The Lost Knight prepares to ride into Echo Park’s dining & drinking scene

The former Barragan's is being remade into an English-style tavern

The former Barragan’s is being remade into an English-style tavern

Storefront ReportECHO PARK — A crew of workers is busy inside the former home of Barragan’s, transforming the interior of the former Mexican restaurant into a sprawling English-themed tavern and restaurant known as The Lost Knight. The new Sunset Boulevard restaurant and bar is scheduled to open in January, said Peter Moore, whose family is going to run operations.

Moore said the interior of  The Lost Knight, which has been undergoing renovations for several months, is not ready to be photographed yet. But the sprawling space is being divided up into separate sections, including what is expected to be lively tavern with at least a dozen beers on draft, a more sedate, library-like lounge and a dining room with a “carriage-like feel.” The idea is to make The Lost Knight a “destination,” said Moore, who said the restaurant will serve up sausages, roast beef and other items.

Barragan’s orange-and-white exterior will soon be repainted as workers complete the all new dining rooms, bar, kitchen and bathrooms. The only reminders of Barragan’s, which closed nearly a year ago after the family sold the building, are some of the wood dining booths, which have been painted a shiny black.


  1. Sounds a little like the Tam o Shanter.

  2. This sounds ridiculous.

  3. Won’t be long for the homies to tear shit up in there . It’s still our barrio … Our streets.. Mi RAZA .. Purro pinche desmadre !!! Hahahhaha

    • Cool story

    • someone has too much time on their hands.

    • Don’t kid yourself, you won’t be able to afford anything on the menu.

    • Yeah, the same homies that tear up Sunset Beer, El Prado, Little Joy, The Holloway, Lot 1, etc.?

    • Homies are on there way out. There’s plenty of room for you losers in the 909.

    • Sorry to break it to you, but all the young homies in the neighborhood who are looking for a good time just go to the Echo/Echoplex or Lot 1. And nobody was going to Barragans anymore – that’s why it got sold. They like a nice Echo Park lake and Square One at the Boathouse.
      it’s just old timers like you who reminisce about what EP used to be like in the 90s (or 80s) that talk about tearing stuff up. You sit on your stool at the Gold Room, talking about the Rodney King riot, and the fights you used to get in. Just talkin bout your glory days….
      Los jovenes don’t want your glory days, though.

  4. Is this where the servers are dressed as knights and wenches? Will there be a joust ring in one of the sections?

  5. Barragan’s was a main stay of the echo park neighborhood I’ve been a friend of the Barragan went to school with Frank, Tony and Armando and have been a family friend for over 40 years and I wish them well. I hope for the neighborhood’s sake that the ” The Lost Knight ” makes a go of it

  6. The Lost Knight … not to be confused with The Black Knight:


  7. I’m up for pub quiz. The theme sounds kinda awful and cheesy though—a bit too Medieval Times? I’ll hope for the best and wish them well.

  8. I’m still not entirely clear on what a “carriage-like feel” means.

  9. hope it fails! i dont mind when wealthier businesses set up in the hood if theyre cool. the echo playing great music lot 1 as well, even sunset beer which ill never go to i can understand and appreciate but this is just cheesy, fruity, and lame, and i hope it explodes along with SL70.

  10. I really hope they will open early on Saturday and Sunday’s for English premiere league football

  11. I live a few blocks away. A British pub seems like a very odd fit for the neighborhood. But I have a suggestion! Bangalore, in Buenos Aires, is an Indian-British colonial ex-pat pub. They serve british and Indian food. And pitchers of Gin & Tonic. It’s an awesome hybrid pub. I think something unusual like that would be a much better fit for Echo Park. Plus we need some good Indian food. Samosas! Guinness! Something for everyone.

  12. Knight’s ? sounds like a gay bar to me .

  13. Every time I read this story it sounds ” Retarded ” I bet it will FAIL. any takers ?

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