One dead in Angeleno Heights shooting

The victim was found inside his on East Edgeware Road | Google Maps

The victim was found inside his East Edgeware Road  apartment | Google Maps

ANGELENO HEIGHTS — A 28-year-old man died after he was shot in the torso shortly after midnight.

Police, responding to calls of multiple gunshots, found the victim inside his apartment on East Edgeware Road near Kellam Avenue, said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division. Buhrmester provided more details about the shooting:

As officers arrived, they saw no one injured, but shortly afterward were directed to an apartment on the east side of Edgeware Road. Inside was the victim, who had been shot in the torso. He was transported to a local trauma center, where he passed away. Investigation revealed perhaps some type of dispute occurred resulting in a suspect or suspects shooting and killing the victim, whose name has not yet been officially released.

The victim, who had a medical condition that prevented him from working, was often seen walking in the neighborhood, residents told detectives. “He was described as non-threatening, and not an aggressive or alarming fellow,” Burhmester said.

It’s not clear if the shooting was gang related.

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked the call the LAPD’s anonymous tip line at (877) 527-3247, or the Rampart Watch Commander, 24 hours a day at (213) 484-3400.


  1. Now whassup .. Homies !!!!!!

    • midnight shadow undertaker

      A wolf u may have let the chips out the bag but u gave them to the wrong kid. You shook up that tree n broke that branch.You should of left it the way it wasBirds will talk

    • Who are u why are u saying that maybe you now about this who was the on that did this right I’m pretty sure u do

  2. Greenlight thats whats up….lames killing innocents…there so drugged out there too scared. ..to hit up people. …feel sorry for whoever did it…

  3. I suppose the above comments confirm that this is gang related.
    I imagine the landlord will not have difficulty evicting the remaining tenants in that apartment given the circumstances.
    Gentrification at its most surreal.

    • I suppose the above comment highlights that you are an ignoramus ,let a family grieve in peace and worry about your
      fucking house prices later.

    • And by ur ignorant comment I take it you are a cold hearted neighbor Who cares only for yourself. Please be considerate of your comments. This young man was not affiliated to any gangs whatsoever, he was a young man kind at heart with a sweet soul. And how can someone wish upon a eviction to the family of an innocent citizen. Shame on you!

  4. A Brother and an Uncle, and a beautiful person,any of you who say different are scumbags.
    May you cowards rot in hell!!
    Ar dheas Dé go raibh a anam.
    Solas Mhic Dé ar a n-anam

    • Weird. Aren’t the scumbags the one(s) who killed this beautiful person? Comments that you dislike seem to pale in comparison to taking the life of someone. But I guess I just don’t get it.

  5. Again and again, I read on these comments a lack of empathy from anyone race. I said it before and ill be redundant in saying it. No one cares for the precious life of any human. Gang related, or any other type of affiliation. Until it hits home. May God protect us from those who lack empathy in any way.

  6. Damn, the hipsters got another one? When will this white crime wave brought in by gentrification end??

  7. I live three houses down the block. I heard the gunshots last night and double-checked my doors were locked…

    It’s upsetting to say the least…. The violent loss of life. The fact that our neighborhood isn’t as safe as we sometimes believe. The fact that so many idiots have access to guns.

    Kale never killed anyone. Bring on the gentrification.

  8. I also live just a few houses down, and heard someone in my backyard around 7pm. Then who ever it was went away, I was very scared. Then I heard the shooting. It was a terrible night for all of us. I wish we had cameras to see who it was. How can we life in fear, gentrified or not.

    • We’ve recently had intruders and last Tuesday night at 3:10 in the morning, a man was boldy digging through trash cans on our property and ignored my request to leave at once. We are planning to get cameras installed

  9. This happened outside my house, my front yard was included in the police tape. I don’t know the people well but they’ve always been very nice. I stopped by briefly today just to say sorry. They thanked me and were very polite. They all looked so sad. Save your shitty views for something else. A young man lost his life last night and a family lost their boy. Have some respect.

  10. he was my friend n wasnt a gangmember at all.He like playing basketball n wen he wasnt doing that he kept to himself. He didnt deserve to die.You idiots took a life of an inicent human being.He wasnt frm nowhere.

  11. I saw him yesterday around 6pm …..we talk about how crazy the neighborhood is getting ….. rest in peace …..

  12. Our neighborhood has been besieged by four murders in the last year, three of which have happened in the last three months. This evening I met the family of the young man whose life was lost. Their loss is a sign something is terribly wrong. The victim was not involved with crime, drugs or gangs. They need our compassion and our neighborhood needs solidarity to stop crime and prevent another senseless loss of life. The Angelino Heights Yahoo Group is accepting donations for the family.

  13. Terrible tragedy and my condolences go out to his family and friends. Does anyone know the circumstances surrounding this killing? Random? Home invasion? Did he surprise a burglar?

    Again to the family: I’m so sorry for your loss.

  14. May he Rest in Peace!

    He wasn’t a gang member, You would always see him in Temple asking for money but he wasn’t a threat to the community. They probably confused him with a gang member since lately their has been a lot of violence in our community. I hope they catch the killers. He truly didn’t deserve to die like this. Neither did his family deserve to pass through this. My most sincere condolences to his family, I hope they find peace. He’s at a better place now.

    • Wait – Is this the same young man who would open the door for customers at the McDonalds on Temple and Alvarado and ask folks for $$? He seemed harmless, and if this is the same young man, he definitely was not a gang member or thug-like in any way.

  15. Oh man, this is so heartbreaking. Based on all of the descriptions this has to be Eddie G. Does anyone know if it was? He was the very first person I met on the hill when we bought our house 3 years ago. Always friendly, soft spoken, and sweet. My deepest condolences go out to his family. The Heights is such an incredible neighborhood and things like this are just so hard to stomach. His family and friends will be in our thoughts.

    • If you join the Yahoo Group for Angelino Heights, you can find more information on donating to the family. They are in need of financial help for Eddie’s services. The family has lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years, and Eddie was the youngest of the children.


      This is a tragedy – Eddie was such a nice guy, always saying hello to everyone in the neighborhood. Please support the family if you have the means to.

  16. Concerned Angeleno

    Seems like “wolf” or “lobo” is responsible , or knows whose responsible for the murder of John Alvarado on 6/1 in echo park as well as this one and nothing can be done about it.

  17. This is gang initiation verification. Look around California now and nearly all the senseless homicides are a result of gang initiation.
    If they cap someone they can be trusted. It is never acknowledged by police and I don’t know why.

  18. my dearest brother everyday that goes by my heart aches I pain. I miss you so much I can’t believe you are no longer here with us. I lost my bestfriend. Some cowards took you from me with out knowing you were a kind sweet giving person with a huge heart. life is not the same anymore. the street are quite and they look so sad because you are mo longer here. its so hard to say good bye all I have left is memories. I was truly blessed by having you as my brother . you were always there for me and we were always there for eachother without hesitation. my angel please watch over us .

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