Signs of change in Silver Lake [updated]

Tom's Burgers sign awaits replacement | Photo by Marc Caswell

Tom’s Burgers sign awaits replacement | Photo by Marc Caswell

Tom's Burgers sign

Tom’s Burgers sign

SILVER LAKE — It’s was no where as iconic as the roof-top Sunset Junction sign or as whimsical as the rotating Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign. But the worn out Tom’s Burgers sign – framed with often burned out light bulbs and missing a letter or two – still had its fans. Now, the sign at the corner of Sunset and Silver Lake boulevards has been removed a few months after a new pizzeria – Wood  – moved into the renovated old burger place.

“I loved that junky old vintage sign,” said Marc Caswell, who lives near the restaurant and took some after the sign was removed.

But there’s a still a chance that a small piece of the sign will remain. In an interview earlier this year, Erik Martirosyan, who along with brother Edgar, owns Wood, said he planned on keeping the red “Tom’s” portion at the very top of the sign in a tribute to the old burger stand.  We will soon find out if a piece of the  old Tom’s sign will still rise above Sunset or has been tossed into a dumpster.

* Update: Erik Martirosyan said the sign was falling apart and he is now planning to repair it.


  1. Oh get a grip. There was nothing about that trashy sign worth salvaging. To compare it to the Sunset Junction sign is silly.

  2. Oh my business partner will be so thrilled – every time we drove by this place she refused to go in “until they change that hideous, ugly POS sign..” she would always say.

  3. Now if the new owners can get a clue and serve
    Some real pizza that everyone will enjoy . Instead
    Of some weird crap that only 7 people like. I don’t understand how those 2 can be happy with the place always being empty .. Get off your high horse and serve stuff people want. Pepperoni pizza is a start and would it kill you to sell slices . If these 2 morons don’t see they need to change something , they’ll be gone by start of the new year .

  4. So now it’ll be …. Tom’s Wood, yes? Why does that not seem like a good idea?

  5. Speaking of signs, what’s up with the funded sign at Cindy’s in Eagle Rock?

  6. Great improvement getting rid of the bad food and the sign gone is the bad history the crazy owner brought into Silver Lake… now to get rid of the ugly graffiti mural on Silver Lake that advertises an event that no longer exists and the stinky messy drop box at the corner of Parkman and Silver Lake.. lets clean it up…

  7. actually talked with them about them finding the best renovators of old signs. it’s quite a tricky and skilled thing to redo those old signs and they were going to go all out to bring back its old glory.

    but back to food. those pizzas and salads are good. like real real good. obsessed with the broccoli two cheesed one they make. very personable owners that have greeted and thanked me every time. I like this spot alot.

  8. Fingers crossed that the new sign is better than the old sign.

    That horrible structure is going to make for a rusted billboard size nightmare no mater what form the sign takes.
    The best case scenario would have been for the whole thing to come down.

  9. That sign was the last remaining piece of character that pizza place had going for it. Now the owners have removed this funky historic sign and replaced it with a sign as boring as the entire restaurant which completely lacks any ambience and for that matter, patrons.

  10. The owners of this place really have no clue. From their misguided ideas of what makes a restaurant special (hint: it’s not being precious, it’s being good) to their classless early signage (a dick on a sign? really?), it’s become clear that supporting them by buying at their restaurant is encouraging a dumb, destructive ideology. I encourage others to buy elsewhere as well.

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