What were all those cop cars doing racing through Echo Park?

ECHO PARK — We are trying to find out, too. A long line of LAPD squad cars with light flashing and sirens blaring were seen racing southbound on the 2 Freeway and Glendale Boulevard around 7:30 p.m. Rampart Division said they were not aware of any situation but an officer at the Northeast Division station said it might have been related to an officer’s call for back up. No further details were available.


  1. surely this was related to something potentially bad happening to an officer otherwise if it was something bad happening to a citizen there would have been one car 20 minutes later…

  2. What was that all about? I was near there staion on san Fernando road @ 7:20 when all of them just rushed out all crazy.

  3. Funny ! I called 911 . To report a drunk man threating people exposing himself at the lake ( EP) I was transferred to LAPD dispatcher she said they where sending a patrol , I waited 1 hour , they never arrived JOKE!!!!!

    • well? did you get to see it?

    • Curious as to how long it took for you to be connected to LAPD dispatcher? I’ve tried to get help from 911 twice (once was to report shots in what turned out to be a murder across the street) and also a number of times through the non-emergency line. Without exception I’ve been placed on hold and had to listen to a loop recording made by someone who sounds like they were extremely bored and unhappy about making it, and wished you would just give up and hang up. Frequently I do, because I’ve learned that 20 minutes is the minimum time I’ll be on hold and then, as with your call, the very nice dispatcher tells me she will route the call, and zero happens. I tried to report a strange guy wandering in my back yard carrying what looked like a delivery package, during a time when there were frequent mailbox thefts in the neighborhood. Not much use staying on phone after half hour when he was long gone in five minutes. And other than the anonymous tip line there was no way online to report the incident so maybe my information might prevent another theft.

  4. They were just racing each other to Griffith Park Blvd for “Cell Phone Patrol”, last one there has to go and deal with real crime.

  5. J, sorry I left that for you . get your jollies

  6. What? No Crispy Creme jokes? Man you guys are pathetic.

  7. Hi,
    Has anyone found an answer to this? I was home, near Sunset and Alvarado, when I heard loud sirens. Looked out window to see long parade of LAPD units with lights and sirens streaming South on Alvarado. And, two units were stopped at intersection to block access to Alvarado until all units had passed. I’ve seen nothing on any local websites, and of course nothing in LA Times.

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