Will Echo Park’s new restaurant row be on Alvarado?

2013 rendering of an Alvarado retail center next to Auto Zone. |LoopNet

Echo Park — It was more than a year ago when the owners of a parking lot at the corner of Alvarado and Scott Avenue  began offering to lease space in a proposed retail center.  The parking lot has remained fenced off and vacant but now a zoning change has been requested that would allow up to six restaurants to be built on the property.

The lot, located next to an AutoZone, once served as a satellite parking lot for the Edendale post office on the same block.  The owners want to build a 7,300-square-foot building with 33 parking spaces, according to an online summary of a Planning Department filing. A city zone change usually requires a public hearing but there are no details about that yet.

It’s not clear what kind of restaurant tenants the owners have in mind. Several fast-food restaurants already line nearby Glendale Boulevard. Is this stretch of Alvarado ready for more chains, like Yogurtland or a Panera Bakery? Perhaps a Zankou Chicken? Stay tuned.


  1. That stretch of Alvarado is such a traffic nightmare. But it’s also an area ripe for businesses within walking distance of nearby homes. Does this proposal stand a chance with the city?

  2. Zankou! Do not tease with that…

  3. Yes…Zankou…please!

  4. They tried to put a 24 hr taco bell in there in the late 90s. A bunch of us stood up to the corporate self serving condescending reps from Taco Hell. They had some outreach meetings one in which they served piles of taco bell to the community. Id say it went pretty much untouched. After a few ruscus public hearing downtown where we tied the Ivy league MBAs into confused little churros. We won and they lost then they opened Taco Bell inside the KFC down the street.

  5. Um, small problem with that rendering. It’s at the bottom of a steep hill, not the 10 miles of flatland depicted.

  6. Zankou!!!!! Come to us Zankou. Come to Alvarado!

  7. Oscar, good job preserving that historic parking lot. It would have been terrible if they had put a fast food building there in the 90’s. Especially with the historic Car Washes, Rite Aids, Calling Cards to Mexico stores, and Historic Bodegas all around. Glendale BLVD right there is so picturesque.

  8. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. I live in one of the 3 houses depicted in this sketch and would be thrilled to see something other than trash piles and transient camps on this corner. Hopefully more T-bell/McDs level fast food chains though, we have enough of that over here.

  9. Hopefully NO more T-Bell/McDs chains is what I meant above. Not “hopefully more”. Please god no more.

  10. Are you sure that’s not a rendering of Glendale Blvd, between Madera and Glenhurst, in Atwater?

  11. This sentence made my day:

    ” we tied the Ivy league MBAs into confused little churros”

  12. Considering that is already zoned for commercial use, why do they need a zoning change?! Aren’t you going to tell us exactly what the zoning is now and what they want it changed to — that seems like the most important piece of news, but Eastsider failed to tell us? It sounds like they want a commercial zone for much bigger buildings, which would have to mean notably taller. And the city would not typically rezone a single lot, would do the entire block at that.

    People should very seriously consider whether a higher density commercial zone is wanted there. They can build restaurants there right now with the zoning they have!

    • Actually, these three corner parcels are zoned for residential (though the underlying general plan designation is commercial), so a zone change to commercial is needed. Check out zimas.lacity.org

    • The number of parking spaces may be an issue as well as venting for cooking.

  13. I was hoping we had moved beyond strip mall culture. This seems really regressive and suburban. Too bad.

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