Possible gang-related shooting leaves one dead in Echo Park

ECHO PARK — A 21-year-old man was killed early this morning  in a barrage of gun fire that police believe may have been gang-related.

The shooting took place at about 1:40 a.m. near the junction of Toluca, Douglas and First streets in the southern edge of Echo Park, according to Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the LAPD Rampart Division.  The victim, who has been shot multiple times, was pronounced dead soon after by paramedics.

“He is believed to be a gang member, and the investigation is being handled as gang-related,” Buhrmester said in an email.”Homicide detectives were called in, along with members of the Crisis Response Team and personnel from the mayor’s Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) unit. Details are varied and non-specific at this juncture of the investigation, and leads are being pursued.”

This morning’s shooting took place less than a month after another fatal shooting was reported in approximately the same location. But Buhrmester said there’s no evidence yet to connect the killings.

If anyone has information, they may call the Rampart Watch Commander 24 hours a day at (213) 484-3400, the anonymous LAPD Tip Line at (877) 527-3247, or call or e-mail me at (213) 484-3670 or 25214@lapd.lacity.org.

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  1. I bet it was one of those hipster gangs setting up shop due to gentrification.

  2. you reap what you sow

    • Is that what Jesus would say?

      • …Not a Jesus saying, but is certainly a parable as old as the story of Jesus. And, certainly more true than the story of Jesus.

      • Its exactly what He would say. 100% Its spiritual law just as true as gravity.

        • But the good news is what Jesus did at the cross for good people and bad people . Matt 22:10 He calls all people few choose Him. He’s the greatest hope outta that lifestyle.

    • Btw, I sincerely hope and pray that YOU reap what you sow. If you haven’t already(?), which would explain your consistently cold, cynical, and heartless posts. Like I said, I truly hope and pray that your sentiments are visited upon YOU 10x over. I really and truly Do.

      • “but he was such a nice boy…..”

      • Thank-you, Proper Dos : Currently, I am reaping what I have sown. I’ve kept my nose clean, never been arrested, sacrificed for my higher education, which enables me to be competitive in a tough market, enabling me to earn a great wage, live in a safe, beautiful neighborhood with a yard for my kids to play and a pool for us to enjoy. I’ve been faithful to my wife and have sown seeds for a strong, happy and fulfilling marriage. I’m raising wonderful kids and, due to my choices, am able to put them in a fantastic school, and provide them many after school opportunities like music classes, sports, as well as cultural excursions, both locally and around the world.

        so thanks, Proper Dos, for wishing me the ability to reap what I have sown.

        I wish the same for you. Good day.

        • As usual, the point flew right by your pinhead. I’m referring to the same callous response to a personal loss of your own. You realize that there is somebody who is mourning this personal loss? Perhaps not. After all, it takes a certain type of callous-coward to take a cheap-shot at somebody who is already dead. That coward is You. By all means, count your blessings. I only hope that a fellow-coward is there to vomit their bitter-bile on a personal loss of your own the future. If there is such a thing as karma, may it now provide the contrast to your self-professed good fortune.

          • oh, I know what you were trying to say, but didn’t feel like playing along. Yes, you and I have very different outlooks on many things, but unlike you, I’ve never wished you any ill will.

            You may think me vile for not having sympathy for a deceased gang-banger. Instead, I have sympathy for the community and the victims of gangbanger’s crimes and torment. I make no apologies for that.

            You might want to re-read your own posts when you start wishing for karmic retribution.

          • Nope. You still don’t get it. You are vile for gloating over the murder of somebody else’s family member. Regardless of what you think of “gang bangers” (which hasn’t been confirmed in this case) that young person is now dead. Then along comes You to take a virtual piss on his corpse. How noble(?). Anyway, we certainly do have different perspectives. I don’t take personal success for granted. You sound as entitled and square as they come. What a luxury to be able to gloat over somebody else’s death from the artificial security of your sterile and canned existence. I wish you life with all its triumphs and perils not ill will. Let that sink in. NOTHING is guaranteed in this life.

          • Yes proper dos, nothing is guaranteed in life (well except death and taxes as so famously stated) but when you make good choices, hang around those who do, you are *more likely than not* to have a good life. And less likely to get gunned down at 1:40am.

            Here is an analogy you may understand. I have 3 cars, one is a truck. If I take the truck to Home Depot, the day laborers will make it known (aggressively sometimes) that they are available for work by waving me down. When I’m in either of my cars, not so much. They understand that a guy in a truck has a higher chance of needing help versus the guy in a car.

            Life is much the same. One knows when bad choices are being made. Whilst nothing is guaranteed, hedges can be made as insurance.

  3. This quite a simple issue that I think is being blurred by many different groups in the neighborhood. City park land is not zoned for private commerce, This land is for the enjoyment of the public of recreation, not private commerce.

    it is that simple

  4. don’t confuse lack of sympathy for the victim with gloating. Words have meanings. Look up gloat.
    Also, if trying my best to live a principled life makes me square, then I will wear that badge without shame.
    Finally, if your thinking that I take things for granted, or that I’m entitled with a sterile and canned existence, helps you cope with lack of success in your own life, then let that specious view of me be your crutch. However, crutches should only be used temporarily. Eventually, you’ll have to face reality. Let *that* sink in.

    • Sterile and canned are just Proper Dos’ racist buzzwords for white and not a felon.

    • Ugh(?!). You’re a boring old woman.

      • if it helps you cope, run with it.

        • Like I said, suit yourself but if a personal tragedy ever does interrupt your perfect life, “you reap what you sow”.

          • well, since I’m not LAME enough to participate in gang, I am not sowing seeds for personal tragedy via gang violence.

            good day, doofus.

          • You’re too square and boring to dare anything beyond the conventional. That’s why you skulk in Pasadena while addicted to the vicarious thrill of posting on a website dedicated to reporting events in OUR barrios. Btw, tragedy comes in many forms and you ARE sowing the seeds of accountability with your callous prejudice and harsh comments about the personal loss of others. You’ve done your best to insulate yourself from daily exposure to risk but you’re surrounded by it. Ultimately, you have to live and survive in this world. The same world recently departed by this murder victim who I can guarantee did not wake up with the knowledge that this would be his last day on earth. Just like You. “Good Luck!’ Clueless imbeciles like you need it.

          • Proper dos : Though I seem to have touched some deep anger issues within you, this really isn’t about you and I. I’d love to clue you in to my real life, but that might blow your image of me, and it might be too painful for you. But, it really wouldn’t matter, anyway, if I were a boring old lady from Pasadena … because that would be my life, not yours.

            Regardless, like I said, I’m not sowing seeds in the thug life; therefore, I am unlikely to meet the reaper via gang violence. I don’t have sympathy for those who do.

            you reap what you sow.

            I’m going to go knit some doilies for my afternoon bridge game with the ladies. Ta ta.

          • Conventional, predictable, stale, and boring. Callous, prejudiced, unoriginal, and judgmental. Your “real life” as represented by your posts is nothing I would be interested in. In fact, by my standards, it’s not a “real life” at all. Just the conventional prescription that has you longing for news of life someplace else on the eastside. Who do you think you’re fooling? Other than yourself?

          • You are just sad p-dos. sad sad sad. I feel sorry for you. Your view of the world (based on your posts) seems to torture you. It’s like watching a horror film. Only I know it’s real for you. I’m sad for p-dos 🙁

          • @Proper Dos: You come across as more prejudiced, less original, and more judgmental than you appear to think.

            That “our barrio” stuff is really crude and offensive, for example. You have said before that you don’t intend a racial or ethnic component to the term, but you typically use it to exclude people who you don’t like — maybe they make too much money, were born in Oklahoma, or haven’t lived in the right part of the east side for long enough. It comes across as code for “someone not like me.” And this kind of prejudice is really antithetical to the modern notion of a city and a citizen.

            It is a very dangerous habit of thought, and you wield it frequently and carelessly.

            You come across as someone who has a lot of strong intuitive beliefs, and a lot of pride, but who has not really questioned what these beliefs *precisely* are, and what they imply. You’re getting pushback when you air these beliefs, because they have taken you to a pretty ugly place.

          • Whiny, I’m a product and survivor of this “modern city” and frequently express gratitude for the urban experiences that spared me from becoming an arrogant, prejudiced, and intolerant yahoo like True Freedom. I also defied the statistics and stereotypes by augmenting my life experiences and earning formal degrees at prestigious universities. This is why I can expose the xenophobic double-standard between the use of “ghetto” or “barrio” to describe the densely-populated poor and working-class neighborhoods I and thousands others like me grew up in. It’s that glaring-gap of real-life urban experiences that I’m constantly exposing among my fellow but severely Ugly Americans. I’m here. With EVERY right and privilege that you enjoy. I’m no timid dishwasher, passive gardener, imprisoned or dead gangbanger although each and every one of those people were constants during my upbringing in THIS city. We didn’t just arrive. The likes of You did and in the case of some never did, e.g., Pasadena is NOT East or N.E.L.A. I and those like me are the experts and authorities of what life is around here. You’re just passing through but while you’re here you WILL deal with native Angelenos like myself. So stop your whining and simply Deal With It.

          • Btw, I’ve been on both sides of the murder equation. Alternately praying for the murderer and victim. I can place faces and names to both. Lifelong friends and family that I can’t condemn because like most people neither are only “murderers” or “victims” to me but what would the likes of you know about it? Absolutely NOTHING. In which case, show some class and respect for the dead and keep your pie-holes SHUT.

          • The funny thing, is that you sound like an arrogant, intolerant, and prejudiced yahoo. You’re just too stupid to recognize your hypocrisy.


            I’ll just slink back to my sterile life, free of murderers, child molesters, pimps and drug addicts.

          • and don’t worry, I’m not as intolerant as I may have come across. I know that you don’t choose your family and cannot control what they do. The difference is that I would condemn a murderer, even if a family member, and certainly wouldn’t be surprised (and would understand) if people on the internets did too.

            Also, recall that, while not growing up in LA, I’ve lived in a wide strata of socioeconomics, from poor trailer park in a rural town, to middle class, to moderate upper class. I have great tolerance for folks of different educational backgrounds (many good friends never finished high school), occupations (I was a bus-boy, landscaper, etc myself), and for different income levels (I was dirt poor on my own for many years).

            Where I’m intolerant, is of people who knowingly and with intention, harm other people (their person or property)… this includes most criminals, fraudsters, scammers, and most certainly includes gang bangers.

        • You know what’s sad? Is that the person you are talking about is my cousin. He was a good person maybe hung around with the wrong crowd but he was just as human as you are.

  5. Men and Women alike, Brown, Black, Asian, White, and any other human being on earth that can relate to a particular race, you only look out for those that will return the favor. What good is it to lend, help, assist, care for, to those that in your years of old, will somehow be their for you or maybe can return the favor. My statement is simple, gang bangers, Jocks, Rockers, Taggers, Hipsters, Skaters, Bicyclists, Motorists, anything you can relate yourself too, is a Living Breathing Human Being. Life is precious, worth more than Gold. Is it rough around the edges Hell yeah! You live and learn.

  6. Only good gang banger is a dead one. And this is coming from a Latino who grew up in the “barrio”. Gentrification is the best thing that has happened to this community in a long time.

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