lived on the block.

* Update: At least another six vehicles had their tires slashed – or make that punctured – Thursday night and early this morning, according to Niki Smart, whose daughter’s vehicle was damaged.  An employe from AAA, which has come out several times to repair the tires,  said it appears that an ice pick may have been used to punch a small hole, Smart said.

“Locals have reported their slashed tires to the police, but the police have not added any extra patrols as yet, and the residents are worried as to where they should park their cars because the ice pick [or something similar] leaves the tire ruined,” she said via email.


  1. Lowlife scum. Slashing people’s tires is vandalism and makes the perpetrator a piece of sh*t.

  2. totally agree. Hope they catch these dirtbags.
    not that it really matters, but since they hit many cars, doesn’t seem like personal retribution. Is there any pattern to the targeted cars? (like the photo’d prius?)

    • I see a pattern. All these people are white or at least part of the gentrifying wave coming through the neighbor hood. IT”S PROPER DOS EVERYONE. Now, proper, where were you last night and why do you smell like tire rubber?

  3. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to the targeted cars other than location. My car and my boyfriends car got slashed last night- mine is a honda fit and his is a Mazda 6. I have seen new cars and old cars alike being targeted. All parked near Effie and Golden Gate. Very frustrating and unsettling!

  4. They should talk to the guy that just opened the boutique artesenal tire shop around the corner.

  5. hopefully everyone will be more vigilant and leave light on at night anything to help deter the scumbags from coming on the street

    • /Agree.

      People in the neighborhood could really improve security with just a light in their window.
      Most of our blocks look abandoned at night and leave a very tempting target for thieves and vandals.
      A few well placed security cameras would send criminals packing for other areas

  6. I live on that same corner and my tires slashed on wed night/thur morning as well. I have been texting with kevin. This is so frustrating! I do wonder if there are any tire shops in the area with struggling business. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas to deter this vandal?

    • Do any buildings in the area have cameras which might have surveillance video of the culprit(s)?

    • People should try to keep a lookout. Maybe keep the lights on in your front yard or front door and maybe set up a camera or motion detector light. What scumbags!

    • I’m at loss as to what to do… I usually get home form work around 0330-4 am so I will definitely keep an eye out! Hopefully this senseless act will end soon!

  7. Two cars on our block on Dillon near Rotary in Silverlake were slashed on Wed. night. Same scenario, right front passenger side of each car.

  8. Most tire shops will not repair tires that are punctured in the side wall of the tire without the disclaimer that it may fail prematurely. Those tires will have to be replaced soon. Whom ever is doing this is a real dick that needs to be caught. It’s a sad statement about our society that we have to have cameras at every angle to keep people honest.

    “Character is who you are when no one else is looking”

  9. This is such a bummer! My tires were slashed in this area last week (10/2) on the corner of Redcliff and Murray Drive. Ended up costing me $400 between the tow, new tires, alignment etc. I hope they catch this jerk!

  10. I’ve heard some scuttlebut that its being done by a couple of pro-bike/anti-car people in the neighborhood who see cars as the enemy. I guess this is to try to force people to give up using cars.

  11. My tires were slashed last Sunday. 200 bucks. This person lives in the neighborhood and is upset about something perhaps their rent was raised or they’re getting evicted something…. It’s lame !!! Neighbors lets set up a night watch someone can watch each hour I have a perfect view across the street from my bathroom window. If anyone has a camera it would be a perfect place to set it up! I’m on the corner of golden gate and Effie just holler in my window! I’m sick of this bullshit the parking spots across the st are completely empty cause of this prick!!! Unbelievable.

  12. It was speculatedand toasted to at the Red Lion tonight that anti automobile bicycle vigilantes are responsible for the vandalism. Retribution was also mentioned and toasted.

    • how will you tell the anti auto bike vigilantes from the many other types of bike riders, including those who own and drive cars?

      • Well of course it’s unlikely that bike people are the vandals. However, there is anger out there and it was palpable at the Red Lion and directed at “the spandex teams” of aggressive riders who cut in front of cars “daring drivers to hit them.”

  13. I no longer live in Silverlake but I used to live on Aloha St. and the same thing happened to me back in June of this year. Someone took a pick or tire iron to the side of the tire and completely ruined it. Had to call AAA to get a spare put on and then had to shell out $100for a used tire. I hope this person is caught!!

  14. I wonder how many of these folks have access to a private garage but can’t park their cars inside of it because it is too full of junk? Not that that would solve the problem of some jerk with an ice pick popping tires, but maybe using your garage to store your car instead of broken sports equipment and memorabilia is a good idea.

    • ..speak of the anti-car group and he appears! Yes, ubrayj we know how you feel about cars vs bikes sweetie. News flash: Most garages in this area were built in the 20’s. Car’s simply don’t fit. Now tuck that ice pick back in your pocket and go fix another bent rim.

  15. Carsmakepeoplestupid

    Model T 1927 134 inch in length x 66 inch width
    Smart Car Today 16.1 inch in length x 61 inch width

    Buy a smaller car

    • Smart car? No thanks. Your chances of being killed in one of those things is only slightly lower than riding a bike in LA.

  16. Carsmakepeoplestupid

    Correction: 106.1 inches in length for the Smart Car

  17. Carsmakepeoplestupid

    Clean out your garage lazy!

  18. IAmSoMuchMoreSmarterThanYou

    Oh my. Reading these comments is almost as obnoxious as reading the contributions to a post on yahoo answers.

  19. The Tire Slasher hit again two nights ago. (Nov 16) It looks like at least 5 cars on Crestmont and corner of Golden Gate were hit last night. Eric’s car had all 4 tires slashed and had to be towed.

    One thing we can do is attend the public safety meeting this Thursday Nov 20 at 7 pm at Casa Alegria (The Salvation Army), 2737 W Sunset Blvd. I need some angry, yet respectful neighbors to make statements during the public comment section of the meeting. The more people that show up, the more Ofc Davis and the NC will be moved to do something.

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