Daily Archives: November 24, 2014

Man dies trying to stop car thief in Boyle Heights; Bighorn sheep dies in Los Feliz; trees topple in Highland Park & Montecito Heights

Morning Report: A 19-year-old man who threw himself on the hood of his car to stop it from being stolen died after the vehicle crashed into a Boyle Heights building and exploded into flame ... A Bighorn sheep that escaped from the L.A. Zoo died after being shot with a tranquilizer in a Los Feliz driveway ... Two trees - one in Montecito Heights and the other on the border of Eagle Rock and Highland Park - fell this weekend near homes ... The work of Ryan Schude, whose photographs have been featured on The Eastsider, is featured in a solo gallery show ... Lost in Eagle Rock: White, Medium-Sized Cockapoo Read More »