Cal State L.A. student’s allergic reaction puts her in hospital burn unit; the new owners of Highland Park

Christmas Cottage, Echo Park | The Eastsider

Christmas Cottage, Echo Park | The Eastsider

MOrning Report

  • A Cal State L.A. student is being treated in a burn unit after she suffered an allergic reaction to medication that caused her body to “to burn from the inside out.” ABC7

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  1. OMG, people are moving from place to place in the city of Los Angeles, buying homes and starting businesses!
    Oh the horror!

  2. Highland Park is not very diverse.
    By looking at stats from: http://maps.latimes.com/neighborhoods/neighborhood/highland-park/

    if roughly a third of all low-income ( income less than 40k/yr) people left and were replaced by high income people ( income more than $125k), you would achieve a uniform distribution of low, mid, high income people.

    if roughly a third of all Latino’s left and were replaced with white/ black/ asian folks, you would achieve an ethnic makeup that better reflects LA as a whole

    if more than half of the uneducated (less than high school education) were replaced by those with bachelors and masters degreed people, you’d have a much more uniform distribution of educational level.

    Seems gentrification is helping Highland Park to achieve more balanced diversity.

    • Last census was in 2012. I’m really curious to see the results of the next one. That being said, I’m white, high school educated and make a little over $40,000 a year.

  3. The series was really well done even though the website is sort of a labyrinth. I liked the blog section best. I appreciated Cyrus Etamad’s bluntness on the business side when talking about what he envisions for his buildings. Big ups to my friend Rafi for the great photos!

  4. By all accounts, I’ve been a gentrifier in Highland Park (having worked on a number of flips & restorations) and have generally written off complaints about it to xenophobia and too much KPFK.

    But after listening to a couple of days of the Marketplace series, I’ve got a better understanding on why neighbors give me the stink eye.

    At least on Friday’s segments, every single gentrifier interviewed was a d-bag; from the commercial real estate agent to the new owner of Frank’s Camera.

    Aside from that insight, it was clear from the series that Highland Park is only a couple of years away from a very complete transformation. Not sure if it’ll be a place I’ll want to be, though.

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