Highland Park trash pile finally gets cleaned up; audit issued on Occidental College’s response to sexual assaults

Boyle Heights | Veroomac/Instagram

Boyle Heights | Verooomac/Instagram

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  • After a month of complaints and news media attention, a large pile of trash that was part of a Highland Park homeless encampment on Avenue 49 has been cleaned up. NBC4
  • An independent audit has found that Occidental College has improved the way it handles reports of sexual assault but warns that sharp divisions on campus may limit future progress. L.A. Times

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  1. Cedillo’s office is incompetent. We have to
    notify the news stations to get attention for issues that exist less than a mile from Cedillo’s field office. I understand the homeless have rights and are human beings, but it is not ok to have a sidewalk occupied to the point the students have to walk in the street to avoid a massive encampment. I am so let down with Cedillo. Get out! Walk your neighborhood! Listen to your constituents. People in Highland Park are hard working folks who deserve to be listened to and NOT have to resort to television media to be heard!

    • The thing that gets me is that showing up with a newsvan gets a magic $5 million pulled out of hat for trash clean-up – but the homeless person who created the mess is just going to do the same somewhere nearby. The NELA Homeless Coalition has been trying for years to set up a support center or some kind of housing for our resident homeless population – and hasn’t had much luck. We can watch our neighbors sink into a pile of their own filth, bound by law not to touch their excrement and detritus, and we all sit by with a mountain of money to scrape the whole mess into the dump instead of heading off the problem with some social services and housing first. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to spend this $5 million on something more lasting in the community to keep people from living on the streets/in the Arroyo? There are sprawling camps piled with waste all over the community.

  2. Good for Highland Park getting there toxic mess cleaned up. Now for the Silver Lake underpass toxic waste dump please clean it up!

  3. I still wonder, who ARE these people who voted for Cedillo?

  4. Good job, Cedillo (slow clap). Way to make cleaning up a pile of trash another reason to call a film crew. The homeless encampment on the south pasadena side of the 110 didn’t seem to be any trouble at all to get cleaned up, and with little fanfare.

  5. There are a whole bunch of homeless encampments on the west side of the Arroyo Seco concrete ditch between Avenue 52 and 60. Just like the festering pile of crap and garbage shown on Channel 4 news across the street from a children’s park playground, all of the waste from these homeless encampments is going to wash into the Arroyo Seco at the first rainfall (if not already being pissed and shat into the stream). It seems as if the encampment cleaned up across from South Pasadena has merely moved down the Arroyo to another location. Your clueless (and I mean clueless) staff have ignored or are so busy calculating their pension benefits that another trash pile grows under their nose.

    Does anyone remember receiving campaign flyers showing trashy alleys in Westlake and Pico Union that Cedillo claimed he would make a priority? Does anyone remember how Cedillo tried to portray his predecessor as not taking care of business? I do. And under Cedillo (who seems to like going on political junkets, giving $10,000 from his office budget to illegal immigrant advocacy groups in Santa Ana, and meeting with real estate developers to shake them down) our community looks much worse.

    Let’s get services for these homeless individuals and get them out of the Arroyo Seco before we have another mess on the nightly news.

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