What does York Boulevard need? How about cheese and charcuterie?


Storefront ReportHighland Park — Foes of gentrification have targeted new businesses on York Boulevard but that has not seemed to have slowed the pace of investment or  store openings. The newest addition to York is a proposed “beer/wine lounge and gourmet cheese shop,” at 5052 York, according the Planning Department.

The new lounge and shop would be located in the former home of The Glass Studio, which has moved down the street, and on a block that’s already home to several bars and cafe’s, including the soon-to-open Recess.

The online summary of the Planning Department filing says the restaurant owners want permission to serve alcoholic beverage on the premises and also sell them to-go. The summary does not say who is behind the new lounge. But Bughouse, a gallery and design firm that owns the building, announced it had leased out the storefront to a tenant with plans to sell craft beer, organic cheese and charcuterie and also hold yard games in an outdoor space, according to a posting on its Facebook page.


  1. Sounds great and I’m sure it will do well, even though we already have the incredible Milkfarm in ER. What we really need in the area is a bakery that bakes bread, not pastries or cupcakes. A real bread bakery (like bread lounge in the art’s district) would do incredible business. For some weird reason, there are precious few bread bakeries in Los Angeles. Never understood why.

    • Try Friscos located in Cypress Park adjacent to the southern edge of Highland Park.


      The Latino markets on York also have great breads. In the morning, you can get bread that is fresh and warm.

      • Thanks. I love Elsa’s for pan dulce, but I didn’t know the little markets had fresh bread in the mornings. I’ll check them out.

      • They do an okay sourdough, but it’s more white-bread (like a french bread) and I don’t see too much variety coming out of their ovens. It would be nice if they could try and reach some different parts of the market.

    • Just heard yesterday that Andre Guerrero is planning a french bakery next door to Maximiliano’s.

      • There have been rumors about a bakery opening next to Maximiliano’s for as long as Maximiliano’s has been open. I’m starting to think it’s never going to happen.

    • The Italian Bakery on Colorado Blvd. in ER across the street from Tommy’s has fresh-baked bread and rolls daily (after ~11am IIRC), and semolina bread on Friday (if you arrive after ~2pm IIRC).

      Their bread is not La Brea style, i.e. it is finer-textured and less crusty, although still with a definite crust. I enjoy both styles, and I recommend the Italian Bakery bread as an alternative, esp. if you’re tired of the typical style.

      Additionally, I’d recommend their fresh-baked (in house) cookies.

      Besides those fresh products, they also have frozen balls of pizza dough, which are quite excellent for make-your-own pizza, and a world apart from supermarket doughs (which I consider not really enjoyable to eat at all). The dough balls have the Gold star: http://www.laweekly.com/2006-04-06/eat-drink/ask-mr-gold-pizza-dough/

      • Yeah, the ER bakery is a great standby — I especially love their focaccia on weekends. But I’m talking about a more artisan kind of place, where you can get baguettes, whole grain breads, sourdoughs, etc. etc. For a while, K & V Bake was selling their artisan bread at Cafecito Organico in ER, but that ended, as did Cafecito Organico, it looks like.

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  3. Wait, is it cool to be vegan or to eat meat and cheese?

    • It’s cool to have your own personal taste and preference, and to have it catered to by establishments in a diverse neighborhood.

      • Exactly… maybe the cheese shop can carry some artisan vegan “cheeses” too (I hear good things about tofu misozuke, but it’s hard to come by in the U.S.)

  4. With the current and ever spreading climate of gluten panic it might be a rather risky venture to open a bakery.

  5. Between Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and Super King and MilkFarm and the Farmer Markets I got enough cheese choices, thank you. I don’t need another $40/lb cheese place.
    If the beer selection is going to put Galco’s out of business, it’s a welcome addition.
    But the only thing missing from York is a live music/dancing venue. Everything else is meh.

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