Elysian Heights school instructs dog owners to pick up after their pets


ELYSIAN HEIGHTS — An effort by Elysian Heights Elementary to keep its campus and surrounding sidewalks and lawn free of dog poop seems to be working. One Elysian Heights mom complained that students were stepping in dog waste outside of the school and bringing it into the campus on the bottom of their shoes. But conditions have improved after signs were installed around the campus, said Principal Emilio Garza. Said Garza:

We have a lot of great neighbors who are very respectful of the community and the environment. Unfortunately, a few people have continued to leave their pets droppings. We have posted signs around the campus and have seen a decrease over the last few months.




  1. Love it. Don’t know about that neighborhood, but where I live it’s not just the people who walk their dogs and not pick up the poop but people who let their dogs run loose in the streets just to do their business. You call animal control but by the time they get around, the damn dogs run back home. What can be done bout that??!!

    • Seems kind of cruel to call animal control on your neighbors dog. I know it’s not cool to let your dog roam, and it puts your dog at risk of being hit by a car, but it still seems wrong. I don’t do that to my neighbors. Dogs are part of the family.

      • I think it’s more cruel that the neighbors are too lazy to walk their dogs and just open the door wide open to let them run around the streets and shit all over the neighborhood and put them in danger of getting hit by a car. If they can’t be responsible for their pet, then they don’t deserve to have one.

  2. I always wonder – might some of it be from coyotes too?

  3. What is “dog-dog defecation” (as a skinny dog, I should know this…), and why is that person smoking so close to a school entrance?

  4. I want to kill the morons who pick up the crap, in a bag, and then throw the bag and the crap in the street, or on a yard. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT?

    • olomo, I totally agree with you!

    • olomo – quit talkin’ sense. I can’t be caught agreeing with you too often. 🙂
      I think they do that for one of a couple reasons:
      a) they think that someone else will pick up the bag
      b) they do it, so it appears they’re being responsible. If confronted, they’ll claim they’ll pick it up on the return home.. they just didn’t want to carry it around the whole walk. Of course, they never come back.
      c) there is no c. That’s all I could come up with.

    • atwater white guy

      agreed. wtf. it’s like not using a condom but still pulling out

  5. The sign doesn’t say anything about humans , So I’ll make sure to take a big CR_P on there lawn hahahaha

  6. You can actually obtain free dog waste bags from the City of Los Angeles. You can go to http://www.lastormwater.org

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