Elysian Valley restaurant planned near L.A. River [updated]


This auto body shop would be replaced by a restaurant if the city approves a change of use.

Elysian Valley — Eating out in Elysian Valley means either heading to a burger stand, Rick’s Drive In & Out, or making a reservation for the seasonal and locally-sourced cuisine at Elysian. But now the residents of Elysian Valley may have a third option in the form of a restaurant proposed for a space now used by a Fletcher Drive auto repair shop

The city’s Planning Department has received an application asking that the corner lot now occupied by Mazda Miata Specialist to be used for a restaurant serving beer and wine, according an online summary. No details yet about who is proposing the restaurant but its location at the corner of Fletcher and Ripple Street would put it only a short walk to an entrance to the L.A. River bicycle and pedestrian path.

Update: The proposed restaurant would have 27 seats indoors and another 143 outdoors as well as limited live entertainmment, according to the Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce. The chamber came out in favor of the restaurant by Rio Nuevo LLC, saying it would help to revitalize Fletcher Drive on the Atwater and Elysian Valley sides of the river, according to a letter sent to the Planning Department.

“These improvements will generate renewed interested to the Fletcher Drive area, create much needed local jobs and generate taxes,” said the chamber.


  1. That’s FROGTOWN right therr
    Not Elysian vally .. Psssh
    Que no . Watchala !!

  2. Who’s gonna fix my Wankel?

  3. Newcomers are disrespecting our traditional artes automotrices!

    Any new businesses in the area must be culturally sensitive. Perhaps a llanteria estilo Sinaloense?

  4. Brunch spots are in danger of being forced out by residents that have no respect bloody mary’s and eggs benedict in a outdoor patio setting! Stop disrespecting our culture!

  5. all i can say is thank god…. give this stretch of fletcher some love and run out the bangers that lurk in the industrial areas. really hope this goes through.

  6. This will be fun to ride a bike to! Sounds great, but maybe get some classic muffler art for the garden!

    • we hope you all like the garden my grandfather has put so much work into and mabey i will talk to my grandfather about your idea thank you:)


  8. NOT a body shop–a mechanic, and one of the best. I hope Mr. Salazar will stay at it in a new location.

  9. GOOD! We need more restaurants and the dude from that auto shop charged me $70 for an oil change because he said he thought I could afford it!??!!! WTF? I’m no baller. My bad for not getting a price in writing but still who the hell charges $70 for an oil change? Not cool Salazar.

    • hey please keep your bad words to yourself this is the grand child and i dont quite appretiate how your talking about it so please dont say rude things thank you 🙂 also we were in rough times and were sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you

    • Not Nice Mr. Salazar charging $70.00 for an oil change. Never going there, and spreading the word about the outrageous prices.

  10. So little info here. Does the car shop want to go away or are “people” moving in? I’m a cynic yes, enough to believe that maybe this is the a gateway for developers to turn yet another quiet corner of Elay into a commercial hub. Ick, ick, ick! Is anyone else sick of it? I’m a native and I want Elay to be a real place, not a movie set or tourist attraction. I just want to live in a nice town!

    • This is not a quiet corner. Ripple St had a shooting the other night. If you want to live in a nice town I suggest you support the new business that will drive out the heinous and despicable gangs like Avenues, Toonerville and Frogtown that all lurk and fight over this corner.

    • hello im the grand child of mr.salazar and are we moving the shop? yes but we still own it but a person will be renting it for 44 years but keep in mind there will still be a automotive repair shop. if any further questions just ask thanks 🙂

      • Hey Lili;
        We loved bringing our Miata to Salazar automotive. Is there a new location or do you have a recommendation for Miata repairs???
        Thanks. Peter.

        • Hello Mr. Soelter,

          Salazar Mazda has moved to 3457 Fletcher Drive, Los Angeles 90065.
          We thank you for your patronage.

          Lucy Salazar (Antonio’s daughter)

  11. ok, Lili – I’m asking… is there going to be a restaurant or a auto repair shop there? And if the shop is moving, when and where is it moving to? thanks!

    • Hello,

      Salazar Mazda has moved to 3457 Fletcher Drive, Los Angeles 90065.
      Thank you for your loyalty.

      Lucy Salazar

  12. It is going to be a restaurant/beer garden. The shop is moving but the new location is TBD.

  13. Please post where a new Salazar location is and when it will be opening!
    Thank you.

  14. Charlie Fisher

    Salazar’s shop was the only place that I could get good solid work done on my RX-7. The car is running great right now, but I pray he is back nearby soon, because most other shops seem clueless with working on a Wankel engine. I will be waiting to hear from you!

    • Hello Mr. Fisher,

      Salazar Mazda is now located at 3457 Fletcher Drive, Los Angeles 90065.
      Thank you for allowing us to service your vehicle.

      All the Best,
      Lucy Salazar

  15. Have the Salazars gotten a new location? I don’t know where else to take my Mazda (they were the best).

  16. Hello All,

    Salazar Mazda has moved to a new location. The address is 3457 Fletcher Drive, Los Angeles, 90065
    (323) 660-5438 and (323) 660-5438

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    Lucy Salazar (Antonio’s daughter)

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