Driver arrested after multiple crashes and police pursuit in Echo Park [updated]


Police apprehended the driver of this pick up truck after it hit several other vehicles on Echo Park Avenue

ECHO PARK — Police apprehended the driver of a pick-up truck early this evening that was involved in multiple collisions and a police pursuit through rush-hour traffic, leaving at least one person injured, several vehicles damaged and two major streets shut down. One resident said the large black, Chevy Silverado pick-up was seen racing through the Vons parking lot near Alvarado being pursued by three cars on the ground and a helicopter overhead.  “It was like a movie,” she said.

The crashes took place within a few minutes of each other shortly before 6 p.m. and ended when the pick-up truck crashed into several vehicles at Echo Park and Laguna avenues near Echo Park Lake.  The driver was taken into custody but said he did not sustain any injury, according Sgt Teresa Anderson with the LAPD Northeast Division.  The occupant of a van that was parked next to the lake was taken to a hospital for treatment after his vehicle was hit by the pick-up truck. Anderson did not know if there were injuries at the other crash scenes.

Police began pursuing the pick-up truck after officers observed a crash near Sunset Boulevard and Laveta Terrace but the vehicle managed to get away.  The same truck was later involved in a collision with four vehicles on Alvarado near Reservoir Street before it ended up southbound on Echo Park Avenue and crashing at Laguna, police said.

“I thought he was going to jump over me,” said a man named Jose,  who was on Alvarado when the large truck rammed into the back of his white sedan and then speed away northbound.

An officer at the scene of the Alvarado crashes said no one needed any medical treatment but some of the drivers complained of pain.  Alvarado was still closed at 8 p.m. as officers continued their investigation and vehicle owners awaited tow trucks.

A man inside this parked van was injured after being struck by pick-up truck

A man inside this parked van was injured after being struck by pick-up truck

One of the vehicles that was struck on Alvarado Street

One of the vehicles that was struck on Alvarado Street

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  1. Came out on the scene right as this guy was gunning it through a red light at Logan going at least 55mph, people jumping back. Then braked very very hard to barely miss two cars and another two people while running the red at Lemoyne. So yeah, what’s not mentioned is how close this guy came to killing a handful of pedestrians. Keep your head up when crossing the street!

    • Call this number…213-484-3400 and report what you saw. That’s what I just did and they were very appreciative. Otherwise the police aren’t going to be aware of how serious the situation was and the dude will be back out doing the same thing in a few days if not already.

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    • Its not “huerros.” Its “gueros.” If you’re going to use a normally non-derogatory term in the manner of an ethnic slur, then at least spell it right.

    • Learn sentence structure. Good thing your home boy is going to do time. Jajajajajaja

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  3. EL Lobo – are you trying to sound like an idiot on purpose? Harming small children, totalling property, injuring innocent people & wrecking your life with a felony over something to unneccesary is your proud legacy? You realize that over half the people this guy hit are Latino, you moron.

  4. Baja vida no es la vida.

  5. I passed by and a man was on the street bleeding and shaking looked like he got shot… i hardly doubt this was what happened unless the police were being the assholes they are and purposely shot the man

  6. Why’s it always some asshole in an enormous SUV who pulls this kind of shit? Oh wait…don’t answer that.

  7. What’s major drugas ? Don’t be caught slippin

  8. I was getting in my car at Walgreens when this guy blasted through the parking lot in front of the store from Logan to Echo Park Ave. He had to be going 50 mph and appeared to have no regard for any pedestrians that may have been crossing the parking lot or the sidewalks on either entrance of the lot. Dude deserves to be charged with attempted manslaughter.

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