Boyle Heights park may benefit from Downtown development

Boyle HeightsHollenbeck Park would receive  $1 million in improvements under a deal between the city and a Chinese developer  building a massive Downtown L.A. project.

The money would come from Greenland LA Metropolis Acquisition, which is building a giant residential and commercial development in the South Park section of Downtown. In return for development rights, Greenland agreed to finance a variety of public improvements in nearby areas. One of those improvements includes $1 million to buy a new pumping and irrigation system for Hollenbeck Park, according to a Recreation & Parks Department staff report.

On Wednesday, the Recreation & Parks Commission voted to accept the funds. However, the City Council and Mayor still need to sign off on the deal.


  1. While I have no doubt that Hollenbeck could use those funds, shouldn’t they be going to park projects closer to South Park? Surely there must be needy neighborhood parks closer to South Park.

    • if you look at a map, there’s no other big park space near South Park (unless you count USC controlled space) – the only other contenders would be Grand Hope Park (FIDIM), which is well kept already, the new Spring St pocket park (also brand new, doesn’t need it), Grand Park (also new, doesn’t need it, has concert money revenue stream), Cornfield (already has funds, new LA State Historic Park under construction).
      I guess there is Toberman park? But it’s mainly just a baseball diamond and b-ball courts. Which are doing ok.

      • Well, there’s Pershing Square, which has both a community-driven restoration campaign (http://restorepershingsquare.blogspot.com) and a newly-launched CD14 initiative (Pershing Square Renew) focusing attention on how it might be improved and those improvements funded.

        The deterioration of Hollenbeck Park post-freeway is a civic tragedy, but it does seem strange that Pershing Square hasn’t benefited from any of the Quimby funds generated by all the recent downtown development.

        • I would support that!
          But…that’s a way bigger project. And has no approval from city council. And I’m not sure that the underground garage can even support the extra weight from the plant mass…
          So in the meantime…I’m ok with Hollenbeck. But keep up the good fight.

  2. Am glad to hear of this — tho LA is getting far too crowded for my taste, how many big box apts. can we stand? Look forward to more traffic… — surveyed Mac, Linc and EP for comparision purposes (purely fr my own info) and found Hollenbeck the worst.

    Banks in truly bad shape, vegetation ruined, north end was a wet mess of smelly duck/goose turd, and kids were still fishing and catching crawdads. The community deserves better.

  3. So we have a chinese mega developer investing big money in a park somewhat adjacent to USC medical, which already has a ton of overseas interest and development going on. In a decade USC medical will be a mini city with thousands of transplanted students, doctors and office staff. And la gente is worried about hipsters on bikes??

    • No we should worry about all the illegals who walk over the border and become our dishwashers, gardeners, and taking social services that belong to citizens!

  4. As far as parks go $1 million isn’t really all that much, so maybe sprucing up Hollenbeck is the best way to spend the money. It’s a beautiful park for the most part, it just needs to be cleaned up, especially the northern part of the pond.

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