New Echo Park restaurants pull back the wraps


Dinette (left) will serve sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, and more. Ostrich Farm will feature a farm-to-table menu

Storefront ReportECHO PARK — Residents are now able to get a closer look at two, soon-to-open restaurants after the plywood barriers were removed from the front of the separate projects.

On Sunset Boulevard just west of Echo Park Avenue,  a shiny new kitchen and counters are on full display in the glass box that is Dinette. Restaurateur Gareth Kantner, who owns Cafe Stella in Silver Lake, said his Echo Park restaurant is about three weeks away from opening. Expect sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, salads, coffee drinks and specialty sodas to be served out of the small space that once housed the Sunset Snack stand.

Kantner purchased the property last year, with plans to open a second, much larger restaurant in the discount store next door at a future date.

Meanwhile, about a block east on Sunset Boulevard, the large windows of Ostrich Farm reveal an all-white interior (not sure if that plywood will go back up at the end of the day).  Ostrich Farm co-owners Jaime Turrey, a local chef, and  Brook Fruchtman, a museum executive,  have not said when they expect to open their place. The owners had previously said Ostrich Farm will  feature a  farm-to-table menu with  locally-sourced foods.


  1. Way cool. Hope they aren’t vegetarian only though. We have enough of those! Great to see all the new stuff opening up in my neighborhood!

    • “Regular” restaurants outnumber veggie places by about 20 to 1, even in Echo Park. Sage is constantly packed; I’d say there is a real demand for tasty food that is far less impactful on the environment than animal-based cuisine.

      • I agree that we need more veggie and vegan restaurants in this neighborhood. I have lived here for years and as these new places open and storefronts are filled, and as a person who does not eat dead animals (or live ones), I am left with less options for to only one place to eat in echo park.

        • Sorry Adam , this is not the Westside , this is Echo PArk .
          take the 10 down the way and get off somewhere on Robertson on head straight to Venice.
          I hope to hell that Echo Park keeps its flavor of taco trucks and burgers and everything else that has made it such a great place to live for the past 45 years
          Vegan ? .Whatevs …………………

        • Just polished off a beautiful veal & lamb hamburger patty. YUM . Dead animals are so damned tasty!!

          You vegan/vegetarian types are so grumpy and you don’t read so well either! Maybe it’s the lack of protein. I did not say I hope it doesn’t have vegetarian options, I said I hope it’s not ONLY vegetarian. I go to places like Mohawk bend all the time because they cater to BOTH. But I will not go to Sage or Samosa House because they limit the menu to serve grumpy people who can’t read!

    • Sage and Elf are the only vegetarian restaurants in Echo Park. The rest are veggie friendly.

  2. Nice. What was the delay with dinette? It seemed to be 90% done for over 6 months,. Glad it’s finally opening.

  3. These both look great. Hope they have lots of fresh salads too. Can’t wait to try them both.

  4. The neighborhood could use a good felafel/shawerma place. Indian food too!

  5. Locally sourced food ?
    Like fish from Echo Park Lake …… nice

  6. There’s a description for Ostrich Farm on a crowd-funding (<–LOL) site. … bad news for vegans, there's lots of hype around smoked meat and their planned live fire meat grill. Crowd-funding carnivores! The chef was the founder of the food cart, Monsieur Egg.



    Quick Pitch
    We want to be the best neighborhood restaurant in los angeles. We are not trying to trick anyone with a gimmick. Simply put we are committed to good food, great service, considerate design in an historic neighborhood between exploding downtown and trendy Silverlake. We are a stand alone building, located on an iconic street (Sunset Blvd), in the Echo park neighborhood with large windows looking out onto the Blvd, late nite (2am) zoning entitlements, full liquor entitlements and few 1:1 competitors. We also have room to expand in the future with an 1800 sq ft plot of land that will be initially developed as a kitchen garden/farm with the future intentions of developing an outdoor seating area.

    Product/Service Details
    We are calling the cuisine American Heritage, with an emphasis being placed on the capabilities of our custom built wood fired grill. The menu will focus on grilled meats, fish, poultry, simply prepared over live fire to capture the essence of the food. Additionally, produce will be grown in our garden/farm or sourced responsibly. Our ambition is to be the type of restaurant that a patron can afford to dine at multiple times a month. To that end we have created a versatile space with large banquette seating, an expansive bar area perfect for small bites and drinks and a late nite menu that will feature more affordable fare to capture and participate in the very dynamic night culture of Echo Park

    Traction & Accomplishments
    Passed through Plan Check and in the process of final build
    received approval for type 47 full liquor license from city of la
    negotiated a 15 year lease well below market rate
    passed rough plumbing, rough electrical, rough framing inspections and 2 weeks away from final inspections
    gained support from Distric 13 council office for all of our zoning requests

  7. Wow, if Kantner is opening up shop in Echo Park NOW not tomorrow is the time to invest in real estate there (residential or commercial) based on the renaissance he brought to Silver Lake and the massive amount of wealth he grew for those who owned real estate in Silver Lake prior to his changing the paradigm.

  8. Very excited for Dinette!

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